Read Here about Mr Tilbrook's case being taken to the EU Court of Human Rights

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Dear Friends,
When the UK extended Article 50 on the 29th of March many with a keen eye on social media said that there was something not right. Since then UNN has been reporting extensively on the Tilbrook Article 50 case as well as many interviews with Mr Tilbrook himself.
We have also reported on the Stanley Brodie QC analysis that the EU were also breaking their own laws as well as the opinions of John Redwood & Iain Duncan Smith.
To those that say the mainstream media has no bias just look at the WALL TO WALL coverage of the case in Scotland and that of Gina Miller in the Supreme Court where would we both without the internet and alternative media like ours?
Read Here about Mr Tilbrook's case being taken to the EU Court of Human Rights
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In other news our Correspondent Oliver Down is heading to the Brexit Party conference on the 22nd of September where he is scheduled to interview Nigel Farage and Ann Widdecombe! Well done Oliver for taking the initiative and building bridges with the Brexit Party.
What do you think of Number 10 ruling out any deals or links with The Brexit Party? Many people on social media were not happy about this at all. You can read in full the story below:
Click here to read about BoJo & Farage
Thanks again for liking, sharing & commenting on all our articles, videos and shows. This is so important is it means more people can see the truth about what is happening in the UK.
If you have any questions or thoughts please let us know.
Carl & The UNN Team
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