Civilian Victims of America Endless War on Terror .

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Civilian Victims of America Endless War on Terror .
« on: September 18, 2019, 06:09:54 PM »
September 17, 2019 .

Now that the flags are back waving from the tops of flagpoles across the country, and the maudlin paeans to the close to 3000 lives lost in the airplane attacks on the World Trade Centre  and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, it's  time we gave a thought to the dead who were ignored.
According to very conservative estimates, as reported by the  Costs of War  project of Brown Universities  Watson Institute on International and Public Affairs, nearly 250,000 civilians have been killed during the 8 years since September 2001 in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan in wars or attacks that were instigated by the United States .

Those are very conservative figures carefully compiled by organisations like Iraq Body Count, the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies. These numbers are people known to have died in the violence of war, mostly as so-called  collateral damage,  but often deliberately, as when the US bombs a hospital, a wedding or a private housing compound in order to kill some targeted individual considered an  enemy combatant, unconcerned about the others in the area, often women and children, who are almost certain to die or suffer serious injury as the result of a strike . .

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