DARPA Supercomputer Simulation Manipulates Your Reality By Directly Interfacing

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Published on 6 Aug 2019 .

Neural reality refers to a reality that is driven by technologies that interface directly with the human brain. While traditional V R  depends on a user physically reacting to external stimuli (for example, swinging a controller to wield a virtual sword on a screen) a neural reality system interfaces directly with the user  biology through a brain-computer interface (B C I) .

In a dream, you can run around without moving your physical legs. That dreaming and imagining creates brain signals that we can read.....With what we want to do, you won't  need eyeballs to see, or ears to hear, or hands and feet. We can bypass all of that .

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrDfjRVgs0o .

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