Don't Tread On Me . !

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Don't Tread On Me . !
« on: August 27, 2019, 06:57:22 PM »
Published 27 August 2019 .

An Open Letter to the Global Targeted Individual Community .

This open letter was written in February, 2019, by Jack Christiana, former Legal Director of a group called Targeted Justice. I received a copy of the letter courtesy of human rights activists/journalists Ramola D and Cassandra, two of the original recipients.

I am posting this letter because the issues covered here are of great concern to me personally, and because I stand in agreement with Mr. Christiana's position, on principle.

I should make it clear that I am not personally acquainted with any members of Targeted Justice (former or current), nor have ever been involved in their activities.

However, the false information being promoted by certain members of the current group, Targeted Justice, as well as their followers, has been damaging to me personally, as well as to others with whom I am acquainted, my allies, friends and colleagues.

Among the current board members of TJ, are Midge Mathis, Owen Calvert, using the pseudonym Richard Lighthouse, Katherine Horton, and Kerry Cassidy, all of whom have promoted blatant disinformation (some of a patently absurd nature) on various issues. Katherine Horton is running a defamation campaign against Ramola D, Barbara Hartwell (whom she claims is a “CIA plant”, a “bitch”, and other epithets), and others. Horton, like Mr. “Lighthouse”, flagrantly advocates for unlawful activities, including monstrous invasions of privacy, what amounts to stalking. Horton has actually issued statements which are solicitation of MURDER, as well as inciting violence and terrorism.

In summary, I should make it clear that in my opinion, anyone who is promoting, supporting or endorsing the group Targeted Justice (and/or the above named individuals) is an accomplice to their wrongful and injurious actions, and should be shunned by reasonable, honorable, sincere and law-abiding activists who stand on principle, for REAL JUSTICE. .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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