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« on: September 12, 2019, 01:32:33 PM »
FAO the Ian Livingston QPM Chief Constable
Ian the High Court in Scotland ruled the Queens prorogation of Parliament was unlawful. On the assumption that her Majesty had been badly advised by the Rt Hon Boris Johnson.  This requires two things to substantiate (1) the fact the Prime Minister did in fact lie. I respectfully submit short of reading his mind that is impossible to know. The court has therefore allowed their personal political opinions to guide their decision. And (2) It makes the assumption that her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has no mind of her own. There is little doubt that since the in out referendum MP's in Parliament have failed to distinguish themselves. her Majesty will be aware of the fact Parliament are trying to overturn the referendum result by devious means. It is more tan probable that her Majesty in taking the decision to prorogue Parliament was complying with the spirit of her Coronation oath and supported the decision of the electorate to leave the EU without a deal. Her Majesty when she refuses the Assent or prorogues Parliament can not be asked to explain her reasoning we are therefore obliged to believe her Majesty's reason for these actions cannot be challenged. I submit that the Scottish Judges who made the ruling that her Majesty was wrongly advised makes the untenable decision that her Majesty is too stupid to decide for her self that Parliament should in the national interest be prorogued. By making that assumption these Judges have placed themselves above her Majesty and by doing that have imagined the death of her Majesty as a fully sovereign Queen contrary to the 1351 Treason Act, the only offence for which a sitting Judge is subject to arrest is treason. You owe an absolute duty of loyalty to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  You are in her Majesty's defence required to support her Majesty's decision to prorogue Parliament and to place these errant Judges on trial for treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act which applies in Scotland.
Respectfully submitted

Albert Burgess
emailed to the CC Police Scotland

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