S Wales Police Crime Commissioners are they working for you?

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S Wales Police Crime Commissioners are they working for you?
« on: April 23, 2013, 04:48:20 PM »
I thank the leveller for posting the further below information on the unlawful coruption found in our UK police forces. Where if the reader requires further evidence of the South Wales police corruption they might like to take a look at Maurice Kirk, kirk flying vet website.

Help us to end this never ending corruption for the good of all and join us in our lawful intent for a Uk majority in taking current Prime Minister D Cameron to court

Right Honourable Alun Michael MP
Crime Commissioner for South Wales police   
South Wales Police and Crime Panel, Right honourable ladies and gentlemen

Dear Sirs & Ladies

In regard to my (below) initial e-mail of the 28 March 13 in complaints of the S Wales police failing to carry out their public duty in upholding the law on many, many occasions. It seems there has been a rather confusing double unlawful conflict of interest created.
   The first is in my receiving a reply from the police commissioner?s senior acting solicitor Mr Simon Jones dated 4 March ? received 5 March 13. That states it is not in the remit of the police commissioners to investigate an inefficient police force. I then received a letter dated 19 April 13 from Dale Ponting, senior manger of the police professional standards department. This enclosed seemingly negative letter states he wishes to carry out an investigation and requires all my evidence in file form by a certain date.  (Please see attached)
   This second unlawful conflict of interest is shown from the below documented evidence referred from given website links in my initial contact. That contains their and my own irrefutable evidence showing how the S Wales Police professional standards department has also acted with unlawful malicious intent against me on more than one occasion. Where if you have referred this issue back to them (I do not believe I have received any confirmation from you on this?) how under these unlawful circumstances can it be lawfully justifiable for any lawful honest investigation? When this irrefutable evidence of previous sent shows they or the police in ever-rising issues do not honour any public duty to uphold the law. That we in S Wales (and much other if not all the UK) do not have a lawfully effective efficient police force, in these ever-rising occasions. (Much more of my own evidence and many others available if you require)
   The S Wales police (and others) were contacted on many occasions over many years with five full box files of evidence and many, many further continuing letters containing further documented evidence. The police have never upheld any public duty to uphold the law into these many, many documented criminal offences

A portion of my lawful complaints were sent in the initial e mail to you with given below links that show the police were notified of the many, many criminal offences. Those links previously sent contained the following ? To gain full advantage of the evidence further attached to these articles (With much more to be added) one will have to sign in to the website

1 ? A portion of numerous letters to our current PM D Cameron disclosing in irrefutable documented evidence the unlawful corruption and malicious intent in our legal services and police. This documented evidence also disclosed evidence of the unlawful wastage/unlawful procurement of taxpayer?s money running into millions/billions. Where there is and despite being lawfully/legislatively stated in ever-rising issues no lawful redress. In askance in being shown this evidence as current ruling PM under his stated public duty to uphold the law he unlawfully did not. Thus committing the unlawful offence of misconduct in public office and unlawfully aiding and abetting the non-upholding of the acts of UK law which are criminal offence against UK society. The police on many occasions were also sent copies of these letters so were made aware of these criminal offences.

2 ? The current PM D Cameron eventually deemed it was the responsibility of the Welsh Assembly of the unlawful issues I raised. Where in writing to the First Minister and Barrister Carwyn Jones of the welsh assembly and then again to PM D Cameron. Showing the Welsh assembly also would not act under any honest public duty to uphold the acts of UK law, PM D Cameron again unlawfully did nothing. Thus again the PM, the First Minister & my MP committing the same unlawful criminal offences as stated above. As the stated responsibility of the police commissioners is to ensure an efficient effective police force in upholding the law, I report these criminal offences to you under the acts of UK law. Where I call on you all in your stated public duty to uphold the law of no time limit on criminal offences and have these shown documented criminals arrested

3 & 7 ? The S Wales Police were again shown in previous complaint with documented evidence in how this unlawful situation was also unlawfully allowed when T Blair was Prime Minister. Where I issued eleven applications against T Blair and the then labour government for misconduct in public office as well as a lawful claim for damages. Where all of the eleven defendants filed their defence nearly a fortnight outside the courts given instructions, the attached documentation to this article confirms this.
   The police were further notified in how instead of there under the law being no case to answer by lawful default and my lawful claim allowed by law. The whole was unlawfully covered up by corrupt judges Hickinbottom, Carson, & the defendants. Who unlawfully perverted the course of justice as witness testimony/documented evidence will show. Judge Hickinbottom further committed yet another criminal offence of perverting the course of any honest justice in unlawfully placing civil restraints orders on me to stop the real truth from prevailing. This also included the lawful right of any appeal to have his permission which he made clear he would not grant. Witness testimony will show how complaint was made in Cardiff central police station by two others as well as me to constable P Ashby. As the stated responsibility of the police commissioners is to ensure an efficient effective police force in upholding the law, I report these criminal offences to you under the acts of UK law. Where I call on you all in your stated public duty to uphold the law of not time limit on criminal offences and have these shown documented criminals arrested

4 ? The police were further shown in documented evidence in how in complaining to Paulette James OBE of the court complaint service. How she also criminally perverted the course of any justice by sending all my sent evidence back to me. Then a few days later sent me a letter to state I had sent no evidence and should not state such things and are again in the attached in this referred article. This again unlawful perverting the course of justice to maliciously persecute was never lawfully addressed by the police As the stated responsibility of the police commissioners is to ensure an efficient effective police force in upholding the law, I report these criminal offences to you under the acts of UK law. Where I call on you all in your stated public duty to uphold the law of no time limit on criminal offences and have this shown documented criminal arrested

5 ? Is a small assortment of letters sent to the S Wales Police and others in the police who were again requested to honour their stated public duty in upholding the law? In the many, many criminal offences of documented evidence sent, again not once have the police upheld any honest public duty in upholding the law.  Where an ever-rising many including myself can further confirm in how the police will unlawfully try and set you up for crimes you have not committed. As well as cause you as much unlawful malicious vindictive persecution as they can to unlawfully shut you up/stop any lawful complaints. As the stated responsibility of the police commissioners is to ensure an efficient effective police force in upholding the law, I report these criminal offences to you under the acts of UK law. Where I call on you all in your stated public duty to uphold the law of no time limit on criminal offences and have these shown documented criminals arrested

6 ? The Investigatory Powers tribunal are legislatively stated to investigate our secret service and police on behalf of UK society. In view of the again shown deliberate unlawful wilful blindness is it no wonder the current state of the UK is what it is when they also turn their backs on such irrefutable sent documented evidence? Is this not the same unlawful malicious degrading persecution instead of any public duty? As the stated responsibility of the police commissioners is to ensure an efficient effective police force in upholding the law, I report these criminal offences to you under the acts of UK law. Where I call on you all in your stated public duty to uphold the law of no time limit on criminal offences and have these shown documented criminals arrested

9 ? Is an overall view of the injustice in my legal issues all of which have been continually reported to the S Wales and other police? It clearly shows the ever-rising unlawful situation in the UK today when the police will not honour any public duty to honestly uphold the acts of UK law. In order to show this ever-continuing unlawful degrading persecution I would ask you to take note of all the evidence unlawfully ignored by many who went on to pervert the course of justice to continually unlawfully persecute me. The attached to this article witness statements, wwha slideshow of unlawfully denied housing disrepair photographs, as well as that of the 2nd court application showing many, many criminal offences. Which as they have in my Glamorgan Aluminium issue were all unlawfully covered up by the many to continually unlawfully degradingly persecute me. The witness statements attached to this article will further confirm much of what has already been stated in these many links. As the stated responsibility of the police commissioners is to ensure an efficient effective police force in upholding the law, I report these criminal offences to you under the acts of UK law. Where I call on you all in your stated public duty to uphold the law and have these shown documented criminals arrested

8 -10 ? There is an ever-rising many like myself who can confirm many, many issues happening to them of unlawful malicious vindictive persecution, this is just one of them. Where of course the police and other brethren will deny these ever-rising malicious persecuting issues are anything but unlawful degrading & maliciously deliberate. Yet these ever-rising issues can be seen from their same/similar patterns as definite unlawful malicious vindictive persecution unlawfully happening to an ever-rising many.

The law is supposed to be the basis of our society and nobody should be above it, no matter who they are, for when they are it creates the same unlawful persecuting malicious situation we have in the UK today. For all that is really wrong in the UK today, is there is no honest public duty or the honest upholding of the law in these and more ever-rising instances.

This irrefutable documented evidence (I can also supply a lot more of my own and many, many others) shows we do not have a lawfully effective efficient S Wales police force or professional standards department for any lawful investigation.

I further enclose to you my reply to the police professional standards department and my reasons I do not trust the police from much, much of the ever-continuing malicious persecution.

Please note ? If you require I apologise I cannot send this documented evidence in file form as due to having a disabling deteriorating condition, with the government benefit cuts I simply cannot afford it. I can however form files and send by e-mail to anyone in the crime commission for an honest investigation. I like the ever-rising many and as is shown in documented evidence already know of any outcome from the police professional standards department. Just as I continually know of their ever continuing unlawful malicious persecution so have posted all this prior to sending on the same given website for my own safety.
I therefore await your reply

P Ronald

A/O Dale Ponting Senior Manager
Police Professional Standards Department - Your ref ACC/WKD/32/CO/129/13

Dear Sir
   I thank you for your letter dated 19 April 13, where I reply without malice or any other intent than the documented truth, is a little confusing on the following grounds -

1 ? The (below) mail sent to the S Wales Police Crime Commission contained a previous (below) mail to my MP Anne Clwyd with many given links and titles referring too much in government not working for society. Irrefutably showing many many, many documented crimes have been continually committed against me which was sent to the police in lawful complaint. That the police as in many other issues of lawful complaints with what is being deemed as white collar fraud costing the tax payer millions has unlawfully refused to investigate.

2 ? In the second and third paragraphs the sent mail contains a self explanatory statement which shows how the IPCC found a said inspector Peter Thomas guilty. Where despite this guilty finding your professional standards department state they were taking no action and would the IPCC give the department a hand in making me a vexatious litigant. The documented evidence to this unlawful malicious act may also be found (with further attached if you sign in) in these given links under ?IPCC not working For You?

3 ? In the main body of the link ?Police (corruption) In Not Upholding the Law So Not Working For You? ? The second letter down is a letter dated 28 June 06 to Chief Inspector Jones of your professional standards department. This letter shows further documented evidence of many criminal offences reported to the police was sent to your department, where once again unlawfully no action was taken. Just as an ever-rising many others I can produce who in their documented evidence can confirm the same

4 ? In my sending my below mails to the S Wales Police Crime Commission I then received a below enclosed mail dated 4 3 13 from Senior Solicitor Simon Jones, legal advisor to the S Wales Police and Crime Panel, That states (and despite their own stated rules) my complaints are not within their remit. Where I have been unable until now to reply to this mail due to a severe illness, hospitalisation and recovering as an out patient
   Where once again I receive your very negative (below) letter out of the blue stating you are investigating if I forward the evidence by certain date.

From your request you wish to see all the evidence I have, coupled by all the previous professional standard departments? unlawful malicious actions against me, where is there going to be any honest investigation? With the documented fact in how your same department wished to previously unlawfully collude with others in unlawfully making me a vexatious litigant for lawfully reporting crime?

Like the ever-rising many the unlawful ever continuing unlawful police set ups for crimes I have not and never would commit the department unlawfully does nothing. Just as the Chief Constable Peter Vaughn replied from my previous letter asking if he was going to uphold the law, he states he would keep me advised, yet he also has much of the evidence and has again not upheld the law?
   Then we have how witness testimony will show in my own issues, as well as that of an ever-rising many others. In how disclosing documented evidence to gain lawful justice causes the unlawful entering of our homes for this evidence to be unlawfully removed or tampered with. Where in receiving the unlawful reply from the police crime commissioners? solicitor then with no other acknowledgement your very negative letter demanding all my evidence. Only further causes me to believe that these same unlawful mentioned crimes of removing evidence to shut me up will once again be unlawfully instigated against me.

So I have again posted the all on truth wars prior to sending and as can be seen will be again contacting the Police Crime Commission with all this further evidence. Where I shall be again requesting they carry out their public duty in maintaining an efficient/effective S Wales police force. In making them aware of the much, much evidence and requesting in their public duty they call for the arrest of all those who have committed these already shown to the police many times criminal offences. For all this documented evidence & like that of an ever-rising many irrefutably show we do not have an effective and efficient S Wales police or professional standards force.

P Ronald

The police issue not working for you on this site contains many many complaint letters that had accompanying irrefutable documented evidence to my complaints. Yet as the ever-rising many, the S Wales police or New Scotland Yard fraud squad have not once honoured their public duty to uphold the law?

Right Honourable Alun Michael MP
Crime Commissioner for South Wales police    28 February 2013
[email protected]

South Wales Police and Crime Panel, Right honourable ladies and gentlemen
[email protected]   Arjan Ali [email protected]             
[email protected]  [email protected]
[email protected]                  [email protected]
[email protected]        [email protected] 
Alun Thomas [email protected]    [email protected]
[email protected]   [email protected]
[email protected]       [email protected]   
[email protected]   [email protected]
[email protected]   [email protected]

Dear Sirs & Ladies
South Wales Police Complaint/Request for full public Enquiry

I e-mailed one of your office staff, [email protected] in regard to informing you all of a major complaint against the South Wales police. This complaint gave links to documented evidence placed on the net in regard to the many, many years I have received their unlawful malicious vindictive persecution. Which was due to my continually reporting crimes and the much wastage of taxpayer?s money, which the police have continually unlawfully refused to investigate. 
   As well as unlawfully suffering much unlawful intimidation from various officers over the years. Which includes a said chief inspector Peter Thomas who unlawfully obtained our then ex-directory telephone number. To inform me the police were taking no action because I had complained of too many people. On my stating but you have all the documented evidence to show lawful cause he reiterated back we do not care we are taking no action.
   In my complaint to the IPCC and the said inspector being found guilty the professional standards department stated. They were taking no action against the officer and would the IPCC give the police a hand in making me a vexatious litigant. These are just a few examples of the many, many unlawful fit ups I as one of an ever rising many unlawfully continually face by the police. Who will not investigate our crimes or what is being deemed as white-collar fraud and is costing the taxpayer billions? I also currently have another intimidation issue with further irrefutable evidence under investigation by the IPCC that they state will take up to 26 weeks to investigate due to the many complaints they are currently investigating.
   There is an ever rising many like I who can find no honest justice where I can show these are no isolated incidents by their many references if further required. Where unlawful police fit ups for crimes one has not and would never commit run rife.
   Such as today a person knocked on our door said to be in regard to insulation, where after he asked me certain questions. He walked away playing with his phone as though he had taped our conversation. Where the ever-rising persecuted know only to well how the police carry out this unlawful procedure, then use the tapes out of context against you. The same has happened many times including having people hiding behind our car when parked outside our house and unlawfully taking my picture when they have knocked on the door.

In order for you to see the crimes committed I enclose to you below a mail that was previously sent to my MP Anne Clwyd. This mail not only gives direct links to just a small amount of the corrupt police evidence and its attached in No 5 (please sign in to the website to access the much further attached documented evidence). It will be noted from all other links to irrefutable documented evidence many serious crimes have been committed by the many. Where may I please ask you to look at the attached to No 5 dated 5 11 05, where under the UK law it must be stated there is no time limit on criminal offences

Where in being the crime commissioner and members of the crime commissioner?s panel. I ask if you are going to get the police to uphold the UK acts of law or are we going to see the same unlawful wilful blindness to any honest justice? Where once again all the irrefutable documented evidence will again be unlawfully ignored for me to be unlawfully fitted up to shut me up
I await your earliest reply
P Ronald

Right Honourable Anne Clwyd MP         29 1 2013

Dear Anne Clwyd

Request in your public duty for a full public enquiry against PM D Cameron MP

I write as I have in the past for a full public enquiry in view of all the unanswered criminal evidence available whether Prime Minister D Cameron MP is lawfully/legislatively not fit for public office on the following lawful grounds.

Please Note if there is any attempt to take this referred irrefutable documented evidence off the net it will again be placed on twice as many sites on the net, under freedom of speech. For we the people have a lawful/legislative right from those said to be working on our behalf, yet as the irrefutable documented evidence clearly shows many are lawfully/legislatively not.
The irrefutable evidence may be found here
http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=3cb7faff7db5be009c87f6f1712b29f8&board=24.0  Please also see the attached to issues for irrefutable evidence

Request for public enquiry into PM D Cameron to MP Anne Clwyd ? Letter to D Cameron

1 - http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=512.0
PM D Cameron not upholding the law So Not working For You

2 - http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=511.0
1st Minister and Barrister Carwyn Jones of Welsh Assembly Not Working For You

3 - http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=510.0
Former PM T Blair Not Working For You

4 - http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=500.msg765#msg765
Courts complaints service Not Working For You

5 - http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=490.msg750#msg750
Police (Corruption) In Not Upholding The Law So Not Working For You

6 - http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=489.msg749#msg749
Government IPT Not working for You

7 - http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=488.msg748#msg748
Your Corrupt Government & Corrupt Courts Not working for you

8 - http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=486.msg744#msg744
Your Government not working for you ? Taken to court on unconfirmed evidence

9 ? http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=485.msg743#msg743
The Justice and Government System Not Working For You

10 - http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=484.msg742#msg742
Further Police Persecution without any evidence

11 - http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=445.msg690#msg690
AN enquiry to the ICC For a Hearing Against PM D Cameron MP

I shall of course be posting much further evidence to show much further lawful cause to my lawful/legislative public request. Where to name a few shall be Cardiff city council corruption and the same of the Cardiff CPS, the HOL judicial review, The Supreme Court as well as many other individuals, which shall include many MPs as well as many Lords.

