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Civil Liberties Association releases Protest Papers showing CSIS surveillance .

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 July 8th, 2019  .
These heavily redacted documents, dubbed the Protest Papers,  are now available on the BCCLA website.

The BCCLA obtained a court order forcing the Security Intelligence Review Committee to disclose these documents in connection with a complaint filed in 2014 against the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the RCMP.

According to the BCCLA, the Protest Papers "suggest the spy agency illegally spied on the peaceful protest and organizing activities of Indigenous groups and environmentalists who were opposed to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project".

In 2016, the Trudeau cabinet vetoed the Northern Gateway project while approving two other pipelines: the Trans Mountain expansion and Enbridge's Line 3.

The original complaint alleged that the Dogwood Initiative, ForestEthics (now, Sierra Club B.C., and—all of which opposed the Northern Gateway project—and the Indigenous Idle No More movement were being tracked by federal agencies.

Moreover, the complaint alleged that the findings were shared with the National Energy Board and petroleum companies.

According to the BCCLA, these actions allegedly deterred people from expressing their constitutional rights to freedom of expression and freedom of association.

“People can look at these documents and decide for themselves,” BCCLA staff lawyer Meghan McDermott said in a news release. “If CSIS claims it wasn’t tracking conservation groups in B.C., why did they collect thousands of pages of files relating to groups who engaged in peaceful advocacy and protest? Why are the witnesses in the hearing—staff and volunteers from different nonprofit groups—still under a legal gag order, forever forbidden from repeating what they said in the hearing? It is a shocking violation of their freedom of expression .  .

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