Greater Germany 2 -Hitler Reprised? An Ongoing coup to takeover the country….

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Greater Germany 2 -Hitler Reprised?
An Ongoing coup to takeover the country….
Guy Leven-Torres
4th September 2019
The resemblances to 1933 are now in plain view. A coup-d’etat is under way not dissimilar to Hitler’s takeover of the Reich after the death of Hindenburg. With mobs of angry Remainer antifas terrorising the streets around Parliament, we are witnessing the final subjugation of the former United Kingdom if the “Remainers” and their new “allies” the rebel Tories succeed in imprisoning Boris Johnson and his minority Government under the thumb of the Corbyn-McDonnell “junta”. Be under no illusions, this is an EU planned, supported and inspired coup as well, shockingly familiar to those familiar with the history of Weimar and
Hitler’s accession to power. Corbyn seeks the Premiership and this is why his Momentum-Militant Tendency thugs are on streets at present around Westminster.
They probably feel they can control “Useful idiot” Jeremy Corbyn. Equally risky are the traitors like Kenneth Clarke, one time Chancellor of the Exchequer under Thatcher. Are we about to witness to a replay of the Reichstag fire- a plot planned and acted upon by Goering and co to rid themselves of Communists and clear the Reichstag?
Johnson is trapped- a PM or Queen’s first courtier and Minister sterilised into powerlessness by this dangerous only too obvious coup, that now threatens the Queen directly, since by taking over Parliament from Boris Johnson and so depriving the Queen of any power in practical terms she has and silencing any Orders in Privy Council, she may seek. Effectively this is a coup like any other and if one is correct, then the consequences are serious-very serious indeed. Will the military now do their duty and follow their oaths?
As I know from my studies of Roman history, these type of events happen very quickly. Is the Queen to become a pawn in the EU inspired takeover? Just as Romulus Augustus was- a pawn of Odoacer who seized power in not dissimilar circumstances.
Once in power Romulus was dispensed with to Capri to serve out the rest of his days. I also refer to Hitler’s treatment and practical kidnap of Benes the leader of Czechoslovakia in the 1938 Munich Crisis. Similar tactics were employed to overthrow Austria and achieve Anschluss or subjugation of Austria into Greater German Reich. It proves that regimes and ideology may change but not ambitions, as our own situation described above appears to testify.
As I stated civil war is under way. Johnson cannot resort to an election to decide the issue so what remains is too horrifying to contemplate.

Some background to 1938 crisis..

Edvard Beneš opposed Nazi Germany's claim to the German-speaking Sudetenland in 1938. The crisis began on 24 April 1938 when Konrad Henlein at the party congress of the Sudeten German Party in Karlsbad (modern Karlovy Vary) announced the 8-point "Karlsbad programme" demanding autonomy for the Sudetenland.[18] Beneš rejected the Karlsbad programme, but in May 1938 offered the "Third Plan" which would have created 20 cantons in the Sudetenland with substantial autonomy, which in turn was rejected by Henlein.[19] Beneš was keen to go to war with Germany provided that one or more of the Great Powers fought alongside Czechoslovakia, but was unwilling to fight Germany alone.[20] Sergei Aleksandrovsky, the Soviet minister in Prague, reported to Moscow after talking to Beneš that he was hoping to fight a "war against the whole world" provided the Soviet Union was willing to come in.[20]
In London in May 1938, Beneš came under very intense British pressure to accede to the Karlsbad programme, which he initially refused. The British viewed the Sudetenland crisis as a domestic Czechoslovak crisis with international ramifications whereas Beneš saw the crisis as a matter between Czechoslovakia vs. Germany.
In July 1938, the British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax offered the services of a British mediator Lord Runciman, to resolve the crisis, with the promise that Britain would support Czechoslovakia if Beneš was willing to accept the conclusions of Runciman's findings.[21] Seeing a chance to enlist British support, Beneš accepted the Runciman Mission.[21] The British historian A. J. P. Taylor wrote: "Beneš, whatever his other defects, was an incomparable negotiator; and the talents which had been a match for Lloyd George in 1919, soon took Runciman's measure in 1938...Instead, Runciman found that he was being maneuvered into a position where he had to endorse the Czech offers as reasonable, and to condemn the obstinacy of the Sudetens, not of Beneš. An appalling consequence [for Britain] loomed ever nearer; if Beneš did all that Runciman asked of him, and more, Great Britain would be saddled with the moral obligation to support Czechoslovakia in the ensuring crisis. To avert this consequence, Runciman, far from urging Beneš on, had to preach delay. Beneš did not allow him to escape".[22]
On 4 September 1938, Beneš presented the "Fourth Plan", which, had it happened, would have come very close to turning Czechoslovakia into a federation, and would have given the Sudetenland widespread autonomy. Henlein rejected the Fourth Plan and instead launched a revolt in the Sudetenland, which soon failed. On 12 September 1938, in his keynote speech at the Nuremberg party rally, Adolf Hitler demanded the Sudetenland join Germany. On 30 September 1938, Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom signed the Munich Agreement, which allowed for the annexation and military occupation of the Sudetenland by Germany. Czechoslovakia was not consulted. Beneš agreed, despite opposition from within his country, after France and the United Kingdom warned that they would remain neutral, despite their previous promises, in a war between Germany and Czechoslovakia.[23] Beneš was forced to resign on 5 October 1938, under German pressure,[23] and was replaced by Emil Hácha.
In March 1939, German troops marched into what remained of Czechoslovakia, which they declared a protectorate of Nazi Germany and detached Slovakia as a puppet state, thereby completing the German occupation of Czechoslovakia which would last until 1945.

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