No doubt many others will also add their own evidence of this unlawful malicious vindictive degrading persecution as well as any unlawful inequality. This again will no doubt bring as experienced much in the past further police malicious persecution that shall also be posted in the precautions I have always had to take. I do however believe there is enough evidence for my lawful request to legislatively proceed.
   I have further enclosed a copy of the letter I shall be posting to the Prime Minister tomorrow to make him further aware of my lawful intent of his unlawful actions.
I have also enclosed my next intent in making the public further aware of what is really ongoing by the many corrupt in government. Where I shall be passing these out to all and sundry whenever I manage to get out.
   I have also included a few members of the media not only for safety precautions but also to see if they are there for the public, rather than the already much government unlawful influence the ever-rising many are unlawfully experiencing.
I await your very earliest reply
Your constituent
P Ronald

Mr Paul Ronald Sent by Email to [email protected]   
                    Panel Heddlu a Throseddu De Cymru     South Wales Police and Crime Panel
                                               d/o Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol                          c/o Merthyr Tydfil
                                               Merthyr Tudful                                       County Borough Council
                                               Canolfan Ddinesig                                            Civic Centre 
                                               Stryd y Castell                                                   Castle Street                                         
                                               Merthyr Tudful                                                 Merthyr Tydfil       
                                               CF47 8AN                                                          CF47 8AN
                                               Ffon: (01685) 725000                                     Tel: (01685) 725000

                                                                                                   Dyddiad/Date: 4th March 2013
Ein Cyf/Our Ref.: SDJ                                                             Llinell Uniongyrchol/Direct Line : (01685) 725201
Eich Cyf/Your Ref.:                                                      Gofynnwch am/Please Ask For: Simon Jones
                                                                                      e-bost/e-mail: [email protected]

Dear Sir,
Complaint against South Wales Police
I refer to your emails dated the 1st and 4th March 2013 sent to the Police & Crime Commissioner for South Wales and members of the South Wales Police and Crime Panel (SWPCP).
Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council hosts and supports in the SWPCP and as such copies of your emails have been forwarded to me.
I have read the emails and confirm that the Panel cannot investigate the matter as complaints against the Police are not within the remit of the Police and Crime Panel.
Yours faithfully,
Mr Simon Jones
Senior Solicitor
Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council
Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council is the host local authority for the South Wales Police and Crime Panel[/right]

Please Note - Responsibilities of Crime Commissioner

The overall responsibility for the Commissioner will be to maintain an effective and efficient police service by holding the Chief Constable to account.

Scrutinise, support and challenge the performance of the force

Investigate complaints against the Chief Constable, and monitor all complaints against officers and staff

The Police and Crime Commissioner will be responsible for making sure the Chief Constable does this effectively, and is accountable to the public.

One can also further add much evidence to this deliberate unlawful erroneous degrading mail in looking at the Police Reform and Social Responsibility act

(7)The police and crime commissioner for a police area must hold the relevant chief constable to account for the exercise of? .
(a)the functions of the chief constable, and .

(8)The police and crime commissioner must, in particular, hold the chief constable to account for?
c)the exercise of the duty under section 39A(7) of the Police Act 1996 (duty to have regard to codes of practice issued by Secretary of State);
(b)the functions of persons under the direction and control of the chief constable.

(d)the effectiveness and efficiency of the chief constable?s arrangements for co-operating with other persons in the exercise of the chief constable?s functions (whether under section 22A of the Police Act 1996 or otherwise); .
(e)the effectiveness and efficiency of the chief constable?s arrangements under section 34 (engagement with local people); .
(f)the extent to which the chief constable has complied with section 35 (value for money); .
(g)the exercise of duties relating to equality and diversity that are imposed on the chief constable by any enactment;

To name but a few

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Re: S Wales Police Crime Commissioners are they working for you?
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Hi Learner,
I was trawling through my library cuttings and came across an old local paper dated May 14th i977 with the headline "Porn case"yard chiefs jailed for 12 years. I googled the name of one of the coppers and came across the following which I think will
be of interest to you,I'll try and attach the clip.

The Leveller.
Topics - These Forums are for debate and discussion ? World News & Opinions ? Bent Cops & Lawyers


Bent Cops & Lawyers
Post by weagannuh on Nov 15, 2011, 10:49am

I was looking through the net and came across this, I was shocked and appauled.

Please Read Part 1


This section, and it is huge, looks at cases, dirty cops and what the Police do not like you to see about themselves.

I will not bore you with their claims of unfairness on my part and the denials they continually issue to cover up their malpractice. They are at the moment enjoying mass coverage on TV programmes showing how wonderful they are, but some time ago we applied to a commercial TV station to present them with a show on ' corruption in the police force ' it was turned down. Firstly they gave the reason it was bad for business, then on the grounds it would sour relations. It also came about that the police would only take part if they could have a script and cases they were willing to discuss (we would be forbidden to ask anything they did not like or unexpectedly put to them of an embarrassing nature) We said no, as this would not get a proper response on air especially to cases they would prefer not to discuss. So they have declined in favour of the image they prefer to be fed to the public, the propaganda and the lie they perpetuate like the Judiciary and Lawyers. It appears that ' unaccountability ' wins.

There is so much material to cover and volumes already compiled that we will first begin with recent news items such as the 742 Police Officers arrested and another item by the Liberal Democrats announcing that 1,063 police officers have criminal records and are serving officers in the police. This might shock, but it is a fact the tip of the iceberg and not a full picture of police corruption --- it goes much deeper than those figures and encompasses all ranks -- as you will see if you go to ' The Bent Cops' list, which is just a snapshot of what we have in our files.


We begin with THE BRIBERY SCANDAL OF 1877. Although the Police Force was in it's formative years and malpractice was a regular event, the conviction of four senior officers for taking bribes caused the public to doubt the integrity of a force that should have been law abiding. Paymaster and tycoon, a man called Benson, paid the officers to inform him of raids and if necessary, make evidence disappear.

Benson was an ingenious swindler. He teamed up with 'racing swindler ' William Kurr and together they issued ' Le-Sport ' which included many references to the wealthy Mr. Yonge who lived in a mansion on Shanklin, the Isle-of-Wight. Many bookies suspected Yonge and the unusual large winnings at the race course. Benson knew Yonge personally. Yonge was a trickster and he chose victim Comtesse de Goncourt for a swindle acting as the betting agent using an alias. Madame de Goncourt invested ?10,000, and that was the last she saw of it. William Kurr enlisted Chief Inspector John Meiklejohn and paid him not to investigate or derail investigations into previous swindles. Second police officer Chief Inspector Nathaniel Druscovich was in financial difficulties, Meiklejohn introduced him to Kurr, who now had two cops on his payroll, this was soon followed by a third cop - Chief Inspector William Palmer. Meiklejohn warned Benson and Kurr that nosey cop Chief Inspector Clarke was getting ready to pounce. Yonge entered the plan, and got Clarke to visit him on the Isle - of - Wight. He told Clarke he had information. This turned later and Yonge said he'd paid ?50 to Clarke. Clarke was trapped, he'd been to Yonge's several times on invites - they were both brother freemasons. A villain, Walters also said he had bribed Clarke and had a letter proving it. All four cops ended up on trial along with Benson and William Kurr (plus a lawyer). Wealthy businessman and Freemason Yonge escaped, he was too powerful to bring down.


From this beginning, the police were never able to shake off corruption, its smell never escaped the corridors of power even though some introduced 'sweeping' and 'special teams' to eradicate it --- they were not successful, and never have been. All such investigations have been 'cosmetic' and ' a publicity stunt' in order to allay public fears. Its success lies in honesty and accountability, and that cannot be achieved even now.


THE 1960's and an emerging pattern of corruption in the police.

1963 saw the sensational trial of the corrupt and vicious career of Detective Sergeant Harry Challenor. The papers centred on the madness he showed before going on trial and this helped to cloud many truths of certain squads. The convenience of this state helped other bent cops and the public were led to believe that he was just ' one rotten apple.'

DETECTIVE SGT CHALLENOR was perceived as a paranoid schizophrenic, and termed as ' a bullying and treacherous policeman' (as they would have us believe?). But there were undeniable suspicions the top brass used smear campaigns to full use, in order to throw off and deflect suspicion on themselves and other police officers. It was obviously better to do this than allow the public to believe there may be widespread corruption in the force -- but this would have been so if the public had been aware of three other officers on trial with him were being sent to jail for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. The Press were actively if not covertly, encouraged to concentrate their stories on Challenor -- and unfortunately -- they did, and the three other convicted officers quietly left the court for a journey to prison by the back-door so-to-speak. Amid the furore of ' a crazy cop' little was said or printed about the police manipulating and twisting evidence to get convictions -- using criminal records on other people, who were particularly vulnerable, to beef up a thin case when they were quite aware they lacked real evidence.

1969 saw enquiries into the Lancashire Drugs Squad and six detectives were committed for trial.

THREE ENQUIRIES were going at once.

Two Senior Officers were arrested - Commander Wallace Virgo and Commander Kenneth Drury.

1973 saw Deputy Assistant Commissioner Gilbert Kelland whose inquiry led to 20 officers being dismissed.

After appointing Detective Chief Superintendent Bill Moody, Jimmy Humphreys a major pornographer was arrested. 40 officers were arrested after Humphreys Diary was found.

1976 - After police officers from the Obscene Publications Squad were seen to be too friendly with ' the dirty books brigade ' 15 police officers of Drugs and Pornography went to trial.


We now come forward to OPERATION COUNTRYMAN of 1971 to 1977. This was the biggest investigation into police corruption ever mounted, It was flawed from the start, and was headed by different Investigators. They found police uncooperative, and police officers being on leave when they were due to be interviewed. Some were being tipped off and others left. Well over 100 police were in the frame, but the Government pulled the funding and it collapsed before a conclusion could be reached.

During the four years Sir Robert Mark held the position of Police commissioner, 478 police officers left following, or in anticipation of criminal proceedings.

THE ROTTEN ORCHARD - a book by criminal John Mc Vicar was about to see the light of day. It was written in conjunction with Laurie Cork, an ex-flying Squad member. McVicar wanted to tape record his memoirs involving bent cops and Cork was helping substantiate incidents. Things fell apart between them when Cork found out McVicar had been recording with a second tape recorder strapped to his ankle. Cork would cease the accounts of police misconduct on the main tape recorder when it became too personal, and that's when McVicar turned on the secret tape recorder. Cork obtained an injunction on the publishing of the book when he saw extracts published in the Daily Express. The book was never published?

One would have thought these events should have changed police actions, and that they had learnt from them. But no,, they got better at it, and it was not just the City of London Police, Manchester Police, the West Midlands Crime Squad would be the next big story in Police Corruption. The disease was spreading throughout the whole police organisation. As one retired officer told me, and he wasn't clean either, ' if two or three officers are nicked in a sting, there are dozens of others who knew about it and turned a blind eye. This idea about one bent officer is ludicrous, the others get away with it because of a lack of evidence, and they know it.'

' The Corruption Investigations of police in 1998 '

43 POLICE FORCES THROUGHOUT THE UK HAD OFFICERS FACING DISHONESTY CHARGES AND CORRUPTION - as stated in a 'TIMES SURVEY ' and the Home Secretary at the time - Jack Straw - said this alarming situation of crooked police posed a great risk to justice. Many of the charges concerned drugs, misuse of police information, perverting the course of justice and assaults. The survey revealed that it just didn't occur at constable level with a few sergeants, it also mentioned superintendents, chief inspectors and high ranking detectives. In the light of this they said a new unit was to be formed called CIB3, and that would be assigned to root out corruption. Ten years on -- and there has been no significant cases as a result of these findings -- and are we surprised? NO.

' The mystery surrounding the killing of Blair Peach by police '

IN 1979 TEACHER AND PROTESTOR BLAIR PEACH WAS KILLED BY POLICE UNLAWFULLY. No police officer was charged with his death and the whole affair has been kept a secret for thirty years. The Met Police say that the facts will be revealed soon, but we doubt that very much. Blair Peach was murdered in Southall at the hands of the SPECIAL PATROL GROUP ---( they were involved in the beating up of the Holloway boys and thirty officers refused to give information regarding corrupt officers). One man in charge -- Inspector Alan Murray was blamed for the circumstances in which several un-named officers clubbed the man to death. He claims to this day it was too confusing at the time and denies involvement. He admits people were assaulted and thrown down flights of stairs by his officers and regrets this. The DPP now CPS said no to prosecuting any officers at the time and covered the incident in a 'secrecy tag' and files have been held in secrecy until now - thirty years after the event.

APRIL 2010 - It has now been officially revealed that an unidentified police officer did kill Blair Peach despite the many denials, and that many police officers on that day and involved lied about their accounts of what happened in order to cover-up the incident.

' The Guildford Four Case '

This case was notorious in that it resulted in a huge payout for the four who were jailed for a total of 15 years based upon lies and dishonesty of the police. Three detectives were sent to jail for conspiring to pervert the course of justice: CHIEF INSPECTOR THOMAS STYLE, POLICE SERGEANT JOHN DONALDSON and CONSTABLE VERNON ATTWELL. To say or pretend these officers acted alone is absurd, but that's what the police want you to believe.

' Police and the Climbie Case '

Six Police Officers faced disciplinary proceedings for neglect of duty. The six worked in the Child Protection Unit at Brent and Haringey, London. The blame for mishandling the case mainly fell on the junior officers, and resulted in the senior officers able to comfortably sidestep issues.

' The James Ashley Case and Police ' - The Sussex Cops

The un-armed Mr. Ashley was killed by Police Constable Sherwood of the East Sussex Constabulary in Hastings. The Police Squad were on a drugs raid, but none were found. Pc. Sherwood got off all charges and three senior officers walked away too. Charges were dropped with the explanation ' There are wider corporate laws to consider ?'

' Sussex Officer is charged with manslaughter '

POLICE CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER SHERWOOD was charged over the fatal shooting of a man in Hastings after a raid on a house. The incident sparked fury and led to the suspension of Police Chief Paul Whitehouse.

FOUR OTHER POLICE OFFICERS were charged with misconduct in public office relating to the shooting incident.

The Sussex Police were also involved in an incident when two Police Constables beat up a Michael Smith and were withdrawn from duty; again in Hastings.

MAN TO SUE SUSSEX POLICE after being acquitted of charges - Russell Bishop spent a year in jail due to police evidence launched against him at ' The Babes in the Wood Trial' It took a jury just ten minutes to find him not guilty at his trial. He now plans to sue The Sussex Police for wrongful Arrest and Malicious Prosecution.

Another case involving the Sussex Police came to light when they handcuffed and detained Gregory Nash over a ?20 unpaid fine. He was taken by Chichester Police to Dover in a police vehicle and put in a cell until the fine was paid. The cost to taxpayers was huge. 'Wasting Police Time comes to mind, and they certainly did.

Another Sussex Police Incident involved a young man who was stopped 39 times in one year. One officer even asked him after they had pulled him over ' Are you wanted?'

162 complaints of assault were lodged against the Sussex police according to a report in July 2008.

SUSSEX - Worthing Police, topped the list of shame in respect of police misconduct in 2008, since the year 2005 they have increased with allegations of oppressive behaviour and failures in duty. The police attempted to justify this with the following comments ' we believe that a great deal of the increase is attributable to changes in the way we record complaints in Sussex -- this doesn't mean we received the highest number of complaints out of all the forces.'

2006 - 428 COMPLAINTS, 2007 - 774 COMPLAINTS and another rise in 2008.

SUSSEX POLICE came in for more criticism (which they seem to brush aside lightly these days) over the fact during police chases they killed people for a second time within a week. A pensioner was fatally wounded during a police chase in Copthorne, West Sussex. A man from Brighton died in Lancing whilst being pursued by the cops. Although these incidents have been reported to the IPCC do not expect much of a result or any prosecutions of officers --- it rarely happens.

SUSSEX POLICE TO BE SUED - Beauty Queen Linda Watson approached lawyers in a bid to sue the Sussex Police for ?1million in damages following the botched investigation into the murder of her wealthy husband - when they accuse her of hiring a hitman in a malicious prosecution. After walking free from the Old Bailey, she vowed to sue police for all the trouble they had caused plus the distress.

The Sussex Constabulary

A recent look at the Sussex Police Authority handout --- newspaper goes way too far in promoting the force as being highly successful. Considering we have reported on the complaints issue in that they top the league, one can see that they ignore this completely and pretend that corruption does not exist within the force despite the many cases we have cited so far.

' Sussex Cop in Money-laundering case '

POLICEMAN DARREN GRAVEMARK is currently on trial concerning a matter of drugs and money laundering it was said on a recent news report. It appears that his money-laundering activities concern his drugs partner and at the moment the SUSSEX POLICE are remaining silent about this matter.

SUSSEX COPS IN ASSAULT COVER-UP --- Five cops including a Sergeant were moved to other duties after an assault on a man went wrong. The Police were not named and they refused to discuss the case to reporters, only that it appears to have been over a motoring incident. Since the incident there has been a 'close down of all information' and the CPS were unwilling to provide any further information.

' West Sussex Cops in assault attack '

TWO WEST SUSSEX POLICEMEN -- Constable Andrew Watson and Constable Iain Pearce were seen beating up a man who was a suspect thief -- the witness was a trainee police constable Darren Nagle, who had been with the force for eight months was shocked to see colleagues carrying out the assault. The trainee police officer was giving evidence at Haywards Heath Magistrates against colleagues who had assaulted the 17yr old suspect.


