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« on: August 27, 2019, 06:18:37 PM »
8 OCTOBER 2008 .


I, Jake Maverick King of the Maverickians , enemy of the state and an innocent, persecuted and honourable man, Claimant will state as follows: -

Towards the end of June 2006 I was abducted, beaten, sexually assaulted (legally raped, apparently) and repeatedly violated by yobs that I believe/ presume to be either serving Police Officers or CSOs/ browncoats. That is a matter for a separate case and full details have been provided within that. When they had finished with me I was handed over to what I later learned to be called ‘Sycamore Assessment Unit’ (apparently) where I was held without trial and routinely tortured and abused for around 8-9 weeks (felt like six months or longer- certainly longer than 28 days) in total (I believe). From what I can gather the ‘reason’ for doing this to me was for my political beliefs/ expressing those views, although they will probably deny this (make something else up), presumably for ‘legal reasons’. I simply can not believe/ accept that it is actually legal to do such things to people because of their political views (at least in this country). Having ‘weird, paranoid evil conspiracy theories about the government’ was their initial justification for doing what was done to me. They (I mean Ferguson) do keep changing their ‘official story’ and persistently refuse to put anything in writing. I also presume that they will also deny the systematic physical, mental and sexual abuse that routinely goes on there. I am not their only victim. Death is actually preferable to what they routinely do to people there. I am NOT being melodramatic or even exaggerating. Although I was eventually released without charge the harassment, threats and abuse have continued to this very day! I do not believe that it will ever end until I am dead!

After I had been ‘handed over’ I was interrogated (with regard to my political views) by someone claiming to be ‘Paul’ and an Asian lady who refused to tell me her name. Several days later she did claim to be a Doctor although she still refused to tell me her name/ show any ID. The majority of the people involved in my torture and detention refused to give full names and ALL refused to show ID, although I believe them to be who they claim to be. Apart from those who refuse to give ANY name, those in charge only give surnames whilst the more ‘lowly’ only give forenames, for the most part (from what I can gather). The only exception to this was John Bishop. These two people weren’t initially violent to me and they did initially allow me my basic human right of being able to smoke. I was ‘gasping’. I have no idea what the Police/ browncoats had told them as they refused to tell me. My initial impression of them was that they were something to do with the Police/ browncoats and I did wonder if they were some kind of ‘unofficial’ officials of some sort, although a part of me also doubted that such ‘unofficial’ facilities would be located in the area. I also suspected that it might be an ‘army based’ interrogation/ torture centre, considering Paul’s tattoos. I really had no idea who or what they were and I didn’t get any indication of what they were until late in the following day! I have been friends with many Muslims in the past but I am actually WHITE and I have no religion- I don’t believe that such abuse has been ‘legalised’ for people such as myself, although I believe it has been for non-whites/ those who are Muslim (effectively). I hate to oversimplify the point, but that is basically the kind of society that we are living in now! If saying that makes me a crazy man I must be a crazy man! I was in quite a distressed state considering what the Police/ browncoats had just done to me and I was somewhat confused as to who those people were and they were obviously concealing information. Throughout that first hour or so in their ‘custody’ I was repeatedly interrogated with leading questions such as ‘you believe in conspiracies about the government, don’t you?’ and the ‘government is evil, isn’t it?’. The interrogation continued for sometime along that general theme. I refused to cooperate with the ‘interrogation . .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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