Activist & YouTuber Meegs B Speaks On Targeted Individuals .

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Published on 24 May 2019 .
this is no phenomenon  this is human trafficking  and torture death         Thanks Ella & Meegs❤❤  Oh baby baby it's a wild world! The Rabbit hole is huge with many levels & many doors.  I was naive. well! that disappeared completely. It was 1999 when I first heard of gang stalking in America.
In  69-1970's I read about Nazi Germany Stasi tactics. I knew exactly what it was when I became targeted.  I knew about psychotronics  bc of Vietnam. It came into a new realm with bigger faster computers. With the interface completed w/computers they were able to access the mind with microwave tech. The 1970's technology was booming..
Paranoia comes with knowing bc it's all so evil unbelievably so!.. Having faith in the Lord helps. We all need hope and we all wear his armor.
They use fear to scare the masses.. We overcome fear we become fearless through Jesus Christ & God. 📿❤🕊🎯Jeanne on the Oregon coast . .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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