Things I do not do

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Things I do not do
« on: April 11, 2013, 07:41:04 PM »
Firstly, can I take this opportunity to thank all posters and visitors.

I just want to let all posters know that...
  • I never delete posts unless I have to for legal or decency reasons
  • If I do need to delete a post (none so far), it will be put on hold and the poster informed and asked to modify or accept removal
  • No one will ever be blocked without I first inform them
  • Sites go down, sorry but they do, this site goes through cloudflare which can (if my server is down) still look like it is online, you will however not be able to post or login correctly. At this time I cannot figure out if there is a way to warn users they are viewing a cached only version

Hope this clears a few things up. I would dearly like to serve this forum and main site on a faster server but the costs involved are just not worth it at the moment.

Colin (admin)

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