West Sussex cops have been told they will face disciplinary action over accepting free burgers from a MacDonald's restaurant. The Deputy Chief Constable Mark Jordan stated that it destroyed an officer's integrity and could possibly be seen by the public as a sort of bribe for any possible favours that may arise out of this situation. Apart from that he said it broke the force's disciplinary code that forbids accepting gratuities without the proper consent.


More rubbish was doled out yet again via the Chichester News about falling crime rates in Sussex in their July to August free paper. As we once stated in RELATED TOPICS newpaper reporters are not exactly honest or accurate as said by Nick Davies in his damning investigation into the newspaper industry - in his book 'Flat Earth News' which The Chichester News ought to read sometime. Crime figures from a force that came out as the worst and most often complained about Constabulary (which can be seen on this page) have to be viewed as a lie or fiction created by them in the face of rising attacks and crime in East and West Sussex in general.

THREE COPS IN FATAL SHOOTING WALK FREE --- SUPERINTENDENT CHRIS BURTON, INSPECTOR KEVIN FRENCH and INSPECTOR CHRISTOPHER SIGGS of the Sussex Constabulary were originally suspended and charged with the manslaughter of James Ashley in St. Leonards, near Hastings. A fourth officer had already been suspended -- POLICE CONSTABLE CHRIS SHERWOOD. A whitewash was claimed as these officers walked away without any charge. Some sources say the investigation was hampered by senior legal chiefs and the Chief Constable, who remarkably left his post in a resignation.

SUSSEX COPS ISSUE LIE TO GO IN AND TAKE JAMES ASHLEY -- Just before the shooting police made references and statements to the fact they went to Ashley's residence on the suspicion he stabbed a person, but it emerged later in the inquiry that ' there was no evidence to indicate that Mr.Ashley had carried out the stabbing referred to ' and this was said by the investigation officer Tony Williams who claimed he'd been aware of various references which either stated or implied this was so.

MAN TO SUE SUSSEX COPS after horrific swoop when Sussex Police in Chichester fully armed with automatic pistols mistook visitor martin Kelly to be an armed robber. Martin, a visitor from the West Midlands attending a christening was thrown to the ground after leaving a pub in Chichester and subsequently handcuffed. When it was eventually discovered they had made a mistake, they didn't even apologise said Martin who is going to sue for compensation.

' Assault Officer to be Sentenced '

SUSSEX POLICE OFFICER CARL CHIVERALL was found guilty of Common Assault when he appeared at Haywards Heath Magistrates Court. The Officer was on duty with the Sussex Roads Policing Unit at Polegate. He is due back in court at Crawley Magistrates in September to be sentenced.

ABUSE INSPECTOR IS REPORTED -- Sussex Cop DETECTIVE INSPECTOR KEVIN MOORE found himself in trouble when he flew into a rage and hurled abuse at a constable after he sent off four members of his team at a soccer match. The Detective Chairman of Eastbourne Town was reported for bringing the game into disrepute and using foul language and abuse.

' Police pay damages to Football Manager after raid '

CHICHESTER POLICE (SUSSEX CONSTABULARY) paid ?1,000 to Harry Redknapp the Portsmouth Football Manager after a dawn raid on his home. The Judge ruled the raid as unlawful and were ordered to pay ?10,000 costs along with the settlement.

SUSSEX WOMAN COP TIPS OFF SUSPECT -- Woman Police Constable Grania Hale of Newbury is to appear before Maidstone Crown Court on Misconduct Charges. She was a member of the Sussex Police Haywards Heath Neighbourhood Response Team. She has been suspended and cannot enter East or West Sussex in her bail conditions. It is stated that she tipped off a suspect about a police raid.

' Shoplifting charge Detective commits suicide '

DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR JIM TORBET of the SUSSEX POLICE was found dead just hours before he was due to answer bail in connection with the theft of wine from a supermarket. Both he and colleague CHIEF INSPECTOR SHARON ROWE were to appear on the theft charges.

It is interesting to note that this case fizzled out, making the police very happy -- as no further disclosures were made and the truth was as usual; concealed and hidden from the public.

' Off-Duty Sussex Cop gets off causing death charge '

POLICE CONSTABLE STEWART CHALMERS of the Sussex Constabulary walked away free after an internal investigation threw out charges of causing death by careless driving, The cop killed Luke Bland when he lost control of his car. Strangely, and it is routine procedure, an outside force was not called in to investigate this matter, and the Sussex Police took it upon themselves to decide the outcome of this case?

' Sussex Cop of Six Years is jailed over Child Porn Charges '

ACTING POLICE SERGEANT PHILIP SAVIDGE appeared at Lewes Crown Court on 42 charges. It was heard that the Sussex Policeman had 54,323 images of child sex acts etc, that he stored and exchanged with other men on the Internet. It was stated that 1,681 images were prohibited and considered in the extreme catagory. The cop who was stationed at East Grinstead had been a policeman for six years and had achieved rank of Sergeant. In court he said ' It all got out of hand ' It was also revealed he helped out at a young boys club. He was jailed for a period of 27 months.


It's being heralded as ' The biggest police scandal in decades'. It started with a report in February saying that NINE POLICE OFFICERS were suspended from the Enfield Crime Squad. TWO MORE OFFICERS were placed on restrictive duties and the others suspected of ' mishandling of property.'

However, the situation has been discovered to be far worse and SIX OFFICERS have been accused of ' torture to suspects ' assault and falsifying evidence. It is said that the Officers were on drugs raids when these offences occurred. This kind of behaviour by police was claimed to be ' no more' and will never happen again. All six officers including a DETECTIVE SERGEANT are now under a corruption investigation, which includes theft by police and fabricating evidence against suspects.

However, we can reveal more about THE ENFIELD POLICE, that would have pointed to something rotten being in place a lot earlier, which was ignored by the Met. This same station were involved in a little known incident involving Police Constable Jackson 214 and Police Constable Dale 220, and Police Inspector Dewale who actively stonewalled inquiries into why these two officers were trying to fit up a motorist on the North Circular. The two officers maintained their authority until they found out that they had been 'taped ' by the motorist, at which point they hurried away. Inspector Dewale would not cooperate and was reported under the complaints procedure at Finchley Police Station. Nothing more was heard of this, it was suppressed.

' Zero Tolerance Middlesbrough Force falls '

THE CLEAN-UP CLEVELAND FORCE LED BY RAY MALLON IS HIT BY SUSPENSIONS - Three more officers suspended on accusations of corruption now bring the total up to 7 officers suspended and moved from the CID after two defendents changed their pleas at a trial. Ray Mallon the chief of the CID himself was also suspended following investigations into corruption in the Cleveland Police Force. The force once big on the 'values in Society kick ' heavily promoted by Ray Mallon on TV to boost confidence in the police, has miserably backfired on the officer who thought spinning a line was enough to make the police look good.



OFFICERS DETECTIVE CONSTABLE BRENDAN WHITEHEAD and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE SEAN ALLEN were also suspended from the Cleveland CID after an inquiry into the alleged supply of heroin to a drug addict prisoner by two cops.

' Jack Straw says Police must stop policing themselves - 2000 '

It is indeed a kind of mockery when one considers that Jack Straw, home secretary in 2000 said that the police should not investigate themselves. He claimed that complaints against police should be done by an independent body. Yet, in the same year he claimed that the police were 'cooking the books'. Crime figures were being manipulated and down-played he said in order to confuse the public and make it seem like crime was being reduced effectively.

' The Corruption that never goes away '

DESPITE 800 POLICE OFFICERS FORCED TO LEAVE and a Commander jailed, the clean up of corruption leaves a lot to be desired. Using a dirty cloth to remove the stains only leads to a murky patch that waits to be whitewashed over or ignored as something permanent and part of the design. The Infamous porn squad was disbanded due to the discovery of top senior officers in the unit having links to Soho sleaze bosses who bribed them. Even the setting up of new squads to tackle that problem only led to cracks and more revelations about bent cops emerging in the new 'clean up' The former 'Operation Countryman' cost ?4million and failed as we have already mentioned - its conviction rate on bent cops was abysmal despite the uncovering of hundreds of likely suspects who obstructed the investigation. In the 90's ' Operation Jackpot' was launched to combat corruption -- two officers were jailed and another caught in a ?2million cannabis ring. JOHN DONALD a Senior Officer of the Regional Crime Squad was caught selling secrets to underworld crime leaders and was jailed for 11 years. A score of other officers were investigated but never charged despite rumours of around 250 officers taking payments from crime bosses being publicly talked about and boasted about by cops in Scotland Yard.

' We don't have corruption says Devon & Cornwall Chief Constable?'

It would be fine if this was true, but it isn't. And what you read next certainly questions that, and it is but a snapshot of the real problem. DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE have the following - FIVE POLICE OFFICERS were found guilty of falsifying accident reports when they raced and crashed police cars. POLICE SERGEANT David Baker was given 3 months for deception. SEVEN POLICE OFFICERS were arrested for perverting the course of justice in a corruption Inquiry. POLICE CONSTABLE Colin Doyle was found guilty of a child sex attack. POLICE CONSTABLE Chris Vercoe was fined for assault. DETECTIVE INSPECTOR D. King was fined for speeding (120 mph). POLICE CONSTABLE Paul Mason committed suicide after an inquiry into an assault on Mr. David Coker, he said that Officer Hepburn had done the assault.---PC Mason was accused of framing fellow officer Bryan Hepburn according to a report, and was to give witness testimony against him. Five other officers were involved, and a payout of ?45,000 was made to the victim. Hepburn remained with the police despite the controversy surrounding the assault. TWO un-named officers faced a 'failed disciplinary' hearing over the shooting of Mr. Fitzgerald-Hay, a farmer. The incident at Barnstaple revealed THREE DETECTIVES who colluded and conspired to hide the truth. POLICE CONSTABLE WHITE 3834, POLICE CONSTABLE MITCHELL 3536, and POLICE CONSTABLE HOGG 4077 all claimed innocence to a 'lie' they perpetrated about a stolen motor vehicle that was not stolen? They denied oppressive conduct and misconduct. POLICE SERGEANT DAVID MOORE was demoted after being convicted of assault. DEVON POLICE SUED for injury to Mr. Sylvester as a result of a police chase. POLICE CONSTABLE PETER FARQUARSON, WPC JAYNE HUMPHRIES, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE CHRIS RIGGS were convicted of perverting the course of justice. POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW DANIEL killed two sisters in high speed chase.

' Former Cop get six years for Robbery '

EX-POLICEMAN DAVID COX of Launceston appeared before Truro Crown Court of robbing ?4,090 from Paula Edwards at the Midland Bank in Launceston. The cop from Helstone, Camelford, terrified the cashier as he pointed a imitation semi-automatic pistol at the female cashier in the robbery demanding cash. It was said in court that this all resulted from him being very depressed after leaving the police force?

SPECIAL CONSTABLE JANE WAKEFIELD appeared before Exmouth Magistrates on fraud charges. It was stated that she fraudulently claimed benefit of ?2,804 from the DHSS thus making false representation in order to defraud the state whilst in work and being supported by her husband lorry driver. She was given 18 months probation and 70 hours community service.

DEVON COPS IN BRAWL - Cops from the Devon and Cornwall Police threw punches and brawled with CPS staff at a Christmas bash in Plymouth. It said an internal inquiry was launched after two police officers came to blows during the get together. A policeman was asked to leave, but then a fight broke out among the party goers.

COPS DISMISSED OVER SEX AND BOOZE PARTY ANTICS -- Police Constables Darby Allen and Pc Tim Eden based at Heavitree Road Police Station, Exeter, were dismissed from the Devon & Cornwall Police after a late night romp involving 20 special constables in a training course went wrong.

' Suspect framed by Devon & Cornwall Police '

THE POLICE COMPLAINTS AUTHORITY gave the Appeal Judges a report that papers relating to the murder case from the initial trial were ' stolen' from Exeter Crown Court by officers from the Devon and Cornwall Police. Brian Parsons spent 11 years in prison for the crime, which he did not commit after police on the case constructed a false case. It was suggested that evidence was planted by an over-zealous and dishonest police officer.

' Cop steals from Social Club '

POLICE CONSTABLE ROY MILLER of the Devon and Cornwall Police appeared before Torbay Magistrates on charges of theft. The cop, a treasurer of the Exeter Police Social Club admitted to taking ?1,250 who was based at Tiverton Police Station was remanded in custody so he could be sentenced at Exeter Crown Court.

' Cop is finally charged after nine years '

COP NICHOLAS STONE who served with the Devon and Cornwall Police managed to evade charges and even get a Chief Constable's Commendation in 2003, before moving to the Avon and Somerset Police. Whilst with the Devon force he raped a woman, and is now due to face trial in Exeter: see Avon and Somerset Police section.

' Cop on sick leave runs and jumps about on TV Game Show '

DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICEWOMAN LESLEY HART is off work due to stress, and was allowed sick-leave, but soon appeared in Argentina on the all physical and mentally demanding BBC Total Wipeout game seen by millions. It now transpires she is suing the Devon and Cornwall Police because they did not offer her enough help to return to work. The Police Force declined to comment as they say it is an ongoing legal matter that will be settled in the High Court.

' Crime Squad Detective arrested over porn '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE GRAHAM FLYNN of THE DEVON & CORNWALL POLICE was arrested after ordering hard porn videos on the Internet. Computer equipment was seized at his home after customs officers intercepted a package ordered by the Crime Squad Cop. He was suspended pending further investigations.

' Police Sergeant fiddles expenses for son '

DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE SERGEANT DAVID BAKER defrauded his force out of ?1,400 in university grants for his son. Baker received a suspended sentence of three months jail after he admitted to charges of deception.

So no corruption there, eh?


FIVE POLICE DETECTIVES of the now disgraced South eastern Regional Crimes Squad have been jailed after selling confiscated drugs seized in raids. DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ROBERT CLARK, DETECTIVE SERGEANT CHRISTOPHER DRURY, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE THOMAS KINGSTON, DETECTIVE THOMAS REYNOLDS and DETECTIVE SERGEANT TERENCE O'CONNELL. Another detective turned queens evidence in exchange for a lenient sentence was co-conspirator DETECTIVE CONSTABLE NEIL PUTMAN. Scotland Yard once again pledged to rid the force of corruption as they have done so many times before?

Commander Hayman vowed that their pals would be scrutinized and backgrounds of the jailed cops. Again we hear that these officers were 'first class detectives with commendations and bravery honours' -- which really means nothing, --- these cops were bent, and so were a number of colleagues who kept silent in return for favours -- they will never be exposed once the story fades from public view.

' One year earlier Condon removes 20 Detectives in corruption probe '

Police Commissioner Paul Condon with his elite anti-corruption squad rooted out twenty detectives after discovering malpractice in the Met. The activities of these officers included fraud, drug allegations, misbehaviour and impropriety.

' Man takes Police Chief Commissioner to Court '

BANKRUPTING the Metropolitan Police Commissioner was tempting enough as a reason to pursue his claim. Director Michael Alt had been a victim of a ?97 penalty by the police for parking, but the meter was found not have been working properly. Michael sued the Commissioner for repayment of the ?97 and won when the police ignored the court and failed to appear. The case was not even contested so an order was made against the Police Commissioner, but he ignored the court and the money was not paid. Michael went back to court again and was immediately granted another order against the chief for ?297, but that too was ignored by the police. Michael returned to court again and took out a garnishee order demanding the police chief turn up at court. The Judge assured Mr.Alt that if the chief ignored the court again, the court would without fail, deduct the increasing amount from the Commissioner's bank account.

' The Wolfpack Probe -- and the Derbyshire Police '

SERGEANT LOUIS MARTIN, SERGEANT DAVID SIMMONDS, and POLICE CONSTABLE IAIN PARKER were charged with assault and submitting false statements. It is reported that these three ran a police brutality squad in the city and up to being arrested were completely unchallenged. The called themselves ' the wolfpack ' and all three appeared before Chesterfield Magistrates Court.

' THE OLD BAILEY - 12 Police Officers - all committed for trial '

Court 6 was busy with four un-named cops on trial.

Court 8 was busy with DETECTIVE CONSTABLE AUSTIN WARNES who admitted conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, his co-defendants were in court 6. Warnes was accused of a plot to plant drugs on a mother so that the husband could get custody of their sons.

Court 11 was busy with POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID EVANS, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER CARTER, and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE LEONARD GERRARD all charged with the theft of ecstasy tablets. The drugs with a street value of ?500,000 (40,000 tablets), were to be sold on the streets to junkies and pushers.

Court 17 was busy with POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW WIGLEY and POLICE CONSTABLE SIMON WILSON, both charged with aggravated assault and attempting to pervert the course of justice. Wigley was accused of helping Wilson to cover up the crime by falsifying his notes.

Court 18 was busy with POLICE CONSTABLE RICHARD SAMS and WOMAN POLICE CONSTABLE PATRICIA McGOVERN who were charged with false imprisonment and attempting to pervert the course of justice. They are said to have stopped a motorist late at night and said he was in the bus lane. An arrest followed in which Constable Sams assaulted the man occasioning actual bodily harm. This latter charge was added to the other charges the constable faced.

This was just one day in co

' Unlawful Arrest led to three police officers being dismissed '

THE MANCHESTER POLICE CONSTABLE MATT PERCIVAL, POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN DAVIES and POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL PRESTON were found guilty of an abuse of authority, falsehood, and neglect of duty and were fined ?100 each. Had it not been for an independent witness the incident would have not turned out so lucky for the man arrested. The three police officers claimed the man had provoked them.

