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« on: July 12, 2019, 01:20:52 AM »
Targeting Exists .

Targeting is a phenomenon of a somewhat organised group of people harassing, abusing and targeting another class of innocent people. The targeted people are called illegally Targeted People. Finally the Illegal Targeted Community in March of 2019 has evidence of the existence of targeting. This is according to the United States House of Representatives, the AC.LU, and many other reputable sources. Several sources, including the ACLU, said that this class of people were targeted  Further, Congressman and Congresswoman called them  a Targeted Individuals .

Organised Stalking .

Organised Stalking is carried out by a group of people that work together to stalk, harass, injure, isolate, impoverish, and mentally attack victims with the intention of shattering their life. This crime is distinct from other crimes in that there is generally no motive except for viciousness itself or a as a paid organised criminal. The methods used to carry out the abuses are surreptitious in nature and usually carried out in plain sight. Often modern technology is utilised sometimes even with support from rogue and scandalous perverted law enforcement .  .

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Spreading The Truth .
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