Letter to Boris Johnson from Albert Burgess

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Letter to Boris Johnson from Albert Burgess
« on: July 29, 2019, 12:00:09 PM »
Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP Albert Burgess
10 Downing Street
28th July 2019
Ref Prosecutions of soldiers who served in N.I
The Illegality of our membership of the EU
Tommy Robinson and our right to free speech
Dear Boris
We met once in the book shop in Thame High Street whilst outwardly you gave the impression of being a buffoon your eyes told a different story entirely.
I wish to discuss with you a number of subjects and am happy to meet with you in Downing Street, the Palace of Westminster or alternatively at my address above I will of course keep the tea and bacon butties coming.
Prosecution of Soldiers of the Queens
I am enclosing some pages on the common law duty of all her Majesty’s subjects to obey her order to defend the realm from attack from outside or as in the case of Northern Ireland from within. I exhibit this as exhibit AB1 these pages on the Bristol Riots 1831/2 outline the duty we all have as her Majesty’s subjects to put down riot, tumultuous assembly and felonious assembly. The Common law of England states quite clearly that if a soldier is employed on this duty that although he has military grade weapons he does so in his capacity not as a soldier but as a normal subject of the Queens. These soldiers were sent to N I by Government Ministers and Senior Army Officers in the name of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and whilst her Majesty did not personally give the order it was given by her trusted Ministers and Generals. Had these soldiers refused her Majesty’s order to assist her Majesty to restore the rule of law in a part of her Kingdom where the civilian authority had lost effective control, they would have been subject to prosecution them selves. Once tasked with this duty in her Majesty’s name they were authorised to use lethal force if necessary to restore the rule of law. The common law states that if a rioter is killed that is a lawful homicide, if an innocent passer bye is killed that is accidental death for which no penalty applies, army legal when this was passed to them said Ah but we have changed the law since then.
I respectfully submit that no such law change is possible because it removes from her Majesty her right as the supreme governor of England both by the common law of Kingship and Parliamentary vote taken on the 8th March 1784 which proclaimed that the lawfully anointed Kings of England have ultimate authority over this Kingdom and what occurs within or without its borders on her Majesty’s order. If this were not true Parliament would not need to obtain the Royal Assent for all Bills before they become law. I further respectfully submit these soldiers acting on her Majesty’s order in compliance with the common law have no case to answer. And all prosecutions are contrary to the laws of England and are to be halted and any one convicted should be released with no stain on their character.
The illegality of our membership of the EU or anything like it.
In 1213 King John surrendered England to the Pope and rented it back as a vassal King to Rome. On coming of age King Henry III repudiated his fathers surrender telling the Pope for all things Ecclesiastical he answered directly to God and for everything else to his subjects. In 1366 the then Pope wrote to King Edward III demanding the unpaid monies approximately 160,000 marks. King Edward spoke with the Bishops and the Barons and they asked to talk to the commonality thus convening a meeting of the Estates of England, England’s highest law giving body with authority to fire and hire Kings which they did in 1689 when they effectively fired King James II and hired William III and Mary II. The Estates ruled King John did not own England he only held it in trust for those who followed on, John broke the law and it did not count and the monies were not to be paid to the Pope. Substitute Queen Elizabeth II for King John and the monies we pay to the EU for the thousand marks a year and you will see quite clearly our membership is illegal and void as are the payments of any monies to the EU. Along with any law imposed upon us by the EU. I Exhibit the constitutional ruling in abbreviated form you can obtain the full ruling from Stubbs which is referenced. As exhibit AB2. In full compliance with the ancient but current laws of England your correct course of action must be to take us out of the EU now and cancel military unification no government of her Majesty’s can place her Majesty’s subjects in the armed forces under the leadership of anyone but her Majesty. During the last war although our troops were nominally under the command of foreign generals General Lord Gort removed them from the overall command of the French and ordered the retreat to Dunkirk refusing all orders to the contrary from his nominal French commanding officer. As a result the bulk of the British Expeditionary Force of the King was saved. The military of England can co-operate with others but at all times remain under the exclusive command of Queen Elizabeth II
Stephen Yaxley Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson
For some decades our young school girls have been systematically raped and prostituted on an industrial scale by Islamic rape gangs, this was first brought to our attention by Nick Griffin who was vilified by government, this was taken up by Paul Golding and Jada Fransen who were also vilified by government and sent to prison now we have Tommy Robinson who again has been vilified by government and imprisoned.
Yet what actual crime have any of them committed they have put themselves on the line in an effort to stop the continued rape and prositution of our school girls. I was a police officer and am ashamed and disgusted at the way out police service have betrayed these girls every one of our constables of whatever rank who failed to act to protect these children some as young as eleven is guilty of misconduct in public office as is every social worker or councillor or MP and government Minister. This betrayal of our young and their families ranks alongside that of Nazi Germany. Whilst the above named may have infringed the race relations or public order acts there justification in law is that any crime they have committed is justified to prevent a greater crime. Government are the house wife of the nation with the Queen at their head, your primary duty as government is to protect her Majesty’s subjects from all harm. Governments previous to yours have failed lamentably to protect our children from harm and they have vilified and imprisoned those who have done their best too shame government into doing the job they are paid to do. I would respectfully submit any stain against Nick Griffin, Paul Golding, Jada Fransen and Tommy Robinson be expunged any terms of imprisonment be cancelled and a public acknowledgment be made in thanking them for efforts to protect our children from Islamic rape gangs. I respectfully submit you will increase your own standing in this Kingdom. Indeed it could keep you in office for life.
Respectfully submitted

Albert Burgess

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