' Policeman on unlawful wounding charge '

POLICE CONSTABLE SIMON ATKINS of Middlesborough found himself in Teesside Crown Court on a charge of unlawful wounding after bystanders intervened to insist that he stop hitting a banned driver so ferociously. He damaged Lee Scott's teeth with his baton and punched him in the face three times.


In this next session we look at the drinking sessions when cops behave badly and go onto committing crimes.

FOUR POLICE CONSTABLES were suspended after having attacked and raped a secretary at their police party. The Met Police launched an investigation and the four officers were bailed to appear in court.

A POLICE SERGEANT based in Suffolk was demoted to constable after drunken behaviour in the bar at his own station. It was revealed that FOUR OTHER POLICE OFFICERS were disciplined for misconduct -- One officer is alleged to have exposed himself, a second constable scrapped with a colleague, another was caught urinating in public and the fourth ' not behaving in a befitting manner '. Alcohol was banned in the bar for six months.

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE MICHAEL PARFITT was arrested at the officers party when he was 'snorting coke' along with a woman officer held on supplying the drugs. The Nightclub staff alerted the police after seeing them on security cameras.

ELITE CRIME SQUAD OFFICERS are under investigation after a brawl in the bar of the Regent in Chelmsford, where they were holding a party. It started after a National Crime Squad Detective abused a girl in the cloakroom and began fighting with security at the hotel. The other officers, all much the worse for heavy drinking piled in and a huge fight followed. One senior officer of twenty years experience told the Essex tactical support unit to get lost when they were called to intervene. 40 officers were involved including a Chief Inspector and Two Superintendents. Two Firearms cops had their gun licences revoked because of ' aggressive behaviour shown in the fracas.

POLICE SERGEANT DAVID STEVENS was arrested during a police party for sexually assaulting a young male constable at the Christmas bash in Elstree. He was bailed to appear before St. Albans Magistrates. Dozens of Met Officers were at the party.

THREE POLICE CONSTABLES - CONSTABLE NICHOLAS JONES, CONSTABLE JOHN WALSH and CONSTABLE JONATHAN LEHRIE attacked a family at their home after a night of drinking at the local cops pub. They assaulted Francis Milburn after they made comments about him and then followed him home. The three officers lied and found themselves at the Old Bailey on charges of ' attempting to pervert the course of justice '

There is much more on this kind of thing so we will come back to it later.


Another report showing that coppers were using their warrant cards to get favours, free drinks. goods and entry in to clubs emerged. It stated that perks included ?100 watches, free takeaway meals and deals with off-licence shops. Rudeness by cops and arrogance topped 6000 complaints by the public. The report urged that the police tackle the grave issue spiralling out of control, to be addressed. ' A LACK OF INTEGRITY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE' said the report. Another promise to eradicate bad behaviour was issued yet again.

' ' Rank has its privileges says sex pest police sergeant '

CUMBRIA POLICE SERGEANT DAVID ROYTHORNE an ex-Met cop, found himself facing charges under the Police Reform Act of 2002 in the Newcastle Upon Tyne Crown Court. He suggested to colleagues his rank held favour in high places and what he did was 'locker-room behaviour accepted by all at the station'. The sexual assaults and bad language was no more than a game he said.

' Sex pest Detective spared jail after on duty assaults '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE JOHN RICHMOND a ' two commendation' cop with the Met Police was given a nine month suspended sentence and ordered to pay ?500 costs for misconduct in public office. He admitted to having sex with a vulnerable woman who he was supposed to check on after she took an overdose.

' Sex Attacks Sergeant jailed for four months '

ACTING POLICE SERGEANT DAVID CARSON of the Norfolk Constabulary appeared before Ipswich Crown Court after being charged with sex attacks on junior female colleagues. He was found guilty of indecent assault and jailed for using his position to dominate other officers into having his way.


POLICE CONSTABLE ALAN PAULL a Met Cop, was found guilty of rape after he took advantage of a drunken colleague at a police party. He crept into her flat and got into her bed while she was still under the influence and decided to have sex with her. The Judge said he would be put on the sex offenders register.

' Chief Constable quits after inappropriate e-mails to women '

CHIEF CONSTABLE TERENCE GRANGE of the Dyfed Powys Police stepped down after investigations revealed that he sent a number of inappropriate message to women via e-mail. A separate investigation was also ordered into his mileage expenses claims -- the IPCC said they were looking into financial irregularities.

' Cell sex Policeman is dismissed '

POLICE CONSTABLE BERNARD EVANS of The Norfolk Police was found guilty of having sex with a woman in the cells suggesting to her he would secure an early release for the detained suspect. The woman was awarded an out-of-court settlement and the police officer was sacked.

Threats by officer in love vendetta lead to court case '

WOMAN CONSTABLE MICHELLE BEGLEY made threats to stab and wound rival Karen Noble who was having an affair with her boyfriend. She unlawfully used the police computer to obtain her rival's home address and said she would fit her up with a drugs charge and plant the evidence. Begley who worked with the Birmingham police was suspended and appeared before a court in Coventry. The West Midlands Police said they would review the position after the trial.

' Cop slaps detained youth and says ' no one saw me do it ' '

THIS INCIDENT took place in South Kensington and in the police cell in South Kensington Police Station. The youth had been picked up on a motoring offence and thrown into a cell. Shortly after three police officers entered the cell and one began questioning the young man. Things got very confrontational and because the youth did not cooperate, one of the officers slapped the boy across the face. The suspect said he wanted to report this immediately, and the officer pushed his face up against the boy and said ' no one saw me do it, and no one will say I did.' and there was two other officers who were present, who of course were willing to lie and perjure themselves if it came to it. Sadly, this kind of thing still goes on despite CTTV as the cops have learnt to work around it and make sure a blow cannot be seen easily enough for a court to determine.

' Womaniser Police Chief commits suicide as investigation begins '

GREATER MANCHESTER CHIEF CONSTABLE MIKE TODD took his own life after affairs with women were exposed and suggestions of ' open to blackmail' surfaced. The married police chief was said to have embarked on an affair with a business woman and that this exposure led to his decision to take his own life.

' Retrial for two cops in rape case '

POLICE CONSTABLE MARK WITCHER and POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW LANG were committed for a retrial by the judge after the Winchester Crown Court Jury failed to provide a unanimous decision. The two constables were found guilty of misconduct in public office and will be sentenced after the next trial. The two will face trial for the raping of a drunken woman.


' Hampshire Police Inspector jailed for sex abuse of prisoners '

POLICE INSPECTOR GERALD HUTCHINGS based with the Hampshire force was jailed for sexual offences against 11 prisoners in his care. He received 16 months for strip searches and abuse concerning boys at the Lyndhurst station.

' Abuse of girl by Police Officer went on for ten years '

HAMPSHIRE POLICE OFFICER GARY CLARK based at Southampton faced trial at Kingston Crown Court for a catalogue of sexual abuse that remained undetected for a period of ten years. The offences began in 1995 and went until 2006. Some of the attacks would take place in the back of his car. He was finally caught and charged with 20 sexual offences including rape, indecent assault and indecency with a child. He was jailed for 10 years.

' False Arrest by Hampshire Cops '

SERGEANT ABDUL HAQUE and POLICEWOMAN CONSTABLE CLAIRE SCANNELL were both charged with misconduct in public office leading to a false arrest after they took the law into their own hands. It was described as a revenge mission after Pc. Scannel became annoyed in a personal incident involving her brother. Sergeant Haque was already awaiting trial over a previous incident involving misconduct prior to this incident.

' Hampshire Sergeant in murder attempt on wife '

SERGEANT DUNCAN WARRY was jailed for four months after assaulting his wife in a murder attempt. The Sergeant strangled his wife in a furious attack leading to bodily harm. The Hayling Island based cop with 29 years in the force was dismissed after doing two months of the jail sentence.


In October a Police Community Support Officer was arrested for involvement in a crime. THREE OFFICERS were disciplined on the 22nd of July. POLICE CONSTABLE ROBERT SIMMONDS was the subject of misconduct allegations in that he was rude and displayed conduct unbecoming towards the public. A report showed that 20 POLICE OFFICERS had criminal convictions, which was shortly followed by other information which revealed that 42 convictions existed.


POLICE CONSTABLE NICHOLAS TOLSON was jailed for six months by Winchester Crown Court after it was stated that he planted a bomb hoax in a Andover shopping centre. He was on patrol and radioed in to say that he was watching raid suspects , a group of masked men near a shop. On examination of the bomb hoax it was found samples taken from his car matched the making of the bomb. No raiders were ever found. It was just a lie that if not so serious, would have been seen differently said the judge.


HAMPSHIRE POLICE appeared before Winchester County Court over a false arrest, wrongful imprisonment and assault of Mr. Dennis Fricker. He told the court that he was seized by cops who accused him of kerb-crawling. He had been collecting for a charity when police grabbed him and took him to Southampton Central Police Station. Mr Fricker 64, is deaf and medically unable to have sex it was said, at the police station he asked for an interpreter, but it was ignored and not provided. When Mr Fricker of Botley, near Southampton tried to take the sergeant's number, the policeman deliberately covered it up. The charge for kerb-crawling was dropped.

'HAMPSHIRE COPS DRAG OUT SUSPECT IN TERRIFYING ORDEAL ' --- Tracey Edwards was subject to an ordeal when officers entered her bedroom and dragged her out naked. They arrested her on charges of drink/driving, merely suspected of, the charges were dropped later. -- Bitterne Police Station.


DETECTIVE IAN THOMAS of the Hampshire Police was convicted of making sexually explicit phone calls to six victims who he must compensate at ?75 each. He made 57 phone calls from the police station it was stated. He was ordered to attend a sex offenders program. The officer of eight years service was allowed to resign?


Sean Hodgson went to prison for 27 years based on a false confession probably coerced as around this time, many detectives employed these tactics. He was jailed for murder on the Hampshire police evidence which was held together by the 'confession'. The West Midlands Crime Squad were practicing this at roughly the same time along with other units around 1979 and into the 80's. The real murderer David Lace admitted the crime, but this was dismissed, but now DNA has revealed it was him. The Hampshire police say this is most regrettable and they wish to put things right. They can't, the man has lost 27 years of his life and by our reckoning he should get a payout of around ?3million, but the cops will make sure it doesn't get anywhere near this figure in case it sets a precedent, ------- they've done this before in compensation cases --- their lawyers will be actively seeking to deprive the man of any decent or proper payout; pursuing it aggressively no doubt.


This matter borders on a Major Corruption Probe, a probe that never happened due to 'in-house' police tactics by Chief Constable John Hoddinott in 1999. Good cops are hard to find, and easy to set up they say. One good cop - POLICE CONSTABLE GRAHAM CRUTTENDEN found himself charged with sexually molesting a young man after a routine motor check. This charge actively led to his death -- he committed suicide. The young man actually dropped the charges, but this did not help this officer. A fellow officer who was on the Isle of Wight with Graham Cruttenden spoke out about the file prepared against the Pc. He said it was one of the worst proposed cases he'd ever seen and police procedures had not been followed. The PCA rejected the Hampshire Police Force's findings twice and ordered that a new inquiry be set up by an outside force. It was felt by his wife who lodged a complaint against the force, that they were trying really hard to ruin the officer at the time of the allegation. And why would fellow officers and top brass be willing to do this?

Consider the following: Police Constable Cruttenden gave evidence against six Met officers in 1980. He refused to remain silent and disclosed that six officers helped themselves to several thousands of pounds worth of goods at a break-in at a branch of Austin Reed in Fenchurch Street, London. The Squad had been called out on a 999 call. The corrupt officers were convicted in 1981, and were jailed. There is a code of silence when it comes to being called on to name corrupt officers, and this cop broke it and suffered their ' long arm of vengeance ' During his final period before transferring to Hampshire, he said he would go into the canteen and every other cop would upturn their cups and saucers (a traditional show of police contempt). He was threatened by colleagues and received anonymous phone calls. However, due to the case being discussed in police stations throughout the Greater London area, it wasn't long before some members of the Hampshire force became aware of his betrayal -- the cops in London made sure of it.

Threats by Hampshire Cops - When Richard Barrymore (our Private Detective ) began looking into this he was told he would have an 'accident' by one of the cops we already mentioned. Others too said he would be healthier if he did not make waves over the Cruttenden matter and stay out of Hampshire?

' Conspiracy? Collusion? Or Corruption?



All these police officers have played their part in an attempt to destroy, mute and disable one man -- Mr. J. Baxman a resident on the Isle of Wight. They most certainly ' altered a letter' submitted to the court knowing it had been tampered with, and it contained an additional passage so the court would be made aware of what they thought about him. They as usual, deny this claim saying 'some phantom policeman' must have done it without their consent. Their lawyer in court claimed at one time that the letter was not sent and it did not exist, yet he revealed that the offending part against Mr. Baxman, had been ' cut and pasted' from an internal police report? He also claimed for the police on examination of two letters, that there had been a 'typographical error' so one question remains - how did he know the unsent and non existent letter had been altered at an official level within the Hampshire Police Force?

NO COP HAS BEEN CHARGED -- The presenting of a 'false instrument' false evidence, is a criminal offence, and although the Hampshire police say the document was an error, it is more than an error to put this document into court, especially when its use and intention was to pervert the course of justice, which in fact it did, and it was done by the police, their lawyer and the judge played his part in aiding and abetting the crime to go un-noticed and unpunished. The police knew the stated article was altered, but they still presented it through their lawyer who also had prior knowledge that this evidence was disputed by the plaintiff, and that a complete new paragraph had been pasted onto the letter in order to give a different impression, an impression that was intended to reduce the plaintiff's case by deception.

The Chief Constable did not turn up at a court hearing as instructed and left it in the hands of their lawyer Mr. Wendell. Judge Jolly was unimpressed as this caused delay and amounted to obstruction - he criticised the Chief at length before continuing with the hearing. As their Lawyer made his submissions to the court for the police, judge Jolly became suspicious of the police account and accused the lawyer of not being absolutely clear and attempting to mislead about the police conduct in the case. Judge Jolly threw out their defence and went onto say ' it was not difficult to see how Mr. Baxman feels the police have it in for him.'

Judge Jolly also remarked that Mr. Baxman ' quite possibly had a legitimate complaint against the firm of solicitors where all this matter began leading to police involvement. He had no doubt that the police 'quite unnecessarily' placed statements into court to top up their case in order to discredit Mr. Baxman.'

(See more on this in 'featured lawyers and 'a rotten judiciary ' )

' Hampshire cop faces jail for sex pest activities '

POLICE CONSTABLE GARY BAYLDON based on the Isle-of-Wight appeared before Kingston Crown Court on charges of three offences of wilful misconduct involving sexual relations with women whilst on duty. A cop for 16 years, Bayldon . The Judge warned him of a possible 12 months jail sentence which would be considered for pre-sentence options.

' Sex with girl earns cop a jail sentence '

ISLE OF WIGHT POLICE CONSTABLE STEPHEN COTTREL of THE HAMPSHIRE POLICE was sentenced to six months jail after being found guilty on two counts of indecent assault. The officer had sex with a 15 year-old schoolgirl it was said at Lewes Crown Court. One charge of perverting the course of justice was not dealt with by the judge? and neither were five other charges of indecent assault. Further to the court case, the police admitted they were looking into an internal matter involving the officer --- that he indulged in sexual activities in a police car while on duty. He is to be placed on the sex offender's register.

' Hampshire Police Inspector faces theft and perverting the course of justice charges '

ACTING POLICE INSPECTOR JASON BOLWELL appeared before Guildford Crown Court on three charges of theft and one charge of perverting the course of justice. The suspended officer from Ryde on the Isle of Wight, faced allegations of making false representations and misconduct in public office. Bolwell was a Police Sergeant in the CID based in Newport.

' Four Hampshire Cops lie in court over attack on innocent man '

POLICE CONSTABLE JAY HEWES, POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL LONGDON, POLICE CONSTABLE JERALD ARMITAGE and POLICE INSPECTOR DAVE WALLER fabricated evidence and lied to the court over a vicious attack and unlawful arrest of Daniel Thompson. The Judge also criticised POLICE INSPECTOR MIKE ROSS who supported the officers. The judge said the prosecution of Mr. Thompson had been malicious and hit out at the CPS. The most serious assault on Mr. Thompson happened in the interview room at the police station instigated by officer Hewes. The judge concluded that the Hampshire Police wrongfully imprisoned Mr. Thompson and violently began assaulting him because they did not like him. The court awarded Mr.Thompson, ?25,000 exemplary damages, ?10,000 for false imprisonment, ?7,000 for malicious prosecution and ?2,000 for the assault.

' Hampshire WPC worked as a prostitute '

WPC LYNN GOODCHILD was mainly seen on her beat looking for lawbreakers and preventing crime, but that was her day job -- at night she was a prostitute or as they term it ' an escort ' She met wealthy businessmen and charged ?100 an hour. She had to quit the police and her?12,000 a year post after her boss was tipped off. Besides sex on offer was spanking sessions, the secret schoolmasters always liked that. These happened oh her off-duty days as it was best to have the spanking and caning sessions in the afternoon. She was based at Hythe Station in Southampton.

' Hampshire Police Constabulary Pay ?5,400 for wasting court time '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE NEIL HATCH was blasted by Judge Thomas Longbotham for submitting a ' chaotic case ' to the court. Two days were wasted as a result and the judge came to the conclusion that it amounted to a serious misconduct. The Detective claimed he sent an e-mail to the CPS in relation to certain evidence, but they denied receiving it. The accused was acquitted and costs sent to the Hampshire Police.

