Snakes in Your Brain .

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Snakes in Your Brain .
« on: August 07, 2019, 05:38:32 PM »
How poisonous thoughts take control of your mind and destroy your success--and how to stop them .

If you have ever read a Faulkner novel, you are probably acquainted with the term "stream of consciousness," which is a narrative style that gives the reader access to the flow of the many, diverse, and often competing thoughts and perceptions that pass through the character's mind in her interior monologue. You probably know somebody in your life whose speaking style is not dissimilar from this-diahrea of the mouth might be the more coarse way to describe it.

The word "stream" is a rather apt metaphor for the human consciousness. I am constantly experiencing a flow of thoughts through my mind, some positive, some negative, some neutral. If you are like me, when you are alone and without the distractions of a phone or computer, the stream widens. More thoughts pass through. The wider the stream, the higher the probability of negative thoughts making their way into the channel. This is likely one of the driving reasons behind our device addictions: our devices create miniature consciousness dams that keep out thoughts.

Of course these dams are not discriminating between positive and negative thoughts, but are rather just reducing the overall flow. While avoiding thinking about that painful breakup or looming conversation with your business partner, you may also be depriving yourself of joyful memories, thoughts of gratitude, and awareness of beauty. Distraction is a sword that cuts both ways. As an entrepreneur, a creator, or anybody who is performing more than robotic functions in life, the cultivation of your mental stream is the first and most fundamental thing you must do. Without understanding what is going on in the complex system of your mind, you will be a worse decision maker, you will be mis-calibrated in your interpersonal relationships, and you will more likely suffer from mental fatigue. All of this will inevitably spill over into your physical health, too, but that is a subject for another day . .

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