5G Dangers Debunked? What The New York Times Missed .

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5G Dangers Debunked? What The New York Times Missed .
« on: August 13, 2019, 07:19:57 PM »
 August 5, 2019  .
The New York Times has reach, journalistic clout, and the power to influence the minds of the public. That’s why it was newsworthy when they published a recent article apparently debunking the “myth” around the dangers of 5G. But are the 5G dangers debunked, really?

We’ve already received some questions from readers and customers about the NYT piece, so we thought it would be worth delving further into the topic and addressing them here.

What we found was interesting .

5G Dangers Debunked: Where It All Started
On July 16, The New York Times ran a piece titled “The 5G Health Hazard That Isn’t”. As the title suggests, the article sets out to demonstrate that impending 5G technology poses no threat to human health. Its argument hinges on one thing: a flaw in a graph drawn up by physicist Bill P. Curry in the year 2000.

To summarize: While investigating the effects of radio waves on human cells, Curry produced a report with a graph titled “Microwave Absorption in Brain Tissue (Grey Matter).” The graph, says The Times, “purported to show that tissue damage increases with the rising frequency of radio waves”.

According to The Times, there was just one problem. Curry’s tests were conducted in a lab, with isolated samples of tissue. In other words, they didn’t take real world conditions into account. And in real world conditions, cells deep inside the body are shielded by an important protective layer—our skin .

https://www.shieldyourbody.com/2019/08/5g-dangers-debunked-what-the-new-york-times-missed/ .

Spreading The Truth .
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