Re: Bent Cops & Lawyers
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Part 2

Hampshire Police Constabulary Pay ?5,400 for wasting court time '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE NEIL HATCH was blasted by Judge Thomas Longbotham for submitting a ' chaotic case ' to the court. Two days were wasted as a result and the judge came to the conclusion that it amounted to a serious misconduct. The Detective claimed he sent an e-mail to the CPS in relation to certain evidence, but they denied receiving it. The accused was acquitted and costs sent to the Hampshire Police.

' Strip-Search girl of 16, receives ?4,500 from Hampshire Police '

THE HAMPSHIRE FORCE were ordered to pay the compensation after hearing how the teenage girl had been subjected to a frightening and humiliating ordeal by police officers. The Judge at the Portsmouth Combined Courts unanimously backed her claim of false imprisonment against the Hampshire Chief Constable. Officers had conducted a full strip search disobeying the laid down rules in the case of a minor by not calling in her parents or having an adult present to oversee that her rights were not violated. The girl Kerrie Crouch was just sat in the grounds of a Petersfield Church when the ordeal began. Despite having no evidence of any crime two constables insisted that she go back to the station for a search. She was awarded the damages for false imprisonment and the unlawful strip search of a juvenile.

POLICE CONSTABLE MARTIN JACOBS was accused of lies by Judge John Wroath. He sai

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Part 2

Hampshire Police Constabulary Pay ?5,400 for wasting court time '

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE NEIL HATCH was blasted by Judge Thomas Longbotham for submitting a ' chaotic case ' to the court. Two days were wasted as a result and the judge came to the conclusion that it amounted to a serious misconduct. The Detective claimed he sent an e-mail to the CPS in relation to certain evidence, but they denied receiving it. The accused was acquitted and costs sent to the Hampshire Police.

' Strip-Search girl of 16, receives ?4,500 from Hampshire Police '

THE HAMPSHIRE FORCE were ordered to pay the compensation after hearing how the teenage girl had been subjected to a frightening and humiliating ordeal by police officers. The Judge at the Portsmouth Combined Courts unanimously backed her claim of false imprisonment against the Hampshire Chief Constable. Officers had conducted a full strip search disobeying the laid down rules in the case of a minor by not calling in her parents or having an adult present to oversee that her rights were not violated. The girl Kerrie Crouch was just sat in the grounds of a Petersfield Church when the ordeal began. Despite having no evidence of any crime two constables insisted that she go back to the station for a search. She was awarded the damages for false imprisonment and the unlawful strip search of a juvenile.

POLICE CONSTABLE MARTIN JACOBS was accused of lies by Judge John Wroath. He said this was a serious matter when lying to the court. But Hampshire has not laid perjury charges against this obviously corrupt cop.

' Isle of Wight Bully Cops escape court justice '

HAMPSHIRE CONSTABULARY entered another scandal only to deny one bullied woman real justice. Isle of Wight Officers - DETECTIVE SERGEANT GEOFF CROWE and POLICE CONSTABLE DAVE BRUNT were found to have caused the worst kind of harassment on a female officer by a tribunal. Both officers made gestures in the workplace aimed at her and most of a rude sexual nature. It was said in the tribunal that the all male CID Division except for Evans actively or passively engaged in this behaviour, considering what they did as amusing. Crowe and Brunt were moved from Hyde Police Station after their three and a half years torment on Evans and the Chief Constable sent an apology?

' Fraud Cop in denial over charity cash incident '

HAMPSHIRE COP JASON BOLWELL appeared before The Crown Court on charges that he falsified loan forms to get money from a police fund. Isle of Wight Policeman Jason Bolwell in the Guildford Crown Court was arrested and suspended and faced two charges of fraud and false representation. The allegations were that he attempted to get a ?300 loan from the police welfare fund by saying he had travel expenses to the mainland to consult solicitors over another case he was facing. It also came out that he hid information from creditors and lied about the value of his car in connection with a ?11,000 loan.

' Cop in Porn plot is jailed '

PORTSMOUTH POLICE CONSTABLE DEREK BURCHETT appeared before the court on charges of stalking a woman and hatching a campaign to discredit her with advertising her in a porn magazine inviting replies of a sexual nature. It was said in court he began his plan whilst on duty in the Central Police Station in Portsmouth. He was eventually trapped by his handwriting supplied to the magazine owners. The Hampshire Police Officer was jailed for four months.

' Senior Cop rapes woman sergeant at training college '

A SENIOR COP (UN-NAMED) WAS SUSPENDED after an incident when a woman police sergeant was raped at the Police Staff College in Bramshill, Hartney Wintney in Hampshire. Hampshire police confirmed that an inquiry would be carried out by officers from the Thames Valley Police?

' Nuisance and dirty calls cop receives 2 years probation '

HAMPSHIRE POLICE CONSTABLE CARL JARMAINE appeared before Aldershot Magistrates charged with making obscene telephone calls and harassing women over six months. The officer from Havant in Hampshire left three women victims very frightened as he called them from various telephone boxes in the area. He was banned from going near the three women involved and faces dismissal from the Hampshire Constabulary.

' Detective and CPS Lawyer in Cover-up '

HAMPSHIRE DETECTIVE CONSTABLE NIGEL PHILLIPS was over the drink/drive limit by three times after he left the hotel DeVere in Southampton. Journeying back to his cottage with CPS lawyer Penelope Schofield he hit the kerb in his precarious state, had a puncture and called in at the Bitterne Police Station where he was based. It was there that he was breathalysed and arrested. It was then that lawyer Schofield began a lie to get him off a charge by saying she was the driver. Eventually it fell apart and Schofield was charged with perverting the course of justice. On the same charge Detective Phillips appeared at the Old Bailey and was sentenced to four months for drink/driving and the conspiracy to deceive.

' Hampshire cop nailed by own breath test '

POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID YOUNG appeared before Southampton Magistrates, where he admitted to driving over the limit. The cop who did the night patrol conducted a test on himself before colleagues as a gesture to see how fit he was to drive when it registered he was over the limit. The shocked constable was ordered to do it again but officially this time, and was then charged with drink/driving. He was banned for a year and fined ?350.

HAMPSHIRE COPS PAYOUT ?25,000 as a result of falsely charging lorry driver Lino Clemend from West London who they stopped on a roadside pull over and charged him with ten offences. They dropped charges later and said there was an error? at the time he was stopped in Winchester, and it was thought to be the tachograph. Lino said when suing the Hampshire Police -- I thought of a sum in my head of ?25,000 and went for it.

' INFORMER SUES HAMPSHIRE COPS -- A Portsmouth crook who worked with the Hampshire force in giving them information on other crooks is claiming ?30,000 which he says is owed by the force. His case was initially turned down, but he successfully won legal aid to continue.

HAMPSHIRE POLICE PAYOUT ?30,000 over arrest bungle and grabbing the wrong man. Paul Stanley Prescott of Whippingham on the Isle of Wight, received the out-of-court settlement from Hampshire Police after cops mistook him for a robber. The villain's record was wrongly attached to him on their computer all because he applied for a certain job.

HAMPSHIRE COP ON SEX RAP AFTER WPC COMPLAINS -- A 22 year old WPC reported a male colleague for sexual harassment -- and constant jibes and a string of sexual taunts using a banana to illustrate what was meant. The Male cop was suspended by chiefs at the Cosham Headquarters in Hampshire. She specifically mentioned an incident in a police van when male colleagues handcuffed her and made her go face down on the floor of the police van. She said many of the others were involved in the abuse, but only one handcuffed her.

HAMPSHIRE COPS TO BE SUED BY ISLE OF WIGHT RESIDENT -- Steve Redhead intends to sue for wrongful arrest after being accused of threatening a woman. He spent a day in custody accused of sending texts to a woman, but he didn't even know the woman's name or do texts on his phone. He said police on the Isle arrived mob-handed, seized his phone and kept it for well over a week.

HAMPSHIRE COPS HUMILIATE WOMAN TO SATISFY THEIR BIAS TOWARDS CHILDREN'S RIGHTS -- Yet another typical 'paedophilic response' to children who must be satisfied and paid homage to in this 'kids rule society' and don't say 'boo' to them in case you breach their human rights. Hampshire cops arrived with three cars it is said to arrest Mrs Cole when she refused to hand back a ball kicked onto her land by kids -- and not for the first time either. She was finger-printed and had her DNA taken, and locked in a cell for five hours. And what's more those buffoons at the CPS are to consider the case as theft? Mrs. Cole only wanted to teach these teenagers a lesson, a lesson of respect for other people, but she cannot do that, and no-one else can when it comes to kids rights, they have been given the right to do anything and have everything, because if you deny them this you are abusing them? She never kicked their ball into her own garden, they did, and probably too many times to look the other way. 12 police hours were spent on this, and what of the cost to the taxpayer? Her mother-in-Law's car was damaged to the tune of ?100, were the police interested, no, because it's a civil matter then, and can she sue the kiddies? no, they cannot be sued because of age, can she sue the parents? yes if she can afford the costs of a County Court case, but evidence against kids? do me a favour -- the judge will throw it out, and even if at the slightest chance she won, they could ignore paying the judgement, figures of payouts by County Courts show that nearly ninety per cent do not pay any damages or costs, they just throw it in the bin.

AN ISLE OF WIGHT WOMAN POLICE OFFICER THERESA STREET was first arrested on suspicion of arranging to handle stolen property, but changed later to not carrying out her duty in that she did not pass on information needed, and was dismissed at a misconduct hearing.

' The cops on the 'patrol car roof ' mystery on the Isle of Wight '

HAMPSHIRE POLICE are acting mysteriously over the fact that two officers, as yet un-named, were caught on rooftop of their patrol car just outside the Travelodge hotel and opposite the offices of the solicitors, Roach Pittis. It appears an eye-witness saw the off-duty cops climbing onto the vehicle. At the moment, the Hampshire cops are not disclosing why or what these two officers were up to or observing? Both officers are said to be under investigation and face professional misconduct charges, and that the Hampshire Constabulary Professional Standards Department is conducting the investigation.

' Detective Superintendent refuses to take breath test '

HAMPSHIRE DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT DENNIS LUCY a cop who launched a crusade against alcohol and driving, refused to be breathalysed and was arrested. He was found to be twice over the drink limit after a police woman smelled alcohol on him after he left the Park Gate Police Station. Aldershot Magistrates fined him ?1,300 and he was banned for 16 months. The cop from Southampton has since retired on health grounds.

HAMPSHIRE COP CAR CLAMPED AT GUN WHARF --- Cops arrest clamper employed by Shoal Enforcement, there were no officers present when the clamping took place it is stated, and they charged the man with obstructing the police in their duty. It certainly looks like Hampshire cops are above the law, and this amply shows this to be the case. It shows one could not arrest a cop in a 'citizens arrest' without the tables being turned on them, even if the cop was bent or up to no good.

WHEN THE COPS MAKE A SPECTACLE OF THEMSELVES --- and Hampshire Cops have done that most proudly in the case of arresting a musician on the Isle of Wight for what they say is a 'racist song' which the public may found utterly laughable. This kind of thing makes you wonder what they are really up to? Hampshire police arrested pub singer Simon Ledger for singing ' Kung Fu fighting' a 70's record hit for Carl Douglas in 1974. I would suppose the song was aired on the radio for thousands of plays,,,but no racist accusation, Carl Douglas was not charged, nor did he appear in court, and the record was not banned by the BBC. One would think common sense might be adhered to,,,but no, the cops made the claim they have to respond to a complaint made by the public...and it was just one Chinese man who made a fuss in the bar...all the other patrons were okay.. One should be aware that any complaint made about the police is not so diligently carried out, they often ignore and mess a complainant around before making any move to write out a statement... and we have witnessed an officer lean up against a filing cabinet and look disinterested as he delays things to the point the claimant demanded to speak with someone of higher rank.

THE STRANGE CASE OF FORMER DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR NEIL KINGMAN of the Hampshire Police: It was his belief, of which he had no doubts according to his findings when he headed the inquiry into ' the Isle of Wight alleged child abuse and Paedophile ring and sacrifices' that he had no doubts what he was told by community social workers, were true. This strange case was one that David Icke featured in one of his books and regularly featured it on his blog. The police headed by Kingman began investigating when it was claimed that a number of businessmen, prominent heads on the island were engaged in secret societies. We have since been told that Kingman has now retired, and the other matter never resolved.

HAMPSHIRE COPS DEFEND EMPLOYING COPS WHO HAVE CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS, who still work on the force and in the public. A spokesperson would not comment on allegations that the cops had been convicted of Benefit Fraud, Discharging a firearm, Possession of Cannabis, Drunk and Disorderly, Assault and Theft. Members of the public in Hampshire were not pleased to hear this, and top cop John O Connor formerly of Scotland Yard said ' It is totally inappropriate that these officers have been allowed to stay in their jobs '

DISQUIET OVER 999 COP ACCIDENT LEADS TO COMPLAINT - Isle of Wight Police have now had a formal complaint lodged against them over the surrounding activity concerning a police driver who crashed into the family car of Mr. Graeme Howlett, a holidaymaker from Essex. It was said by witnesses that the police mondeo car sped through red lights. Mr. Howlett was very unhappy with the way police dealt with him after the accident, as the ambulance only took the officer, and his family had to wait for a second ambulance before being taken to hospital for treatment. He said his wife was cut and suffered bruising and the children were in shock besides his own injuries. Hampshire Police said they would be investigating?

' A SECRET TO HIDE ' - COPS AND LAWYERS KEEP SILENT ' We feel that it is time to expose this in the light of certain events that compel us to show the reader what is hidden by the authorities will finally come to the surface despite their attempts to cover it up. ' FLOWERBURN COTTAGE ' is on the Isle of Wight, it is a property that has been described as unsaleable, and one man has attempted to get to the bottom of the mystery that contains improperly signed and unsigned property transactions as to sale, ownership and more. Solicitors have been involved and passed it around like a hot potato, the mere mention of the place has sent them scurrying away, especially if you need some explanations. It's sale or attempted sale involved a lawyer who didn't declare his own self interests, - this is known as ' a conflict of interests ' (punishable under the Solicitors Rules with a fine or more ) as he represented the seller and buyer, which is not permitted by the SRA, but they in turn pretended not to know and did nothing about it despite having the evidence presented to them. The Police suddenly tried to get the man for a breach of a court order saying that he had approached certain solicitors contrary to the court order even though the matter of the Flowerburn Cottage was not part of that gagging order; after all, the man was only doing his own private inquiries into the sale and ownership of a property that passes around in a very strange manner, which has led him down a very dark path of secrecy and deceit. Luckily the man played a wise move and mentioned if he was to appear in court charged with contempt of that order the Flowerburn cottage details would be released along with the matter of the cops using a false and forged document. (The police should have been charged in a criminal prosecution for the using of the document, a member of the public would have been and most likely gone to jail. The CPS should have acted and brought a case despite it being claimed an error? a judge once said ' if it doesn't look right, sound right, no excuse can be accepted when it is clearly wrong ' but they pushed this into a siding and got away with a crime ) The police did no more, did not reply to letters he sent them or move on the breach they claimed against him, and their part in this mystery has gone to ground despite the man offering himself up for their action. As we have often shown you, when the police have something to hide, they will go to any length be it fair or foul to conceal that information and sadly that also applies to the public too. There is more to this mystery and cover-up, and we shall reveal it all when the fog lifts...when something does not look right or smell right, then it usually isn't right, and all indications point to something rotten in the county of Hampshire.

N.B. In certain profile cases mentioned it has been discovered that police have shredded evidence and strangely 'lost files' even amid an investigation carried out by the PCA and IPPC. This happened on ' Operation Countryman ' the massive investigation into corrupt cops, and --' The West Midlands Crime Squad Investigation ' just to name two, there are several more on this site.

Read more: http://worldnewsandopinions.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=whatstateisourworldin&action=post&thread=66&quote=107&page=1#ixzz2RW53ElL0


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Re: S Wales Police Crime Commissioners are they working for you?
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Is There Any Lawful Need To Doubt Our UK Police Forces?

While we know there is good and bad in the police, the below is a small random sporadically gathered selection of ever-continual media headlines in regard to our UK police. They to me speak for themselves, where one must also not forget, how now thousands of these criminal issues are now dealt in (police) house.

These thousands of in house dealt criminal issues are not let out in the public domain, where in adding these many unlawfully suppressed crimes to the below headlines. As well as adding of that, of which I am an ever rising many, a deliberately unlawfully maliciously persecuted, in asking for honest justice? Due to my constant lawful complaints the police have on many occasions tried too unlawfully set me up for crimes I have had an never would commit. Including from a chief inspector Peter Thomas being found guilty by the IPCC of making intimidating tel calls to me. Where the police informed the IPCC (who can enforce nothing lawfully) they were taking no action and would the IPCC give them a hand in making me a vexatious litigant.

There are an ever-rising many who say the police are out of hand ? If you believe our UK country need fixing, then help us to help you

Child sex crime every 20 mins - More than 23,000 child sex offences - 64 every day - were recorded by cops in England and Wales in 2009/10. The total was up eight per cent on the previous year and 13 per cent up on the year before.
Cops still fail yob victims like Francecca & her mum - Vulnerable 'isn?t getting protection'
COPS are STILL failing to protect vulnerable victims like Fiona Pilkington from heartless thugs, the police watchdog has warned.

Cops: We give up - A POLICE force gave up on a THIRD of crimes last year - saying there was little chance of catching the culprits. Over 30,500 offences - 35 per cent of the 87,095 reported - were marked "not for further investigation".

