"The ‘lying, deceiving shits’ in the establishment". Brilliant interview

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 24 Sep 2019 16:13
Subject: David Starkey on Brexit : "The ‘lying, deceiving shits’ in the establishment". Brilliant interview

One of Britain's leading historians and an expert on the Constitution rips into Parliament and Elite Remainers: 
Parliamentary sovereignty and national sovereignty are inseparable.
Most of them hate their own country and ordinary people
Johnson actually likes Britain
Queen has been guilty of doing nothing, unlike George V.
We are in a black parody of the Civil War era
Essential that Berco(witz)'s actions do not establish precedent or Parliament is finished . An Act will be needed to do this.
The ARMY won the 1642 Civil War , not Parliament.
Parliament risks becoming enemies of the people.
Matthew Parris' article on Clacton in 2015 was like Hitler talking about the Jews
Elite sees the result of the Referendum as an act of rebellion.
Elite are guilty of TREASON
Constitutionally, Parliament should not be involved in the EU negotiations AT ALL
The only purpose of Scottish MPs is to MAKE TROUBLE
De Gaulle abolished the old French Parliament . Westminster could go the same way.
David Starkey: the elite is guilty of treason -- The Brendan O'Neill Show

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