Targeted individual contacts Sen. Tom Cotton .

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Targeted individual contacts Sen. Tom Cotton .
« on: August 29, 2019, 06:17:41 PM »
This is a copy of the letter that I, Nizin R. Lopez, sent to U.S. Senator Thomas Bryant Cotton on Tuesday August 27, 2019. The letter was mailed from the Perrine Post Office station located in Cutler Bay/Fla. It was mailed at 2:35 PM exactly .  4/07/19 .

Dear Senator:
Greetings! If you're holding this letter in your hands that means that it was not intercepted, that's good. My name is Mr Nizin R. Lopez, I'm a 43 year old Cuban-American Artist based in Miami/Fla. I am contacting you in order to denounce a hideous crime that is being perpetrated against me here in USA: Contract stalking and electronic weapons assaults sponsored by corrupt folks in positions of power. Yes, I am a targeted citizen. I've been experiencing organized harassment sponsored by the authorities since Jan 2011. This thing ruined my life. You might be saying to yourself:
"What exactly is organized harassment?"
Well, this is not easy to explain. One could say that contract stalking is bullying on steroids. Covert harassment, organized group stalking, or community based mobbing is pretty much a form of political repression, extra judicial punishment. Organized Stalking is a secret program of the U.S. Government designed to destroy Targeted Individuals emotionally and psychologically through dark neuro-linguistic programming and negative aversive stimuli. We're talking here about a multi-layered inter-agency program: Law Enforcement is behind this, the Intelligence Community is behind this, and contractors are behind this as well (private security companies mostly employ ex-Law Enforcement and ex-Military).
As far as the organized community harassment done to me every single time I go out into the general public...the unjust systematic harassment is done by a group of people in an organized fashion using unethical means to torment, preoccupy, agitate, intimidate, and terrorize the isolated victim 24/7 no matter where he goes: I'm talking about acts of provocations, street theater, invasion of space, noise campaigns, mimicking, directed conversations, engineered collisions, orchestrated synchronicities, entrapment...etc. Obstruction of daily activities based on choice reference patterns ! . .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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