Top Met chief Ali Dizaei 'bullied web designer and falsely accused him of assault?  By Stephen Wright Last updated at 11:53 PM on 11th January 2010
The thin VERY blue line: Porn shame of hundreds of police staff disciplined over internet use  By Rebecca Camber Last updated at 9:22 AM on 02nd January 2010
Body-in-bag spy's teacher says lurid police claims about his private life were a 'decoy'
 By Abul Taher Last updated at 1:53 AM on 23rd January 2011
A former tutor of the MI6 spy found dead in a padlocked sports bag has claimed that lurid allegations about his private life were a ?decoy?
How undercover officers squandered millions of pounds, with flash cars, luxury flats and up to 14 hours' overtime a day  By Caroline Graham Last updated at 2:18 AM on 23rd January 2011
 Police use CS gas against protest over tax evasion By Sarah Morrison Monday, 31 January 2011
The criminals in uniform: Almost 1,000 officers with convictions from drug dealing to perverting justice are still in the police By CHRIS GREENWOOD Last updated at 10:35 AM on 3rd January 2012 Two detective chief inspectors among 944 officers in England and Wales with a criminal record One officer found guilty of gross misconduct after sending racist and sexist texts is still in his job Hundreds of others facing misconduct allegations are allowed to escape punishment by quitting their forces
The real flying squad: Scotland Yard spends ?3m jetting officers across the globe as front-line policing is cut By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 9:03 AM on 4th January 2012
Officers took 1,497 business class flights last year costing taxpayers ?2,675,768 They flew first or business class to 77 destinations

Assistant Chief Constable given ?150,000 for doing nothing as 18 month investigation into his conduct drags on By DAVID GERGES Last updated at 9:32 PM on 5th January 2012
A high-ranking policeman has been paid ?150,000 for over a year-and-a-half despite doing nothing, whilst an investigation into his conduct continues.

Police chiefs pocketing five-figure cash bonuses despite an unprecedented squeeze on force budgets More than ?2.4m paid to top officers in four years By CHRIS GREENWOOD Last updated at 11:38 AM on 14th January 2012

Police plied boy, 17, with cider before he admitted crimes he could not have committed (AND they keep their jobs!) By TED THORNHILL Last updated at 7:19 PM on 16th January 2012
A teenage boy was given strong cider by police before being questioned over a series of burglaries, a disciplinary hearing was told. Sean Wall, 17, was taken to a police station and given alcohol before being quizzed over 11 burglaries - which he admitted while under the influence. But the plan backfired when it emerged Sean was already behind bars at the time of five of the break-ins. But the two Cardiff-based detectives have kept their jobs after a gross misconduct hearing held by South Wales Police behind closed doors.

A slap on the wrist for hardened criminals: Record number of serial offenders let off with warnings By SAM WEBB PUBLISHED: 09:22, 7 January 2013 | UPDATED: 12:28, 7 January 2013

Savile victim's fury as detective blasted for letting DJ off the hook is made key officer... in new Savile abuse inquiry By IAN GALLAGHER and RUSSELL MYERS PUBLISHED: 22:26, 12 January 2013 | UPDATED: 23:22, 12 January 2013

Police chief 'pulled plug on ?12million fraud investigation into Stobart transport By JAYA NARAIN PUBLISHED: 05:45, 17 January 2013 | UPDATED: 10:38, 17 January 2013 Chief constable Stuart Hyde accused of quashing criminal investigation Allegedly received free helicopter flights from Stobart transport firm

Cops 'fail to record 400,000 crimes to improve figures' 24 1 13
COPS are accused of exaggerating the drop in crime figures out today - with 400,000 crimes not even recorded. Crimes in England and Wales fell by 33 per cent according to police despite the Office for National Statistics (ONS) recording a fall of ONLY 17 per cent.

Police have 238 crashes in 18 months - without even leaving the station car park
By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 11:35 AM on 5th February 2011

I'm not bothered about stopping people trafficking - just burglary: What detective 'was told by her boss' By STEPHEN WRIGHT Last updated at 12:13 AM on 12th February 2011 DC Jennifer Coleman, 33, claims senior officers tried to 'conceal' the scale of the trafficking because they didn't want to tie up resources A detective whose work may have saved the lives of seven prostitutes trafficked into Britain was allegedly told by her boss: ?I?m not interested in trafficking. I am interested in burglaries.? Detective Constable Jennifer Coleman, 33, claims senior officers tried to ?conceal? the scale of the trafficking because they feared a major investigation would tie up resources and leave them unable to meet crime detection targets.

The rude blue line: Bad-mannered police get 58,000 complaints in a year By JAMES SLACK Last updated at 8:33 AM on 24th February 2011

Why are police so rude? Because they are trained to be Last updated at 12:51 AM on 27th February 2011 DAVID GILBERTSON:  - Last week the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) published complaint statistics for 2009/10. And for senior officers ? indeed for the public at large ? they make uncomfortable reading. For the second successive year the number of complaints increased by eight per cent, to record levels of almost 58,400, but within that headline figure there are trends that should give us all pause for thought. Almost 50 per cent of all allegations related to rudeness, incivility and neglect of duty.

Disgraced policeman who sold on guns handed in by the public can keep his ?40,000 pension payout after judge rules it was WRONG to take it away By CHARLES WALFORD Last updated at 2:54 PM on 2nd February 2012 - The pair sold guns - which fetched up to ?500 each - that they has been entrusted to dispose of in a four-year racket.

Policeman stole ?70,000 in banks fraud to fund affair with fellow officer... but walks free from court By KERRY MCQUEENEY Last updated at 7:59 AM on 21st February 2012

More than 200 police a year quit to avoid complaints: Misconduct allegations are not being properly investigated By JACK DOYLE and EMMA REYNOLDS PUBLISHED: 02:04, 1 February 2013 | UPDATED: 09:19, 1 February 2013 The police complaints commission today admitted that only 21 out of 8,000 corruption allegations against officers had been investigated, as a damning assessment of the watchdog's shortcomings was published.

Nearly half of serious crimes let off with cautions by Welsh police forces Brendan Hughes Feb 2 2013
Potentially dangerous criminals in Wales are increasingly escaping prosecution by being ?let off? with out-of-court police cautions, magistrates have warned. New figures show more than one in every four offenders in Wales has received a caution after committing an offence that is serous enough to be heard before the crown court.

?5,000 police bonuses are axed: Rank-and-file fury as chief constables end payment for simply 'doing the job' By JAMES SLACK and JACK DOYLE Last updated at 9:19 AM on 3rd March 2011

Police officers charged over 'Cardiff Three' miscarriage of justice 'Fabricated' evidence used to convict men of killing prostitute By Mark Hughes, Crime correspondent Wednesday, 4 March 2009

'Cover up' claim as Daniel Morgan axe case folds PA Friday, 11 March 2011
Mr Morgan was found with an axe in his head in a pub car park on March 10, 1987, in a case which has become one of Britain's longest unsolved murders - The family of private detective Daniel Morgan was devastated today after his multi-million pound murder case collapsed on the 24th anniversary of his death. They called for a judicial inquiry into the blow saying: "The criminal justice system is not fit for purpose."

Police left man floating face down in 2ft-deep lake for half an hour over fears for their own safety By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 3:12 PM on 11th March 2011

?27,000 pay rise for police chief who told officers to ?share the pain? of cuts
By MARTIN DELGADO Last updated at 11:35 PM on 12th March 2011
A police chief who told frontline officers they must ?share the pain? of job cuts has seen the salary for his post rise by more than ?27,000 he received a pay-and-pension package of more than ?210,000 last year ? 14 per cent more than that given to his predecessor in 2009.

Pictured: Moment 16-year-old with his hands in his pockets was smashed through shop window by police officer By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 8:21 AM on 15th March 2011

Thousands of violent criminals to be spared jail under new rules... saving at least ?10m on the prison bill By STEVE DOUGHTY Last updated at 3:16 AM on 17th March 2011

Disabled man, 64, who died confronting yobs was a victim of 'systematic' police failure to protect him By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 10:22 AM on 21st March 2011

Man jailed for murdering his pregnant wife accuses Kenneth Clarke of covering up prosecutors' 'dishonesty' By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 11:32 AM on 23rd March 2011 - A convicted murderer accused Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke of trying to cover up the 'dishonesty' of police and prosecutors that he claimed led to his conviction.

The invisible police: In worst forces, fewer than 10 per cent are actually fighting crime
By CHRIS GREENWOOD Last updated at 9:28 AM on 30th March 2011 Fewer than one in ten uniformed officers in some police forces are available to man the front line at any one time, a damning report reveals today.

Police chiefs hire retired colleagues on ?1,100 a day to act as consultants
By JACK DOYLE, HOME AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT PUBLISHED: 22:29, 25 March 2012 | UPDATED: 00:54, 26 March 2012

Is the body responsible for looking into serious complaints against officers fit for purpose? By DAVID ROSE PUBLISHED: 21:08, 31 March 2012 | UPDATED: 21:57, 31 March 2012

Justice is impossible if we cannot trust police forces to tell the truth George Monbiot The Guardian, Tuesday 12 April 2011 From Blair Peach to Ian Tomlinson, there is only one remedy for police officers found to have made false statements: sack them

The Blunkett bobbies in uniform who sloped off duty to a visit a brothel in Soho are sacked By STEPHEN WRIGHT and DAVID WILKES Last updated at 11:25 PM on 27th April 2011

The death of common sense and how our police are losing the plot By RICHARD LITTLEJOHN Last updated at 7:53 AM on 28th April 2011 - Total lunacy: Simon Ledger was arrested and now faces charges for playing Kung Fu Fighting at a bar and causing offence to a passing man of Chinese origin A beach bar singer on the Isle of Wight has been arrested for performing the song Kung Fu Fighting. Simon Ledger stands accused of racially aggravated harassment.

Did police shoot this man four times THEN Taser him? Marksmen accused of shocking man as he lay in a pool of blood One witness claims officers kicked suspected knifeman George Asare as he lay on the ground By CHRIS GREENWOOD PUBLISHED: 21:30, 3 April 2012 | UPDATED: 21:37, 3 April 2012

Vital evidence that could solve mystery of body in the bag spy 'was wiped from his computers before they were handed to police' By DAMIEN GAYLE PUBLISHED: 08:30, 4 April 2012 | UPDATED: 09:09, 4 April 2012 DNA found on the dead spy's hand which police believed was significant actually belonged to a bungling forensic scientist Relatives want to know why MI6 did not raise the alarm when Mr Williams  failed to turn up at work - by then his body was badly decomposed

Police accused of a cover-up after failing to identify two officers who abandoned blinded street attack victim By MAIL ON SUNDAY REPORTER Last updated at 11:43 PM on 23rd April 2011

'Secret law' storm as police chiefs ban public from knowing who they arrest: By ROBERT VERKAIK and DAVID ORMEROD PUBLISHED: 00:30, 7 April 2013 | UPDATED: 00:31, 7 April 2013

I'm sorry, says embattled police tsar in expenses row... but staff who blew the whistle still face jail By STEVE DOUGHTY PUBLISHED: 15:37, 19 April 2013 | UPDATED: 00:52, 20 April 2013
Three whistleblowers are being held for 'leaking' Richard Rhodes? expenses They could face prison sentences if convicted  Cumbria crime commissioner took Mercedes on two trips with his wife  The Police and Crime Commissioner who reported his staff for exposing his expenses claim for a chauffeur-driven Mercedes apologised yesterday ? but says he has no regrets about calling in the police. Cumbria PCC Richard Rhodes reported the whistleblowers for telling a newspaper he had charged the taxpayer ?700 for two chauffeur-driven trips. He went on to say that he would use his new ?23,000 Hyundai crossover ? another taxpayer-funded perk ? in the future.

Call in the SWAT team: Police under attack for creating 'crazy compensation culture' as officer is paid almost ?8,000 damages for flea bite By PAUL BENTLEY PUBLISHED: 17:13, 19 April 2013 | UPDATED: 10:54, 20 April 2013 Almost ?900,000 paid to West Midlands police staff in last three years Payouts made for staff falling from a chair and being subjected to loud noise

Scotland Yard pays ?68,000 (the equivalent of two constables' salaries) to move iconic sign just 15 yards By SIMON MURPHY PUBLISHED: 22:59, 20 April 2013 | UPDATED: 23:14, 20 April 2013 - ?68,000 is more than twice the initial estimate for moving the sign Metropolitan Police is supposed to be making ?500 million cuts The sign is refurbished every 15 years at the cost of ?7,000

Conflict-of-interest probe into police tsar who also has his own security firm
Police commissioner for Surrey, Kevin Hurley, questioned over dual role By MARTIN BECKFORD PUBLISHED: 01:55, 21 April 2013 | UPDATED: 01:55, 21 April 2013 Controversy raises fresh fears over powers of commissioners The former Scotland Yard commander says firm has no crossover with day job

Criminals to be charged by letter in bid to save cash by cutting down on police time
By JAMES SLACK, HOME AFFAIRS EDITOR Last updated at 9:00 AM on 9th May 2011

Married police sergeant jailed for getting suicidal woman to perform sex act after he drove her home when she called 999 By MARTIN ROBINSON PUBLISHED: 16:14, 9 May 2012 | UPDATED: 16:40, 9 May 2012

Outrage as police repeatedly TASER terrified Alzheimer's sufferer in front of his wife because he didn't want to go into care - then tie him up in his living room By CHRIS BROOKE PUBLISHED: 18:20, 9 May 2012 | UPDATED: 11:09, 10 May 2012 - Police shot Peter Russell with several Taser stun rounds, before manhandling him to the living room floor His arms and legs were tied together and he was carried outside ?like a bag of potatoes? in full view of horrified neighbours Two months later Mr Russell is still receiving psychiatric treatment in hospital and his wife Diane, 50, remains traumatized Alzheimer?s Society says the incident illustrates a lack of understanding in society of dementia

Met gun teams get 'deadlier bullets': Type used to kill Jean Charles de Menezes to become standard issue By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 8:48 PM on 11th May 2011

'Sonic cannons' emitting pain-inducing noise to be used during Olympics to keep crowds under control By MARIO LEDWITH PUBLISHED: 02:06, 12 May 2012 | UPDATED: 02:08, 12 May 2012

Murder lifer Sam Hallam is cleared after 7? years Jubilant ... freed Sam - now 24 - and his mother Wendy By CHRIS POLLARD Published: Today 17 May 2012 at 00:35

Dr Kelly police probe thrown into doubt over riddle of prints on 'missing' dental records
By MILES GOSLETT Last updated at 1:08 AM on 23rd May 2011 - The police?s handling of the David Kelly case was thrown into fresh doubt last night amid a riddle over his dental records. On the day the weapons inspector?s body was found  in woodland close to his Oxfordshire home, there was an alleged break-in at his dentist?s surgery. Dr Kelly?s dental records went missing for 48 hours before being found again inside the surgery.

So, we've recovered your stolen car, Sir. Sorry it's a bit smashed up: Moment police attacked thief with baseball bats By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 11:12 PM on 23rd May 2011
As traffic crawls along a busy carriageway, the gentle hum of idle motors is shattered when a shouting, bat-wielding gang launches a violent attack on a Mini. The five attackers smash the car's windows, pile inside and haul the driver onto the tarmac... all to the tune of Tracy Chapman's hit single Fast Car. But these aren't thugs hell-bent on gangland revenge, they are experienced police officers apprehending a suspected car thief.

'An abuse of taxpayers' money': ?180,000 pay-off for Scotland Yard police chief at centre of misconduct investigation By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 11:27 PM on 27th May 2011

Girl risks her life to rescue woman from hoodies - as police sit in their car and do nothing
By TAMARA COHEN Last updated at 1:22 AM on 28th May 2011

Former Met officer from unit that protects Royal Family arrested over illegal payments to police By MATT BLAKE PUBLISHED: 12:10, 3 May 2012 | UPDATED: 16:44, 3 May 2012
A former specialist police officer who worked for Scotland Yard's division in charge of protecting the Royal Family was arrested today by detectives probing corrupt payments to public officials. He is 27th to be arrested by detectives working for Operation Elveden

Sacked in secret: The hushed-up hearings of police who are found guilty of crimes and misconduct By ELEANOR HARDING Last updated at 9:06 AM on 9th May 2011 - Two officers in Northern Ireland kicked out of force for being drunk while armed Hundreds of police officers accused of crimes and misconduct are being sacked in secret hearings, according to new documents. Forces across the UK are hushing up the dismissal of 160 officers every year for offences ranging from assault to leaking confidential information. The documents, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, give an embarrassing insight into constabularies and raise questions about their transparency.

Twisted arm of the law: Police pair who ?tortured? man in custody ordered to pay him just ?100 compensation By DAVID GERGES PUBLISHED: 19:35, 11 May 2012 | UPDATED: 19:40, 11 May 2012
Victim had been arrested by police on suspicion of breaching a bail order He told how he feared he would die whilst being assaulted

Disgraced chief constable who tried to help relative get a job is given ?250,000 golden goodbye By PAUL SIMS PUBLISHED: 14:42, 17 May 2012 | UPDATED: 15:32, 17 May 2012

Anti-corruption detectives accused of 'pocketing bribes worth ?20,000 from private investigators' By CHRIS GREENWOOD PUBLISHED: 01:55, 23 May 2012 | UPDATED: 01:55, 23 May 2012

Lost police evidence helped collapse Daniel Morgan murder case Simon Gaskell May 21 2012
The ?70m police smartphones fiasco: Scheme to cut paperwork yields just ?600,000 in savings By DAILY MAIL REPORTER PUBLISHED: 00:09, 30 May 2012 | UPDATED: 01:39, 30 May 2012
A ?71million scheme to give police officers and staff a smartphone and other devices to cut paperwork has yielded just ?600,000 in savings, a damning report from MPs has found.
This was ?woeful?, falling far short of the plan to save the police service ?125million, the Public Accounts Committee said today.

