Silencing Targets Victims by Beamed High Tech .

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Silencing Targets Victims by Beamed High Tech .
« on: July 27, 2019, 08:04:21 PM »
UPDATE MAY 6, 2019 .


It is 2:30 a.m. and I am awake due to the surgical area of my right hip joint being recooked by the drone microwave beam. Why?

The objective of this program is to change a target’s appearance by weight gain due to immobility, dry the skin for premature aging, cook the hair off the target’s head leaving beamed ball spots, etc., cripple slowly but surely, and create deadly illnesses.

Today as the Real-time Analysis and Critical Response division (RACR) drone / satellite division continues the 24/7 monitoring and tracking of me, spearheaded from the downtown Los Angeles operation center and also from portable drone operation centers reported typically set up in several neighboring locations I saw FBI enter when I first moved in the mission is settled in.

Ozzie and Harriet Nelson family has allowed FBI and military personnel to move in and set up also. The family was obviously struggling for income and now has a new funding source through an official permanently silencing mission as has others.  The official “Black Budget” has $$$ to burn, literally at the target’s expense.  These people are not around me just to watch and spending a lot of money doing so.

Part of the hope is to stop my workout on the treadmill and recook the hips which I started today and it appears another surgery by strategic slow deterioration of the target’s health.  I am being set-up cleverly with elevating my heart rate, to mimic heart issues, contacting people at the VA hospital and ongoing attempts to get bogus illnesses documented in my health records.  No doctor, I don’t have a history of Auto Immune Disease or Rheumatoid Arthritis in my family history.  You would be surprised, how many VA staff, of all professions will play along with a phone call or visit before the target arrives in the strategic set-up.  Many veterans are being targeted today, and I do mean many.

This operation is sticking with what has worked for them in the past after the beam created two hip surgeries trying to stop me from writing the book series.

From this date, May 6, 2019, I begin documenting the directed energy weapon deterioration of my right hip joint of which all x-rays revealed have completely healed normally.  Sadly, crippling a target with these weapons is a typical tactic using this technology by heinous official criminal reported all over the world.

Part of the focus is designed for me to report the invisible beam cooking while tracked to the hospital and personnel beamed “She’s crazy” for the mental illness tag.  Each and every time I have told staff what is happening delusions has been placed into my medical records.  After this, anything you say about this type of high-tech official targeting operations could result in a trip to the psych ward which is the strategic game plan.

In this case, I will wait for provable damage to surface, again after all x-rays have shown complete healing, for a lawsuit.  A hip joint does not heal then die again after surgery.  However, if the fluid are being microwave cooked away, it does . .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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