Letter from ex 3rd Battalion Green Jackets

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Letter from ex 3rd Battalion Green Jackets
« on: September 10, 2019, 05:36:27 PM »
 10/09/2019 13:12
GRIEVE, Dominic; [email protected]; [email protected]; Jacob Rees Mogg MP+41 others

[Copy of Letter from Terry Allen ex 3rd Battalion Royal Green Jackets]
Dear Mr Grieve QC MP,
I had to correct Jacob Rees-Mogg a couple of years ago when I saw him state in Parliament that Parliament is Sovereign. I am pleased that he stood up and said last week that it is we the people that are Sovereign and the Monarch is Sovereign through us thus correcting his earlier error.
What disconcerts me as a Former British Soldier and a Mature Law student is that we have people in Parliament today who don't know Parliamentary History or our history of Constitutional English Law.   I can tell you with 100% confidence that Parliament is not Sovereign because  the books on English Constitutional Law published before 1912 which I have in my library inform me that on the 8th March 1784 Parliament voted on the question of Sovereignty and decided in its then wisdom that Sovereignty rest with the Monarch who at that time was George III the German who spoke no English. This was after a debate that lasted 3 months and Parliament have never voted on it since. I went to the Chief Archivist at the House of Commons who confirmed that this information was indeed correct.
Now my law books tell me two things the first is preposterous and the second wrong. Firstly, they are teaching undergraduates about the United Kingdom Constitution. The United Kingdom is not a Sovereign Nation State it is made up of them. England and Wales share the same Constitution and Scotland's Constitution is different hence, their system of Law is different to ours here in England. The United Kingdom is a Union of Nation States which today we can call a business contract. Why is this being taught to Law undergraduates?  The United Kingdom is far from United and I want to see the end of the Union and an English only Parliament. The English are the majority in the British Isles and the only Nation without its own Parliament, this is clearly discrimination against us English.
Secondly, we are being taught that Parliament is Supreme and Sir this is Sedition.
Parliament is not Supreme because the provenance of Parliament it was the Monarch's court that travelled around the country dispensing the King's justice until it got too big so they set it down at Westminster at the palace of William the Conquerer.
The 13th century Jurist Henry de Bracton famously stated that "The King is not above the Law because the Law makes the King. How then can the King's Court of Parliament be above the Law that also puts it above the King it is a non sequitur.
Past Attorney Generals  Edward Coke and Francis Bacon reaffirmed what Oliver Cromwell understood and that is that the Law is what reigns Supreme in this country.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is subject to the Law just as every other British subject is also subject to Law.  There is a real difference between Law and law they are certainly not the same thing.  Parliamentarians are also subject to the Law of this land but they seem to believe they are above it. Cromwell who dealt admirably with the same sedition in his era, marched into Parliament when sedition was committed there with armed English soldiers and arrested the perpetrators threw them in the Tower of London and dissolved Parliament on the spot.
This is exactly what Boris Johnson needs to do and Vernon Bogdanor a Constitutional expert advocates this action in the Sunday Telegraph yesterday. Bogdanor stated that Dissolution is not a threat to democracy (we are in fact a Constitutional Monarchy as a former British soldier my oath was to Her Majesty QEII not to Parliament) it is a weapon to protect the rights of voters.
As a QC you should be well aware of the fact that our English Constitution forbids the handing over of Sovereignty to a Foreign State unless we are defeated in an act of war. We don't lose wars we win them.  Anyone advocating the handing over of Sovereignty to a Foreign State, Prince or Potentate is committing the heinous crime of High Treason and they should all be arrested for the crime under our Treason Laws. Anyone who receives a report of High Treason whilst holding public office (they took an Oath to serve and protect Her Majesty QEII) and does not past that information up the chain is guilty of misprision of Treason.
Then we come to the Bill of Rights 1688/9 a Contract between the people and William and Mary. The Bill of Rights 1689 is an Instrument a Contract between the people and the Monarchy as it sets out what the Monarch can and cannot do. It cannot fine us without putting us in a Court of Law before a Jury of our peers. Today we have on the spot fines, council tax etc and all of it is UnLAWFUL. All in violation of English Constitutional Law, that is our Highest Law. Without English Constitutional Law, there is no England, no Sovereignty.
In1689 Article 9 of the Bill of Rights states: Parliament can do nothing that prejudices the will of the people. Remember the People's voice is God. The People were not asked to surrender Sovereignty by being governed by the EU, nor were they asked if they agreed to this mass immigration we see happening today.
When I found Article 9 on a website I posted that to every MP including the then PM David Cameron and several people in the House of Lords (one started to follow me on Twitter) What happened no one responded to what I had shown them and the website was closed down in 24 hours. I bought a book from the British Library with the Bill of Rights 1689 in it and on the cover of that book is a photo of the parchment. You can see that Article 9 is missing. Someone has tried to hide it. Article 9 was not directed to the Monarchy but to Parliament and it placed constraints on what Parliament can do. It seems to me that many people including people serving in Parliament today do not understand the difference between a Constitutional Parliament and an ordinary Parliament! No one man or group of men can change one jot or tittle of our Constitution. You have people speciously claiming today that Tony Blair repealed the death penalty for Treason. He in fact committed High Treason by doing so. Our forefathers who created our English Constitution were not obtuse they built check and balances intot the system knowing if they break down we the people their progeny would be living under tyranny, we see that Parliament over the last 120 years has become an Elected Dictatorship and its got to be brought back under the yoke of English Constitutional Law.
I do not see how anyone can claim to be a Conservative and advocate giving away Sovereignty to a Foreign State. I suggest such people are Marxist in disguise.
This country could easily slide into a new Civil War, I believe that the memories of our war dead are being desecrated by people committing Treason.  They gave their lives to keep us their progeny free from tyranny, they fought of Popes, The Armada, Napoleon and Hitler. They did not die in vain so people such as yourselves could sell the people of England out to unelected European tyrants.
I urge you, Dominic, to come to your senses and renounce your allegiance to the EU and get behind us the people of England and our brothers and sisters of our other Sovereign Nation States.
Yours Sincerely
Terry Allen ex 3rd Battalion Royal Green Jackets

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