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« on: August 29, 2019, 08:42:40 PM »
25 August 2019 .

Open letter to the  Under the Radar  BBC Programme Producer .

I was hoping that I could leave it to others to refute the latest fake news on 5 G from the BBC, but I feel obliged to wade in with the evidence since the BBC signally fails to provide it, perhaps corrupted like others by its recently rumoured collaboration with various telecommunications companies (Transparency International: Investigating Corruption in the Media and Telecoms Industries) .

While I applaud your efforts to bring to public notice the concerns about 5 G being rolled out without a single prior test to ascertain its implications for health or safety, and your success in finally persuading the BBC to at least mention some of those concerns, albeit via a rather minor and short radio programme rather than by doing this unprecedented planetary emergency justice by treating it in a full-length television programme, you seem oblivious to the bias evident in the production of the programme .

Let us examine how the impression is created in this programme that those who oppose 5 G are somehow ignorant and foolish tin-foil-hat-wearers instead of who they really are: fully informed and intelligent individuals qualified and experienced in the field of electromagnetic fields (EMF's) who are seriously alarmed by the facts about 5 G and its very real consequences extrapolated from the science on the devastating impacts of wireless generations 1-4

First the presenter informs us that 230 scientists are concerned about the roll out, whereas in fact many thousands of scientists and physicians have expressed their concerns to date in at least 60 appeals: Doctors & Scientists Appeals For Stronger Electromagnetic Radiation Regulations and International Appeal to Stop 5 G on Earth and in Space  134,458   signatories from 198 countries as of 2 August 2019. The presenter deliberately disparages the 230 scientists mentioned by employing the vernacular phrase  What  their beef ?  in preference to the more formal and respectful, What are their concerns ? . .

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