: Interview with Retd. Police Chief Daymond Jones On Illegal Targeting .

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8 Jul 2019

Insightful conversation with Chief Daymond Jones,a retired police chief from Florida, who is also a pastor and seeks to help those wrongfully targeted and being hit with stealth weapons--anti-personnel non lethal weapons such as microwave weapons and sonic weapons, and non-consensually implanted bioweapons such as BCI tech and wireless Body Area Networks-- with his research and consulting and media posts. Chief Jones shares information from sources close to Dr. Fred Bell and Nikola Tesla on the nature and scope of targeting as well as the kinds of weaponry used in undivulged Black Ops experiments by the covered agencies and military divisions on the American populace, from the '60s onward, and promises to share more information as he gets his new website up and running, for which task he seeks funding support from all listening and viewing. 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U2nlv-fSRI&feature=youtu.be  .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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