MK Ultra program to new forms of social control and Mind conditioning .

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Surely it is that part of that knowledge, acquired and tested on millions of human guinea pigs, has been transformed into sources of income for groups or subjects that are constantly activated for their diffusion and who constantly regulate the access of new operators to internal system.

We have deliberately used the concept of a system, because at the top of this chain, the subjects involved have succeeded in structuring highly complex organizations with a clear and precise division of tasks, both in terms of role and function. Imagine the organization chart of a multinational company, that's all right or wrong; structured through contacts that deal with interfacing with other "acting chiefs" of other countries and / or with the suppliers of the equipment and technological tools necessary for remote reading and tracking (mostly of US matrix in terms of patent and English in terms of distribution for the European area); of trusted people who follow the work and people at the district level; divisions and operators with specific tasks and specializations: victim preparation; brain mapping; etc. To then deliver the package (ie the victim) to the client on duty.

How do they find or be found by customers, well simple word of mouth through informal networks of direct knowledge; friendly presentation (I know of the people who can help you) etc. They usually prefer people and / or clients with knowledge close to the drug and prostitution circles; but they do not disdain rope managers and / or representatives of interests belonging to the corporate world of high finance, academic, credit and the economy; only and exclusively on an absolute guarantee of confidentiality ... in favor of the clients, of course . ! .  .

Spreading The Truth .
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