Ref the Supreme Court

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Ref the Supreme Court
« on: September 26, 2019, 02:30:55 PM »
Rt Hon Geoffrey Cox QC MP                                                          Albert Burgess
Attorney General                                                                              15 Parliament Road
5-8 Sanctuary                                                                                    Thame
London                                                                                               South Oxfordshire
SW1P 3JS                                                                                          OX9 3TE                                                         
Ref the Supreme Court
Dear Geoffrey
The Supreme Court justices all of whom voted remain may well be able with impunity call the Prime Minister a liar. Though what evidence they can have to justify that defeats me. As all conversations between Ministers and the sovereign are classified secret.
I doubt Mr Johnson told them he lied and I would put money on the fact her Majesty did not tell them she had been lied too by Mr Johnson.
What ever they accuse the Prime Minster of what they are not able to do is dispute the absolute right of Queen Elizabeth II to prorogue Parliament for the best reasons or just because her Majesty feels the need. Following a vote taken in Parliament on the 8th March 1784 following a discussion which had started in January 1784 as to where ultimate sovereignty lay, did it lay with the lawfully anointed King or with the elected House? Following a speech by Pitt the younger the King won the vote so both by the common law governing England’s Kings and Parliamentary vote her most Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Supreme Governor of England from which all her other Titles, Superiorities and Prerogatives flow.
Her Majesty may be elderly but not once during her reign has she set a foot wrong, she is not stupid deaf or blind. She will be fully aware her subjects voted on whether we wished to remain in the EU or leave and return unfettered sovereignty to England’s Queen, and day to day administration to her Parliament. She will be fully aware the majority voted to leave with no mention of a deal. Her Majesty will be fully aware four hundred and sixty MP’s who were elected on promises to leave have reneged on their promise to take us out and have spent three years trying to thwart the wishes of her Majesty’s subjects who voted to leave.

Bearing that in mind it is highly likely her Majesty prorogued Parliament on behalf of her subjects so that their wishes could be fulfilled by our breaking the strangle hold the EU has on her ancient Kingdom.
By ordering the recall of Parliament the Supreme Court justices have placed their will above that of the will of her Majesty this is to imagine the death of her Majesty contrary to the 1351 Treason Act.
I am therefore and for the reasons and the law stated above, submitting a formal allegation of high treason against all eleven Supreme Court Justices for high treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act. They have exceeded their authority by undermining the right of government to govern, and by setting the proroguing of Parliament by her Most Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at nought.
I require you to instruct the Commissioner of the Metropolis to take these treasonous justices into custody, and to prepare the case against them. Prior to placing them before the high court to stand trial for their high treason against her Majesty.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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