Revealed: Tactics of former PM’s Tony Blair and Harold Wilson!

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Revealed: Tactics of former PM’s Tony Blair and Harold Wilson!
« on: September 08, 2019, 06:30:57 PM »
Revealed: Tactics of former PM’s Tony Blair and Harold Wilson!


The last couple of days were described in the Metro today as “Westminster’s most turbulent week”. As a result of the Government being defeated twice this week on a bill aiming to rule out a no-deal Brexit as well as the rejection of a motion to call an early general election, many are asking where Britain goes from here. Some Brexiteers have posed the question as to whether the queen has to give royal assent to the bill passed this week. Whilst government ministers have been clear in trying to avoid discussing this possibility, there is certainly precedent in this area.
Understandably and as expected Remainers have reacted with outrage merely at the suggestion of this. Earlier on this year, this a Policy Exchange paper released by Sir Stephen Laws QC argued that the executive’s role in approving legislation is fundamental to the UK’s constitution, and passing laws without executive approval upset the UK’s constitutional order. However, there is a considerable precedent of British governments asking the Queen not to give royal assent to legislation that they do not agree with.
The outspoken former Prime Minister and current remain activist Tony Blair was one PM to use such tactics. Mr Blair actually used this power numerous times, however, the most high profile example was to block a bill in 1999 that aimed to give MPs a vote on military action against Saddam Hussein. Another Labour PM Harold Wilson did the same to stop royal assent being given to bills about peerages (1964) and Zimbabwean independence (1969).
The politically homeless and former Labour spin doctor who is described in today’s Telegraph “not-so-banished alumni like Alastair Campbell”, was the Labour party’s communications advisor at the time of the rejection of royal assent. However, a Guardian article from January 2013 alleges that Campbell told them that he could not recall the case. Many may suggest that Mr Campbell, whose twitter name is ‘Alistair PEOPLE’S VOTE Campbell is being a little economical with the ability of his memory.

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