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The Nuclear Program - Mind Control 2 .

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The Nuclear Program - Mind Control 2 .
« on: August 16, 2019, 08:33:53 PM »
Published on 13 Aug 2019 .

Note: Please check the last update of the Research where it contains all the information and truth that you must know about your enemy so that you can protect yourself and your family from mind control and chronic diseases.
Kindly note that this research has been sent to all world countries’ presidents, ministers, human rights organizations, newspapers, television and social media networking to raise awareness and work together to solve the crisis and seek peace and justice.
The Great Rescue Strategy from “The Masonic Nuclear Program – Mind Control – Gang Stalking - New World Order – World Nuclear War «Armageddon»”
What Innocent Citizens can do if their Killing Permits Became Legal under an International Agreement to use Humans as a Renewable Resource for the Nuclear Energy Production!
The Years of the Masonic Deception to Colonize All the World Countries by the Nuclear Program & Mind Control!
Save your life and others by raising awareness of the truth and secrets of your invisible enemy “The Masonic Nuclear Program”, which is hidden by all to protect the Masonic entity and to escape from paying the compensation of “One Million $” for each one that been hurt and killed by the Nuclear program in the purpose of Mind Control & Nuclear Energy Production which been applied all over the world, However this human rights violations have been covered by media and returned to Witchcraft, video games like blue whale, depression, mental illness or chronic diseases, while they are the victims of the Nuclear Program deception which managed by Mason, Nuclear Establishments, Telecommunication Companies & Medical Centers, however this can be investigated through EDS- Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy for the infected skin’ dots, and prove the radioactive contamination like “Thorium, Radon, Uranium, Polonium, Plutonium and Radium”, as well as implanted biochip material contamination like “Silicon, Tin, Titanium and Platinum”
The "Third eye - the pineal gland" was taken as a masonic logo as it was the main reason for controlling humans’ minds around the world. and they struggling governments, companies, medical centers and individuals for applying the mining technology on all citizens by using the Bitcoin Blockchain technology to spread cancer, autism and chronic disease among innocent citizens, using the remote virtual surgery and implanted biochip opening channels between the third eye - the pineal gland and the external electronic devices (mobile - computer - Internet - television - Bitcoin Blockchain Mining devices - satellites) through which to send and receive as much as possible of the Electromagnetic waves in the purpose of mind control and nuclear energy production, has also been hidden the possibility of chronic diseases treatment that been caused by the Nuclear Program to ensure the continuity of these illegal investments!!!
The Mason don’t need to ignite a third world war as they already ignite The (Nuclear War - Armageddon) since 1940 which is not end until now, however they assigned the responsibility of each country worldwide for destroying their economy and their people themselves by applying the Nuclear Program in the purpose of Mind Control & Nuclear Energy Production using “peaceful nuclear bombs explosions near the residential areas to generate heat waves resulting storms and the fall of artificial rain, and the dissemination of radioactive atomic dust (Thorium - Radon - Polonium - Uranium), which caused the Global Warming that has spread in the world since 1940 due to the heat waves of nuclear explosions.
(Nuclear War- Armageddon) was predicted by the Bible and the Qur'an, as well as they explained the rescue strategy from the Masonic Antichrist Deception by raising awareness of the Nuclear Program’ dangers and the possibility of healing from the chronic diseases that have been hidden and how to manage justice throughout the world, and the responsibility of each individual to protect himself and recover his rights from compensation to eliminate these illegal investments.
The Great Rescue Strategy from the Masonic Deception «The Nuclear Program - Mind Control»
You must be well aware of the political, economic, social, religious and health’ dangers of applying the nuclear program that peoples face all over the world .


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