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The Wizard of Hertz - Gaming as a Cover for Covert Electromagnetic Warfare - Tec

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Published on 4 Aug 2018 .

How could GK Sierra or other PMCs be using Gamers as Operatives to perform covert electronic (electromagnetic) warfare?

What is a Soft Kill? - The Arc - Arkowitz is their modern Auschwitz. First to be clear - from my last article, I have had experience on the RECEIVING end of the technology, just not on the TRANSMITTING end. So by that, I mean, I’m not experienced to know exactly what they do without some investigation and reverse engineering testing, detection, so clearly I was motivated to learn how to DETECT it because it's being done TO me.

- I define it as a slow-silent-nearly undetectable combination of covert Electromagnetic Weapons and Psychological Warfare (PSYOPS - Deception Games)
- By manipulating the perceptions of the target, using SPHERES of Influence as their model - they surround the Target with lies, deception, in/out all deception until no one wants to have anything to do with them.
- This provides the door in to allowing anything to happen to the target because the outside world has given up on them.
- While this is happening, they are being taken in by any one of the various confidence games. Some are taking care of disabled people (manipulating the good nature of their target), others are Honey Pot type scenarios (an attractive target who gains confidence) or an ‘elderly’ play to help someone in need, an activist network or pretending to be working with law enforcement on an undercover operation (the Big Fish) when they are not.

How is this possible?

- (Un)Safe Buildings - Established for operatives to run these campaigns on their targets. Conditions are created to ’usher’ the target in to one of their pre-wired “Safe Buildings” where a team is already established and lives, often times, PT or FT from those locations.
- Operatives consist mostly of non-military actors, occultists and entertainment industry professionals with Radio Frequency and Wireless Industry Training.
- Internal Operatives will have covers, often time pretending to be disabled (faking being Blind, Deaf, Autistic or something of a similar nature). This is one of many confidence games they seem to have established.
- Once their 'Target' moves in, they now can access all their devices because the building has been pre-wired with Ethernet over Power to backup your smartphones/laptop image to their servers. In hacker terms, they OWN you, your passwords, your emails, your text messages, your life.
- They can now mimic your financial websites and steal your logins because you aren’t seeing the internet as it truly is. It is being run through their PROXY SERVER. So in essence, nothing comes/goes out unless it passes through one of their servers.
- HARRIS Stingray and similar surveillance devices used by law enforcement are then ‘repurposed’ and weaponized against their target, the whistleblower, to manage perceptions about them to the general public, friends and relatives.
- When I looked into the SOLID technologies, I found some connections to Winston Oregon a rural community near Roseburg where a school shooting took place.
- They have some troubling naming conventions also, the fact that the address is next to Kangaroo Ct should tell you quite a bit about what might be going on. I will explain more about the "Looking glass" connection to my other interviews in the near future .  .

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