CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (2 of 2) .

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CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (2 of 2) .
« on: July 29, 2019, 10:22:09 PM »
Published on 18 Aug 2009 .

Scientists say that microwaves and other types of RF pulses, operating at specific frequencies or windows, can be transmitted with little or no loss of power.  Machines known as gyrotrons can produce the massive pulses needed to drive these devices, and it's believed that the Soviet Union has a three-to-five-year lead in this technology .

Over the past year CNN has repeatedly asked the Department of Defence and the Air Force about radio frequency weapons. After much resistance, DOD finally said that the subject was too sensitive to discuss .

This is a Tesla coil. It was invented some 90 years ago, but now a growing number of experts in the United States feel that it may form the basis of a new generation of Soviet weapons. They are known as radio frequency, or RF, weapons because they operate in the radio frequency spectrum. Their existence is noted in this Department of Defence publication, which says the Soviets could use them to destroy components of missiles, to interfere with radar and other electronic systems, and even to alter human mind functions .

The concept of RF weaponry was predicted at the turn of the century by Nicola Tesla, an American who had emigrated from Yugoslavia. He is best remembered as the man who invented alternating-current electricity .

In 1899, Tesla built this giant coil which produced 10 million volts of artificial lightning. From it he theorised the possibility of death rays. This, and many of his other ideas about the physics of electricity, were ridiculed by the scientific establishment .  .

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