Highlighting the Scholarship & HR Advocacy of Cheryl Welsh, MindJustice.Org .

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Published  6 september 2019 .

Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Ramola D discuss the important work of research, discovery, and disclosure of today's Govt MK and neuro behavioral experimentation programs accomplished through articles, books, and lectures by Cheryl Welsh, attorney, Mind Justice founder and director and pioneering mind rights activist .

While mainstream media today, in 2019, continues to build its False-Reality-Construct churning out false stories of paranoia and delusion in relation to the reports of victims emerging from populations in the US and worldwide, a few committed writers and researchers from the '90's including Marshall Thomas, Mark Rich, Paul Baird, Harlan Girard and Cheryl Welsh have established through their scholarship, direct interviews with reporting victims, and publications in articles, books, and websites the facts of the matter regarding military and Intelligence neuroweapon and non-lethal weapons experimentation and operation on humans, and the extrajudicial targeting and secrecy which permits it .

Perusing declassified documents, mainstream and Defense publications, patents, books, and citing the research of other nations such as the Soviet Union, Cheryl Welsh in particular has amassed a redoubtable body of scholarship on her website mind justice .org, where her articles detail the historic expansion of neuroscience into neuro control and neuro modification and trace the differences between unclassified and classified neuroscience, the one focused on a materialistic exploration of the brain through electrochemistry and biosensors,  the other leaping ahead to remote access through radio frequency ELF waves, magnetic fields, bioenergetics and the covered-up secrets of SIGNALS Intelligence . 

Highlighting Sub Project 119 from MK ULTRA (1959), Dr. Karlstrom extracts some of Welsh's research including the yield of documents from Harlan Girard's FOIA request on MK ULTRA, and insights into the deep-dive neuroscience behind deliberately-induced Disassociated Identity Disorder aka Trauma Based Mind Control unethicality and outright sadism practised by the CIA and Illuminati as revealed by what we know now of MK ULTRA .

We also discuss the implications of these continuing targeting and experimentation projects where whole brains are being studied non-consentually while victims gifted to the Black Ops Military/CIA by the unethical FBI / DOJ / DHS in wrongful placement of people on Terrorist Watch lists recently judged Unconstitutional by a Virginia judge are unlawfully tortured with remote-access energy weapons technologies, and the inevitable implications of selective subjugation for the entire human race. Tavistock, Illuminati, and Mengele agendas look to converge in Full Spectrum Dominance unless individual citizens and ethical military and Intelligence insiders step forward to halt and defund these ghastly experiments and operations and save humanity .

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9jKJCyW32s&feature=share .

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