Cocaine-dealing PCSO tipped off criminal gang where cannabis factories were so they could steal drugs By JAMES DRUMMOND PUBLISHED: 17:09, 2 May 2013 | UPDATED: 18:36, 2 May 2013

New chief constable in charge of cutting ?44m from force budget will earn ?192,000-a-year By JAMES DRUMMOND PUBLISHED: 11:09, 2 May 2013 | UPDATED: 13:23, 2 May 2013

Third of police forces won't name suspects after they are charged, despite senior officers saying service 'is more open than ever' By JACK DOYLE PUBLISHED: 23:22, 2 May 2013 | UPDATED: 23:24, 2 May 2013

Ten months in prison for police sergeant who tried to sell a story about Katie Price's daughter to the News of the World - By ROB COOPER PUBLISHED: 12:32, 9 May 2013 | UPDATED: 14:04, 9 May 2013 -  James Bowes, 30, gave the Sunday tabloid a story about Princess Tiaamii - He revealed how child protection officers went to Peter Andre's home - He later sold information to The Sun about a child who was bitten by a fox

?85,000 crime tsar used sham office to hike expenses 6,000% (and he's the first Police Commissioner to hire a chauffeur as well) - By MARTIN BECKFORD PUBLISHED: 21:58, 11 May 2013 | UPDATED: 23:01, 11 May 2013 - Anthony Stansfeld accused of a ?cynical scam? to milk travel expenses - Stansfeld has now become the first PCC to appoint a chauffeur - It will cost taxpayers at least ?20,000 a year for his Audi A6 - Anthony Stansfeld, the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, could not claim for the cost of the 45-minute drive from his home to the force?s headquarters every morning. - He changed his main office to a single room in a police station just four miles from his house.  - It meant Mr Stansfeld could then receive expenses for every journey he made to the police HQ, after briefly checking in at the smaller office.  In the first few weeks after the move he clocked up over 1,000 miles and was paid more than ?450 of public money ? a 6,181 per cent rise on the ?7 he received the previous month. - And in a further twist, Mr Stansfeld has now become the first PCC to appoint a chauffeur to ferry him back and forth to work.  It means his mileage claims have ceased but it will cost taxpayers at least ?20,000 a year for him to be driven around in an Audi

Britain's top police chief backs law to keep courts secret - even when journalists know the suspects - By ROBERT VERKAIK - PUBLISHED: 22:00, 11 May 2013 | UPDATED: 23:45, 11 May 2013
Under new rules police will be banned from confirming suspects - Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe agrees rules should be strict as possible - Lord Justice Leveson also called for a blanket ban on naming suspects

Saville victims slam police report which says they DIDN'T cover up his sex crimes By CHRIS BROOKE PUBLISHED: 07:29, 10 May 2013 | UPDATED: 00:30, 11 May 2013
West Yorkshire Police report claims police did not protect Savile - But one officer said Savile 'gets so many of these type of complaints' - Police would attend 'Friday Morning Club' meetings at Savile's home - Victims' lawyer attacks police report saying, 'It doesn't add up' - Despite police being contacted by Surrey colleagues in 2007 about a sexual abuse inquiry involving Savile, he was still used the following year to front two crime prevention campaigns in his home city.

Cops ?fixed it for Jim? ? West Yorks Police's Savile probe clears officers ? Victims accuse cops of whitewash over sex beast ? By PAUL SIMS Published: 10 hrs ago TV PAEDO Jimmy Savile?s vile crimes were covered up in a police whitewash going back DECADES, it was claimed last night.
A report into the sex beast?s links to star-struck cops revealed he attacked at least 68 victims in West Yorkshire alone ? with the youngest aged just FIVE. - Yet the force claimed they could find no evidence of allegations against him during his lifetime. - Vital paperwork was either lost or destroyed, while retired detectives blamed memory loss for reams of missing information. - Last night Savile?s victims blasted the report?s findings as ?lies? and a ?complete whitewash?.

Metropolitan Police give out cautions for a quarter of ALL crimes including rapes, drug trafficking and robbery By HUGO GYE PUBLISHED: 12:10, 13 May 2013 | UPDATED: 12:10, 13 May 2013
Scotland Yard gave out 30,000 cautions in a year - some for serious crimes - 5,000 cautions for violence, 131 for robbery and five given to rapists - 'Criminals are getting away with serious offences,' says politician

Is this nurse serving 30 years for murders that never happened? Compelling new evidence suggests 'Angel of Death' is innocent - By DAVID ROSE PUBLISHED: 22:32, 18 May 2013 | UPDATED: 12:52, 19 May 2013  - Colin Norris was jailed in 2008 for four murders and an attempted murder - The prosecution at his trial said the victims all died from hypoglycaemia
It was claimed blood sugar condition almost never arises spontaneously - Prosecution suggested Norris injected patients with insulin to trigger it - But new studies show hypoglycaemia in elderly patients for other reasons - Six others died from condition in Norris' hospitals but were not his patients - Criminal Case Review Commission is 'actively pursuing' fresh evidence
The West Yorkshire police inquiry into the alleged murders at Leeds General Infirmary and St James's, took no account of these further deaths. Apparently officers were fixated on Norris as a suspect. Their chief superintendent had reviewed the Harold Shipman case, after which police were criticised for not catching Shipman soon enough.

Met Police 'gagged' Leveson Inquiry from addressing claims senior officer leaked information to the News of the World - By CHRIS GREENWOOD PUBLISHED: 21:02, 20 May 2013 | UPDATED: 21:07, 20 May 2013 - Force claimed 'public interest immunity' to ban paperwork disclosure - Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe faces calls to 'urgently review' development - Labour MP Tom Watson says cover-up claims are 'remarkably serious'
The Leveson Inquiry was under fire tonight after claims Scotland Yard gagged it over extraordinary allegations against a senior officer. - Fresh questions emerged about its effectiveness as it emerged a report detailing suspicions that the officer was leaking to the News of the World was withheld. - The London force claimed a 'public interest immunity certificate' to ban the disclosure of paperwork accusing the officer of obtaining confidential information.

'She cried out for help that never came': Family of mother strangled by her ex-boyfriend call for full inquiry into catalogue of police failings By MARTIN ROBINSON PUBLISHED: 08:17, 21 May 2013 | UPDATED: 14:24, 21 May 2013 - Maria Stubbings, 50, was killed by Marc Chivers at home in December 2008 - Mother of two had complained to police about him on several occasions
Police watchdog releases damning report saying officers failed to protect her - 'It's hard to understand how they got it so wrong,' her son Benji said - Family wants inquiry into why domestic abuse victims aren't better protected

Police slammed for taking 10 HOURS to release photo of killer dubbed 'Black Dog Strangler' after he escaped secure mental hospital By DANIEL MILLER PUBLISHED: 20:49, 23 May 2013 | UPDATED: 07:33, 24 May 2013 - Phillip Westwater was at large for 12 hours before being found at a gay bar  He had killed one gay man and slashed another's throat in a pub fight But It took three hours for police to change his status to unlawfully at large No photograph was released until about 10 hours after he had fled

Outrage after new crime tsar spends ?17,000 of taxpayer cash decorating his office
Essex commissioner Nick Alston used ?17,000 of taxpayer's money - By GLEN OWEN PUBLISHED: 22:14, 25 May 2013 | UPDATED: 22:14, 25 May 2013 - The bill included more than ?10,000 on ?wall coverings? - Figures show that PCCs cost more than the police authorities they replaced - A spokesman for Alston said the work was necessary to free up space for the commissioner

57,000 people are on police bail with one man, 45, still waiting to find out if he will be charged THREE-AND-A-HALF YEARS after his arrest - By MARTIN ROBINSON PUBLISHED: 14:02, 28 May 2013 | UPDATED: 14:48, 28 May 2013 - Experts call for 28-day limit on bail period in light of new figures - One man is still waiting to hear his fate from police 42 months after arrest - Thousands each year wait 6 months for case to move forward or be axed - Largest number are in London, followed by West Yorkshire then Manchester

?7.7m bill for garden leave cops (June) By ANTHONY FRANCE Published: Today
MORE than 200 cops are suspended on full pay at a cost to taxpayers of ?7.7million a year in wages.

Police 'screen out' crimes that are too hard to solve By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor 6:36AM BST 01 Jun 2011
Entire neighbourhood police team under investigation over misconduct and criminal charges claims  By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 1:53 AM on 16th June 2010
Another 165,000 innocent people put on DNA database despite Coalition vow to wipe details By REBECCA CAMBER, CRIME REPORTER PUBLISHED: 23:47, 4 June 2012 | UPDATED: 23:49, 4 June 2012
100 threats to kill: Ex-partner terrorised mother by text before shooting her and their daughter. So why didn't police do anything? By REBECCA EVANS, NICK FAGGE and ELEANOR HARDING Last updated at 10:56 AM on 7th June 2011 Watchdog probes claims police knew of volatile situation between parents

Former Marine who murdered neighbour was TWICE turned away by police when he tried to confess By TOM GARDNER PUBLISHED: 11:04, 7 June 2012 | UPDATED: 16:12, 7 June 2012

PC 'beat teenage French tourist for urinating in public until he was dripping with blood'
By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 4:33 PM on 7th June 2011 - Local residents at first mistook officer for a mugger

The Northern Echo 11:34am Fri 24 Jun 11 As thousands of public sector workers prepare to strike over job losses, pay freezes and pension cuts, a former North-East police authority chief executive walks away with ?361,950. THOUSANDS of North-East public sector workers will go on strike over job losses, pay freezes and pension cutbacks next week. Yet the former chief executive of Cleveland Police Authority has walked away with an astonishing ?361,950 redundancy package.

Their dream is a 'British FBI' - the reality may be our own KGB By PETER HITCHENS PUBLISHED: 21:59, 2 June 2012 | UPDATED: 21:59, 2 June 2012

This Winsor bluster is simply an attempt by the police to keep their cushy working conditions By JACK DOYLE PUBLISHED: 11:35, 8 June 2012 | UPDATED: 16:19, 8 June 2012 But behind the bluster is the naked self-interest of an organisation determined to retain 1970s working practices and pay, perks and pensions that were ludicrously generous in the good times and are now completely indefensible and utterly unaffordable.   What really sticks in the craw is the fact that some 200 Fed officers are paid by the taxpayer to work full time on union activities, not on actual policing, at a cost of some ?6million a year.

Pictured moments before their wedding day was ruined: Couple arrested in front of 50 guests and held for FIVE hours after 'sham marriage' probe blunder by police By JULIAN GAVAGHAN PUBLISHED: 00:29, 13 June 2012 | UPDATED: 12:17, 13 June 2012

Sun journalist and serving superintendant among four new arrests over alleged corrupt payments to public officials By ROB COOPER PUBLISHED: 10:18, 14 June 2012 | UPDATED: 04:02, 15

Police demand the right to snoop on everyone's emails: Scotland Yard chief is accused of playing politics By JACK DOYLE PUBLISHED: 00:14, 15 June 2012 | UPDATED: 00:14, 15 June 2012

Disgraced cop swings her hook By DOUGLAS WALKER Published: 15th June 2012
A SWINGING detective who illegally accessed police files has finally quit ? but only after securing a bumper pension.

Eight detectives accused of framing trio for vice girl murder 'told fellow prostitute her children would be taken into care if she did not collude' By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 4:25 PM on 8th July 2011 Bullying police told a mother that her children 'would be taken into care' if she didn't help frame three innocent men for murder, a court heard today. Eight detectives allegedly framed five men over the killing of prostitute Lynette White, 20, after failing to solve her murder and now stand charged with persuading her friend to change her evidence.

Police force cutting 620 jobs blasted for spending ?500k on consultants to find out more about 'customer journey' By MARTIN ROBINSON PUBLISHED: 11:08, 9 July 2012 | UPDATED: 11:22, 9 July 2012 - Meanwhile West Midlands Police is cutting ?126 million from its budget - Local MPs say the cash could have been spent on officers

Drunken PC is sacked after he abused Pakistani takeaway manager at railway station By CHRIS GREENWOOD PUBLISHED: 00:36, 16 July 2012 | UPDATED: 01:47, 16 July 2012

Fears of something rotten in Scotland Yard Published: 19 July, 2011, 08:20 Edited: 19 July, 2011, 14:24 UK police are enduring their worst crisis in years, with senior officers resigning over being intertwined with implicated News Corporation staff. In the latest development, London police department has said wants the Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate the head of Scotland Yard public affairs, Dick Fedorcio, for his role in hiring a former News of the World executive as an adviser to the police, reports Associated Press. He is the fifth senior police official being investigated in connection with the phone hacking scandal.

I can't remember how many people I hit with my baton at G20 protest says police officer accused of manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson By LEON WATSON PUBLISHED: 18:56, 2 July 2012 | UPDATED: 18:56, 2 July 2012

Police whistleblower ordered to rewrite damning report into child's death so he didn't 'air force's dirty washing in public' By LEON WATSON PUBLISHED: 18:40, 4 July 2012 | UPDATED: 19:46, 4 July 2012 - A detective who wrote a damning report on the way colleagues investigated a child's death was ordered to re-write it and remove the criticism, a tribunal heard today. Whistleblower Robert Krykant was told by his boss that he didn't want the force's dirty washing aired in public, it was claimed. Assistant Chief Constable Andy Taylor - who was last week awarded the Queen's Police Medal - told his detective sergeant there was 'no need to self-flagellate' by publishing criticism of Thames Valley Police in his report.

Detectives took key murder case witness to brothel and allowed him to take heroin in bid to secure co-operation By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 11:33 PM on 21st July 2011 - West Yorkshire Police also ignored a number of violent crimes allegedly committed by Karl Chapman He received special treatment as he was a main witness in the retrial of Paul Maxwell Officers intended Chapman to lie throughout his evidence about how he had been treated

Police detective 'offered to pay off woman's ?300 drug debt if she slept with him'
By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 7:18 PM on 28th July 2011

Third time lucky! Homes of two innocent neighbours raided by drugs police until they finally get the right one - when dealer pops out from next door and confesses By HELEN LAWSON PUBLISHED: 17:28, 17 July 2012 | UPDATED: 17:49, 17 July 2012

Freed, the 'thug in police uniform': What jury wasn?t told about the PC cleared of G20 killing By REBECCA CAMBER PUBLISHED: 14:47, 19 July 2012 | UPDATED: 07:48, 20 July 2012
PC Harwood was subject of TEN complaints: racially abusing and punching girl, 14, and threatening to set fire to her father?s home; road-rage attack; throttling suspects during arrests; and unlawfully accessing police database

The acquittal of thug-in-uniform Harwood must mark the end of special treatment for police officers By STEVE DOUGHTY PUBLISHED: 14:11, 20 July 2012 | UPDATED: 23:41, 20 July 2012
In the sorry mess left by the trial of Harwood, cleared by a jury of the manslaughter of newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson, it is glaringly obvious where fault lies. It is best summed up in this question: why were two police forces prepared to accept as an officer a man whose character flaws and record made it unlikely he could get a job stacking shelves in Tesco?

The police work in a world of 'clear-up rates'. So why aren't they bothered about this one... 1,433 deaths, no convictions By SUZANNE MOORE PUBLISHED: 05:50, 22 July 2012 | UPDATED: 05:50, 22 July 2012 - The charity Inquest, which works with bereaved families, tells us there have been 1,433 deaths following police ?contact? since 1990. ?Contact? includes deaths in custody, road   traffic incidents, pursuits and shootings. Not a single police officer has been found guilty of manslaughter. Not one.

Police to carry out on-the-spot fingerprinting in the street even for minor traffic offences  By ANNA EDWARDS Last updated at 1:06 PM on 1st August 2011

Policeman found with 'disgusting' child porn in sting operation walks free from court
By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 11:56 AM on 2nd August 2011

Police forces slated over ?1.1m bill for ?flash cars? for senior officers by Sam Malone, Western Mail Aug 2 2011 TWO of Wales? police forces spent more than ?1.1m on top-of -the-range cars in the past four years for the personal use of senior officers and their partners, new figures show. Chief Officers at Dyfed-Powys Police and South Wales Police were given cars worth up to ?45,000 each on top of their annual salaries.
North Wales Police under fire over 20% drop in number of criminals caught and punished by Darren Devine, Western Mail Aug 4 2011
Police to be investigated by taxman over claims they didn't disclose newspaper tip-off fees By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 1:08 PM on 6th August 2011

Police credit card spree on beehives, lingerie and luxury jewellery... and it's all charged to the taxpayer By GLEN OWEN Last updated at 2:34 AM on 7th August 2011 - Quango claim the underwear was needed to 're-enact crime scenes' and bees were essential to fertilise an allotment. Spending on luxury hotels, pleasure boats, London Eye trips... and 69p on crisps at Pret A Manger. Cash spent on the cards is not routinely audited if bills come to less than ?1,000 per month

Police water cannon and plastic bullets? After 50 years of the most lavish welfare state on earth? What an abject failure By PETER HITCHENS Last updated at 9:16 AM on 14th August 2011 ? London Riots

Private investigator 'killed before he could expose police corruption", MP claims by James McCarthy Aug 19 2011 = PRIVATE eye Daniel Morgan was murdered a week after he revealed he was going to the News of the World with concerns about police corruption, it has been alleged.
Phone hacking investigation detective arrested 'for leaking information to the Guardian' By REBECCA CAMBER Last updated at 2:42 AM on 20th August 2011

Candidate for top Scotland Yard job wears fake uniform with ?made-up? plastic badge
By CHRISTOPHER LEAKE Last updated at 12:22 AM on 21st August 2011
Drugs crime and antisocial behaviour high on South Wales residents' hitlists by WalesOnline Aug 22 2011
Scandal of the WPC charged with looking after 60 sex offenders leading to Facebook killer slipping the net By PAUL SIMS Last updated at 10:06 PM on 24th August 2011
A pervert who killed a girl of 17 was one of 60 dangerous sex offenders monitored by just one over-worked and untrained  policewoman, a report revealed yesterday. The admission sheds light on how Peter Chapman was able to disappear off the radar for a year.

