How Capable is Modern Government Surveillance ?

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How Capable is Modern Government Surveillance ?
« on: July 27, 2019, 07:34:16 PM »
July 26, 2019  .

What can modern government surveillance do? Technology has always been a friend to the powers that be when it comes to surveillance. In ancient times you needed a real set of eyeballs to gather information. Whether it was a literal scout, a spy or insider on the payroll, humans had to do the dirty work of keeping an eye on things.

With the invention of telecommunication, cameras, sound recording, and other related technologies, things changed dramatically. It was possible to set up an infrastructure which fed information to the state. It also became possible to tap into phone systems and other non-governmental systems to intercept information the state wants.

With the advent of computer technology, the sheer scope of information gathering and analysis has exploded. Things are moving so quickly that the average person probably has a pretty outdated idea of just how deeply the state can reach into our lives. In fact, even those of us who try to keep track of these things have no idea about the true cutting edge. Since obviously, they try to keep those details secret. Based on what has been leaked over the last few years, what can we assume about modern government surveillance? Here are some educated guesses.

If it Communicates, It Can Be Monitored  .  .

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