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Chin up chaps
« on: September 05, 2019, 07:59:47 PM »
My post re this brilliant vid!

"This Parliament is not pro people - in fact this Parliament is completely anti people." "When it comes to the election it's quite simple, this is an election between the people and Parliament." Mahyar Tousi.
"Sovereignty comes to Parliament from the people. It does not come out of a void. If Parliament tries to challenge the people, this stretches the elastic of the Constitution near to breaking point. We should recognise that the people are our masters, and show ourselves to be their lieges and servants, not to place ourselves in the position of their overlords." Jacob Rees Mogg, Leader of the House.
"I came down from Yorkshire because I voted Leave, as most of the country did, and I'm disgusted that Parliament is not implementing our decision. And furthermore it's actually trying to wreck our decision to leave the EU. Those people in there are paid by us, employed by us, to implement democracy, and they're betraying democracy with everything that they do. It's completely and utterly unacceptable.
I wouldn't have been" (happy with a "no deal" Brexit). "I wanted a free trade agreement. But that lot have sabotaged any attempt to have a deal, and they're doing it now. They're trying to take "no deal" off the table, and they're trying to hand over Brexit to the EU to run - because they don't want us to leave.
So yes, now I want to go without a deal. I never thought I'd say that, but yes, I want to go without a deal. I want out, fully out, completely and totally."
And what about a general election? "Be great! Because most of those people in there stood and said they'd respect the result of the referendum. And they would implement our decision. And they lied to us. So now we need to kick them out, and put in people who do respect democracy, because they don't." Susan from Yorkshire outside Parliament yesterday. Bravo!
This arrogant, corrupt, elitist attempt to stage an anti-democratic coup within the very instrument of our democracy must be defeated. .Democracy must prevail.

And there's this great article:


Despite tonight's defeat, the PM will eventually get his election."
"Such ultra-Remainers are so blinded by credentialism....that they cannot understand why their removal actually helps Johnson."

"The Tory party is dead; long live the Tory party. The seismic realignment that was supposed to take place in 2016 is finally upon us, and
a tougher, rougher, non-deferential conservatism is making its explosive debut........31 years after Margaret Thatcher launched the modern Eurosceptic movement with her Bruges speech, her side has finally triumphed.

Following the expulsion of the 21 most committed Remainers, Eurosceptics are in almost full control of the Tory party for the first time since
the Fifties. If Boris Johnson’s massive, historic bet pays off – by no means certain – he will win the general election by scooping up a fresh demographic attracted by his domestic and European policies.

He will then engineer a real Brexit, ensuring the period between 1973 and 2019 is remembered as a historical curiosity, an aberrant era during
which the UK was conned into giving up its self-government.

As such, Remainers’ triumphalism these past two days is misplaced. Their hatred of Boris Johnson and his adviser Dominic Cummings, their inability
to look outside of the Westminster bubble and their obsession with the minutiae of process is blinding them to the true state of play.

The Remainers may still win in the end, of course, but only if Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister, laying waste to everything else many of
them believe in.

Right now, Johnson and Cummings are still on a path to success, even if they have had to recalibrate their journey several times as obstacles
have emerged. The situation is tense, the PM is feeling the pressure and much of the Cabinet is in a state of shock. But Boris hasn’t been “humiliated”. He hasn’t been “wrong-footed”.

The semi-prorogation didn’t “backfire”: it flushed out his hardcore opponents and allowed him to expel them.
He knew he would have to do something drastic at some stage and there was no way that those committed to derailing his plans would ever have
been allowed to stand under Tory colours at the election. His party was already split de facto, if not de jure; he was always leading a minority government in all but name. The sackings merely formalised this.

Part of the misunderstanding is that Remainers still see themselves as members of the natural governing class, with the Brexiteers as insolent
interlopers. Such ultra-Remainers are so blinded by credentialism, by their hero worship of the likes of Kenneth Clarke – who, as chancellor, helped John Major gift power to Tony Blair – that they cannot understand why their removal actually helps Johnson. Leave voters, losing anti-Brexit irreconcilables, especially overrated establishment figures, is a huge step in the right direction
and proof of Boris’s seriousness.

In any case, the Prime Minister needs a party with a single message: every candidate will have to sign up to his plans. This will be the only
way that he can fight off the Brexit Party. If he wins, perhaps with a slender majority, Johnson will need to be able to count on every one of his MPs."

Mary wrote

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