Three deaths in eight days following use of force by police  By JAYA NARAIN Last updated at 10:11 AM on 25th August 2011 Another man is dead after being shot by a police Taser

Daniel Morgan?s family demand answers over ?failed ?waste-of-time? inquiry by James McCarthy, Wales On Sunday Aug 28 2011
Two Met Police officers 'smashed their way into aircraft engineer's home with a battering ram and kidnapped him' By DAILY MAIL REPORTER PUBLISHED: 20:03, 15 August 2012 | UPDATED: 20:03, 15 August 2012 - Sgt Gareth Blackburn and Det Stephen MacDonald 'trespassed into man's home' in September 2008 Michael Docherty claims pair unlawfully smashed their way into his house and forcibly removed him in front of his wife and daughter

Escaped prisoner who went on the run for four months was living with his mother - and claiming ?71 per week in benefits By SAM SHEAD PUBLISHED: 18:30, 29 August 2012 | UPDATED: 19:26, 29 August 2012

Police Corruption in UK ?at Third World Levels? By Geoffrey Seed and Alasdair Palmer 27-09-2006, 11:28 PM

Revealed: The ?2m a day cost of police pensions By Christopher Leake Last updated at 10:01 PM on 11th September 2010

Plain clothes police officer who kicked illegal immigrant in the head while he was pinned down by colleagues is jailed for 18 months By EMILY ALLEN Last updated at 7:28 AM on 2nd September 2011

Police accused of ?sending a terrible message? on recording of rape allegations
by Clare Hutchinson, Western Mail Sep 10 2011

Yates of the Yard is still drawing ?185,000 salary almost two months after stepping down over phone hacking scandal By CHRISTOPHER LEAKE Last updated at 11:55 PM on 10th September 2011
Police sergeant jailed for throwing woman in cell 'punched and kicked civil servant in separate attack'By Jo Macfarlane Last updated at 2:04 AM on 12th September 2010
Burglars? You'll have to sort it out, police tell pensioner in pyjamas who heard neighbour's alarm  By ANDREW LEVY Last updated at 12:58 PM on 14th September 2011

So who is to blame? Police officers cleared of failing mother and daughter hounded to death by yobs By JACK DOYLE Last updated at 11:38 PM on 16th September 2011 Youths had taunted the family for a decade, pelting their home with stones and threatening them IPCC's 180-page report said the incidents should have been treated as 'hate' crimes

Met Police chief Ali Dizaei is reinstated as Scotland Yard commander following corruption appeal... and is set for ?180,000 back pay Dizaei, 49, due to stand trial accused of misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice By STEPHEN WRIGHT Last updated at 6:42 PM on 30th September 2011

Minority Report-style computer programme that predicts where future burglaries will take place to be used By MARTIN ROBINSON PUBLISHED: 16:53, 18 September 2012 | UPDATED: 16:59, 18 September 2012 - Their new software system maps crimes and calculates where the next burglary will probably happen, allowing them to send officers to that area of the city

Eleven Met firearms officers deny collusion after admitting writing their statements together in the same room after Mark Duggan shooting By DAILY MAIL REPORTER PUBLISHED: 20:40, 28 September 2012 | UPDATED: 22:09, 28 September 2012 Eleven of the 12-man team of officers spent eight hours in the same room writing statements

Driver's body lay undiscovered near crashed car for FOUR days after police failed to get out of their vehicle and look for him By KERRY MCQUEENEY Last updated at 4:57 PM on 7th October 2011 -  Lorry driver reported seeing crash - but police did not search  Footprint showed father-of-one dragged himself out of the wreckage in freezing temperatures Officer disciplined for not pursuing missing person inquiry

'Police knew about Milly Dowler phone hacking in 2002 but took no action'
By GAVIN ALLEN Last updated at 2:46 PM on 14th October 2011

Schoolgirl raped after police failed to act on TWO 999 calls from ex-Met officer who saw her being attacked By STEPHANIE DARRALL  Last updated at 4:39 PM on 14th October 2011
Despite calls, IPCC report reveals officers graded call a 'Category Two' incident, meaning it only required a response within the next four hours Paedophile grabbed teenager outside the gates of her school The simple fact is the police should have come out when they got that call. How serious does it have to be before they go and check?' says child's mother after IPCC report

Brothel worker wined and dined at South Wales Police parties, tribunal judgement alleges by Daniel Fisher, WalesOnline Oct 24 2011 - She had been a guest of South Wales Police?s then head of diversity who told investigators he was unaware of her involvement in the sex industry.

Call the spelling police: Hundreds of officers paid to correct paperwork of frontline colleagues Up to 500 'evidential review officers' are employed by the Met alone By CHRIS GREENWOOD Last updated at 10:38 PM on 14th October 2011 Hundreds of police sergeants are having to waste time correcting the poor English of frontline colleagues . As many as 500 ?evidential review officers? ? mostly sergeants on up to ?43,000 a year ? are employed by the Metropolitan Police alone.

Police officer denies killing newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson at G20 riots as he appears in court By EMILY ALLEN Last updated at 12:19 PM on 17th October 2011

Hard-up police force tasked with finding ?1m savings lavishes ?100,000 on murals for new HQ - Force criticised for 'appalling waste of money' By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 1:53 AM on 23rd October 2011

Police force describes inspector who was part of South Wales paedophile ring as 'abhorrent' Robin Turner, WalesOnline Oct 28 2011
Powerful CCTV cameras which can track faces from more than half a mile away 'could breach human rights laws' By ANTHONY BOND PUBLISHED: 01:53, 3 October 2012 | UPDATED: 10:10, 3 October 2012 - Surveillance commissioner says advances in CCTV technology are turning Britain into Big Brother society Andrew Rennison warns of a 'public backlash' unless proper steps are taken to regulate the cameras They are being rolled out across UK cities without members of the public being consulted, he warned

Ex-PC who drove to court while drunk to answer drink driving charges is spared jail because it would be 'uncomfortable' for him in prison By ANTHONY BOND PUBLISHED: 12:20, 5 October 2012 | UPDATED: 12:30, 5 October 2012

Police car a ?15,000 write-off after officers drove wrong way down one-way street By Brendan Hughes, WalesOnline Oct 7 2012 - The officer driving the police car, who South Wales Police refused to name, was later prosecuted for driving without due care and attention.
?11,000 for a policewoman's hurt feelings: Yard must pay for taking away her sniffer dog when she fell pregnant   By DAILY MAIL REPORTER PUBLISHED: 13:26, 9 October 2012 | UPDATED: 07:48, 10 October 2012
Actress who said she had fresh details about murder of Princess Michael's Russian toyboy is killed in 'mysterious' car crash By WILL STEWART and EMMA REYNOLDS
PUBLISHED: 16:52, 17 October 2012 | UPDATED: 18:40, 17 October 2012

Cop tasers blind man in street - White stick mistaken for Samurai sword 18 10 12
A BUNGLING policeman tasered a blind man in the street after mistaking his white stick ? for a Samurai SWORD. He struck Colin Farmer, 61, in the back with the 50,000-volt stun gun before handcuffing him. The shocked man had been on his way to his local pub to meet friends

'Phone hacking' security firm linked to Scotland Yard forced to hand over secret informants list By MICHAEL GILLARD PUBLISHED: 22:01, 20 October 2012 | UPDATED: 22:01, 20 October
Detectives investigating illegal payments to police officers for inside information are demanding that a private detective agency hand over its list of paid confidential sources. The list is held offshore and belongs to RISC Management, a London-based agency under investigation for allegedly bribing Metropolitan Police officers on behalf of wealthy clients. It is believed the list may contain the identity of scores of corrupt officers and Government officials.

More than 1,400 officers face Hillsborough probe and chief constable implicated in Commons By GERRI PEEV PUBLISHED: 00:34, 23 October 2012 | UPDATED: 02:05, 23 October 2012
?300K PERKS FOR POLICE Tuesday November 30,2010 By Daily Express Reporter
Top-ranked officers in Greater Manchester Police have claimed ?323,974 since 2007 in the performance-related scheme while their force has been ranked bottom or near-bottom in national league tables.

The police officers with convictions who kept their jobs by Helen Turner, WalesOnline Nov 5 2011 POLICE officers in Wales have been convicted of crimes ranging from forgery and drug possession to stealing a car while drunk in the past five years ? and many have kept their jobs.

Chief constables given ?130,000 in bonuses as 200 police staff set to lose jobs By Jeremy Armstrong and Nigel Green 8/11/2011

Police will have the right to fire rubber bullets on student protesters as they prepare for huge London demonstration - Never been used on mainland but have been linked to deaths in Northern Ireland By REBECCA CAMBER Last updated at 9:51 AM on 8th November 2011

Scotland Yard chief sacked after boasting he took drugs while trawling web for women who wanted sex with a man in uniform By GRAHAM SMITH Last updated at 3:53 PM on 10th November 2011 Chief inspector, 46, told dating website users he had committed criminal offences including a sexual offence

Menezes chief inspector sacked after 'boasting on dating site he had sex with 14-year-old boy' By RICK DEWSBURY Last updated at 11:26 AM on 15th November 2011

Police 'killed deaf cyclist with stun gun after he failed to obey instructions to stop'
By DANIEL MILLER Last updated at 12:19 PM on 24th November 2011

Five police arrested for 'persuading criminals to confess to crimes they did not commit to boost detection rates' By CHRIS GREENWOOD and STEVE NOLAN PUBLISHED: 02:08, 15 November 2012 | UPDATED: 11:59, 15 November 2012

Fears of sex abuse cover-up as former detective claims special branch were aware of Sir Cyril Smith allegations By KERRY MCDERMOTT PUBLISHED: 13:32, 17 November 2012 | UPDATED: 07:27, 20 November 2012 Former Rochdale MP has been accused of abusing vulnerable young boys at a hostel for working boys in the town in the 1960s An ex-detective constable has now claimed special branch officers 'knew what was going on' but covered it up

Revealed: The 3,600 police who retire at 50... then go back to jobs with their old force By MARTIN BECKFORD PUBLISHED: 01:37, 18 November 2012 | UPDATED: 01:37, 18 November 2012 -  Thousands of police officers who retire at 50 are walking into well-paid civilian jobs at their old stations while also enjoying generous pensions. Figures obtained by The Mail on Sunday show that at least 3,600 former constables, sergeants and inspectors are ?double-dipping? after leaving the front line while still relatively young then going back to work in the same forces.

Urgent review ordered as ?30m Lynette White police corruption trial collapses By Martin Shipton, WalesOnline Dec 1 2011 The Lynette White corruption trial - the largest trial of its kind in UK history - has collapsed. The most expensive trial in the history of Wales' judicial system ended after the prosecution accepted that the case had been ?fatally flawed? by the failure to maintain a system of evidence disclosure that was ?fit for purpose".

?30m debacle of police corruption trial: After eight-year probe into murder squad officers, judge throws out case By SARA NELSON  Last updated at 12:19 AM on 2nd December 2011

Murdered private eye Daniel Morgan's brother claims there will never be justice by Robin Turner, Wales On Sunday Dec 4 2011
Police urged to publish review of notorious Megan Tooze murder WalesOnline Dec 4 2011 - South Wales Police has been urged to keep its promise and publish a review carried out 11 years ago into one of Wales? most notorious unsolved murders. In July 1993, pensioners Harry and Megan Tooze were found blasted to death with a 12-bore shotgun at their farm in Llanharry, near Pontyclun. Jonathan Jones, the partner of their daughter Cheryl, was jailed for life in 1995 after being found guilty of their murders at a trial, but a year later had his convictions quashed by the Court of Appeal. In 2000 South Wales Police announced a full review of the brutal double murder in which the couple?s bodies were wrapped in carpets before being hidden in a nearby cowshed. At the time, the then Assistant Chief Constable Tony Rogers said: ?The purpose of the review is to ensure South Wales Police has gone as far as it can with the inquiry.?
Rioters beware: Police set to deploy ?25,000 James Bond-style laser that temporarily blinds Shoulder-mounted device temporarily impairs the vision of anyone looking towards its laser Resembles a rifle and can hit targets 500m away with a wall of light up to four metres wide By CHRIS GREENWOOD, CRIME REPORTER Last updated at 9:54 AM on 12th December 2011

Police admit it was a 'mistake' to say Mark Duggan had shot at officers first ahead of English riots By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 12:09 AM on 13th December 2011

Scotland Yard boss who led purge on hire cars sacked for using one himself on trip to Scotland By CHRIS SLACK Last updated at 9:10 AM on 13th December 2011

HARTLEPOOL NEWS  High cost of police authorities criticised by report 8:50am Friday 16th December 2011 in Hartlepool News By Stuart Arnold ? A REPORT has criticised the ?high cost? of police authorities and in particular their chief executives. The report by lobby group The Taxpayers? Alliance highlighted the cost of chief executive salaries and set it against authorities? annual budgets. The group said that in 2009-10 Cleveland Police?s then chief executive, Joe McCarthy, drew a salary of ?163,011. Together with his pension this equated to 14 per cent of the authority?s ?1.27m total budget. Only the remuneration paid to the chief executive of Gwent Police Authority as a percentage of its total budget was greater ? 16 per cent. The salary paid to Mr McCarthy, who left the authority last year, dwarfed that paid to chief executives in Durham (?60,000), North Yorkshire (?83,000) and the much larger police authority in Northumbria, where only ?27,704 was paid to its chief executive in 2009-10. The report also detailed allowances paid to police authority members, which totalled ?902,813 between the region?s four authorities.

Police failing to investigate thousands of complaints about their own officers as 6 in 10 appeals are upheld By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 12:30 PM on 16th December 2011

NOW POLICE CAN SHOOT RIOTERS Wednesday December 21,2011 By Giles Sheldrick and John Towney

Ex-police officer who led paedophile double life encouraging internet perverts to assault children is jailed By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 8:32 PM on 23rd December 2011

Four top police officers investigated over claims gangland killers were victims of a miscarriage of justice By CHRIS GREENWOOD Last updated at 12:24 AM on 24th December 2011

The thin blue gravy train: How new police commissioners are appointing their friends as deputies - on up to ?68,000 a year By MARTIN BECKFORD PUBLISHED: 22:05, 1 December 2012 | UPDATED: 08:07, 2 December 2012 New unelected jobs are being created even though police and crime commissioners (PCCs) already have offices full of staff Many have handed them to friends and political allies

Anger as newly-elected police commissioners keep their second jobs even though they are appointing deputies to run their offices By MARTIN BECKFORD PUBLISHED: 00:57, 9 December 2012 | UPDATED: 00:57, 9 December 2012

When the police lie about politicians, we should ALL be very worried
By SIMON HEFFER PUBLISHED: 21:30, 21 December 2012 | UPDATED: 21:38, 21 December 2012

Child abuse police raid of TV weatherman Fred Talbot: Officers smash down front door as ex-teacher is away on cruise By NAZIA PARVEEN PUBLISHED: 08:10, 21 December 2012 | UPDATED: 00:16, 22 December 2012

If they cheat, dissemble and fiddle with evidence, our arrogant police will never earn our trust PUBLISHED: 00:46, 23 December 2012 | UPDATED: 00:46, 23 December 2012 -  Last week, the Hillsborough inquest verdicts were overturned because police evidence was untrue and a serving officer was arrested for allegedly telling lies in  a criminal investigation to get a Cabinet Minister sacked

Shocking 62% rise in police officers being investigated for corruption with eight out of ten accused of illegally disclosing information By ROBERT VERKAIK PUBLISHED: 02:46, 23 December 2012 | UPDATED: 03:10, 23 December 2012 Anti-corruption units are facing a workload of 245 cases every month

Thug who blinded student gets off with a reprimand: So what DOES it take to be jailed for assault? By JAMES TOZER PUBLISHED: 14:29, 25 December 2012 | UPDATED: 23:29, 25 December 2012 - Matthew Noblett, 20, from Chorley, Lancashire, was hit outside a pub He needed 170 stitches in his right eyeball to stop it collapsing He will never regain vision in the eye and is now registered disabled Noblett said his 16-year-old attacker should have gone to court

Good Samaritan tasered as he tries to help the police as complaints about devices run at one every three days By CHRIS GREENWOOD PUBLISHED: 01:32, 26 December 2012 | UPDATED: 01:33, 26 December 2012 -  Complaints about the  use of Tasers have been increasing as police gear up to put the controversial 50,000-volt devices in the hands of more officers. Among those who have complained are a 14-year-old girl, a ?good Samaritan? who was trying to help police, two cyclists and a man who said he refused to take off his underpants in custody. Critics said the complaints, running at the rate of one every three days, should make chief constables think even more carefully about expanding use of the potentially deadly weapons.

12,000 people branded criminals in error due to inaccurate record checks
Mistakes led to ?1.9 million in redress By LARISA BROWN PUBLISHED: 05:31, 28 December 2012 | UPDATED: 10:19, 28 December 2012


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There may be many reasons why you are stopped by the police and asked to produce a specimen of breath. These reasons could include the fact that you have been involved in an road traffic accident, you have been speeding, you have been involved in a hit and run accident, you have been driving in an unsafe manner giving the police cause for concern or you have driven through a red light.



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Police and federal law enforcement have long used unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with cameras and special sensors to patrol borders and national forests. Now with a few creative uses of wireless security cameras police are making inner cities safer places for residents.

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