SUNDAY BEST Better Off Without

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SUNDAY BEST Better Off Without
« on: September 08, 2019, 06:53:38 PM »
Better Off Without 

Last week we witnessed a speeding up of the realignment of British politics that has been so long overdue. It has long been apparent that our political parties no longer represent the principal divide in British politics.
A hundred years or more ago, one of the main divisions was religious: C of E types voted Tory, Non-Conformists voted Liberal; fifty years ago the main division was class, with the middle classes largely voting Conservative, while most working class people voted Labour. Now the main division is Brexit, with those who want us to be a free, independent and democratic country on one side and those who want us to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels on the other.
That is why the decision of anti-Brexit 'Conservatives' such as Rudd, Hammond and Soames to quit the party which, as a minority clique, they have run, in their own interests, for so long, is one that we should all welcome. No army marching to war needs a fifth column; the Conservative Party is Better Off Without the failed Eurofanatics within its ranks who led it to the unprecedented humiliation of receiving a pitiful 9% in the European 'Parliament' elections.
At times such as these, it is to one's brothers-in-arms, not one's siblings, to whom one should look for support. That is why it is imperative that all of us on the pro-Brexit side should unite in support of Boris. He has shown a courage and determination that his detractors never credited him with possessing. None of us will agree with every word he utters or every move that he makes, but we cannot stand aside as neutrals while he comes under such vicious and vituperative attack from his many enemies in the pro-EU establishment.
For that reason, Nigel Farage's pledge not to stand against the 28 pro-Brexit Conservative MPs who voted against Theresa May's surrender agreement is a welcome step in the right direction. But it is not enough. We advised MPs not to vote for May's 'deal' on the third time of asking, but some - including Philip Davies, the founder of our own Better Off Out campaign - decided to vote for it, for fear of something even worse. I argued then that that was an unwise move - and so it has proved. But I also argued at that time - and maintain now - that this was a disagreement of tactics, not of principle. That is why I would now urge The Brexit Party to be magnanimous and to extend its generous offer to include Brexiteers who weakened then, but who are fundamentally genuine - including IDS, Philip Davies and many others.
It ought not just to be The Brexit Party that makes such concessions. It is time that the Conservative Party, freed by the departure of its 'enemy within', acknowledged and respected all that Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party have done - Conservatives have, for far too long, been dismissive of genuine Brexiteers from outside their own ranks. United we stand, divided we fall - all Brexiteers owe it to the voters to repay the courage that the British people showed in voting for Brexit by standing united to defeat the Remainers who are so determined to deny them the Brexit that they voted for.
You can download the latest edition of The Betrayed Nation by clicking here.
All the best,

Simon Richards

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