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« on: August 04, 2019, 06:39:01 PM »

3rd August 2019

I received an email from Mr Ashley Mote tonight.

“Plain stupid.  Three anti-EU pro-Brexit parties fought the Brecon and Radnor bye-election..and the minority Remainers won the seat.  Insane!
They polled 13826 votes.

Yet the Tories got12401, the Brexit party (Farage) 3331 and UKIP 242

A winning margin of over 2000 votes just thrown away.


Ashley Mote”

Mr Mote says more by what he does not say by the expressions he uses. I asked Mr Mote if he would front a movement to take this country away from this growing madness. He politely declined.

I think what Mr Mote is fearful of is the chaos that now faces what is left of the United Kingdom. In truth 66 millions of British subjects are now divided against themselves-thanks largely to the nest of vipers that seek to keep us in the EuroSoviet, despite the Referendum 3 years ago. Between them two women have all but destroyed democracy within the UK. I refer to the arrogant “know-it-all” Gina Millar and the ghastly Theresa May.

These two creatures have ensured our national destruction. May is a globalist and Millar a typical product of her self-centred generation, wherein everything within and without must abide by her self-centric worldview and questionable business ethics. I know the “Gina Millar” type- utterly self absorbed, ruthless to the point of self destruction and damned be the consequences. Theresa May is another version of the “Millar Type” but equally self destructive of herself and all she touches. Both support Globalist Soros style policies and indeed receive funding from that disgusting old man who sold his own people to the Nazis.

Boris Johnson has a massive battle on his hands thanks to the chaos sown by this witches coven above. Both women will be reviled in history by future generations, in much the same way Eva Braun was after her death in 1945. If Johnson succeeds in taking us out of this situation then he will become the greatest living PM we have had since Thatcher.

I re-joined the Tories recently to show my approval of his stance. I think we will remain in the EuroSoviet Union. I may depress you reader but it does seem indeed that we are destined to succumb to the “Collapsible Communist” scam that lay behind the apparent demise of the old USSR in 1989.

Whether Putin and Russia is involved in this conspiracy remains to be seen. Russia has grown in power of late.

Civil war is brewing away in the United States. They still have weapons-we do not. Our future as I have long warned is Islamic thanks to the massive Red-Green Alliance
given a boost by Merkel's treasonous invitation to 2,500,000 criminals to come to Germany in 2015. She is still in power and there is every sign she will remain there despite protestations over her resignation. She still controls the levers of state power-Indeed she wants another couple of millions more Moslems in her now besieged country to replace native Germans.

Her former mates from the Stasi now run the Government. The German populace are cowed like the British and await orders from their new Islamic masters, carefully massaged into the political hierarchy, in readiness for the now for certain Islamic Europe-all planned of course and well on target.

Migrant crime is now daily resulting in murders and mayhem with several train hijacks and passengers pushed off platforms by alien interlopers. I get information from family in Koln.

All of Gina Millar's money will not save her from her well deserved fate at the hands of Islam. Such women have no place in that culture. Britain and Europe will go quietly into the night of history......


A long dark night of unimaginable Hell.

Act in selfish haste, repent at leisure might be her epitaph.

Crassus was another one obsessed with gold... an element poured into his throat after his ignominious defeat a Carrhae in lands he and his legions foolishly invaded.

Such is karma.


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