Apple’s new iPhones to come with built-in 5G transmitters .

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Apple’s new iPhones to come with built-in 5G transmitters .
« on: August 20, 2019, 05:02:06 PM »
Apple’s new iPhones to come with built-in 5G transmitters… AVOID all Apple products or be irradiated .

August 12, 2019 .

(Natural News) Will Apple slow down LTE networks on purpose to influence their customers to switch to 5G-compatible phones in 2020? With over a million 5G cell towers getting installed as you read this, at least three of Apple’s iPhones coming out in 2020 will support 5G. Will any American have the choice NOT to be radiated to death slowly by the Apple iPhone cell mutation complex? While Bill Gates pushes for more population control across planet Earth, from vaccines in Africa to 5G cell towers just a stone’s throw from kids playing in their own yards, America is quickly becoming the sickest industrialized nation from the ultra-high frequency and intensity of their smartphones .

Even if the price of Android 5G phones drops, most people’s medical bills will skyrocket, and no medical doctor in the U.S.A. will dare blame the vaccines or the 5G network. Heck, if you post anything on social media now that bad-mouths the 5G platform you get banned, blocked and blacklisted. Don’t you know Mark Zuckerberg is sitting right next to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos at the round table discussion about you . .

Spreading The Truth .
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