NHS privatisation: Compilation of financial and vested interests.

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

NHS privatisation: Compilation of financial and vested interests.

This list represents the dire state of our democracy. The financial and vested interests of our MPs and Lords in private healthcare.
Over 200 parliamentarians have recent past or present financial links to companies involved in healthcare and all were allowed to vote on the Health and Social Care bill, turning it into an Act.
Who cares that they have put it in the register of interests. This doesn?t excuse their interests, it merely highlights clearly why they should have no part in voting for what is fast becoming the dismantling of the NHS. It is privatisation, despite the media?s continued use of the word ?reforms?. The question must be asked. Are they public servants or corporate servants?
Note this research is up-to-date as of May 2012: The MPs are up-to-date as of February 2013. Since then two Lords have died, but a few others have been added with (New) next to their name. This means that the current number of Lords with these interests stands at 145 Lords with these interests. The total list of MPs with these interests is 69, meaning over 200 parliamentarians have recent past or present financial interests in companies involved in private healthcare.

The list is long, I make no apology for that, tragically that is the reality of our politics today; and although the majority of vested interest lies with the Conservatives, as you might expect, it is however a cross party issue. It is compiled from accessible and trusted sources throughout the Internet. If you think someone should not be on here, then please say with reason and then they may come off if justified. I say this because the interests are varied, some have shares in a company involved in healthcare, they won't influence the company in terms of investment, but should someone who has shares in a company be able to vote on a bill that may improve their share price?
Others have received donations to fund their office, others have taken a gift or some are advisors, chairman, owners or ex-employees who as you will see by the entry under Margot James and her quote, she is still attached to her recent past.
The debate over whether these interests are acceptable is yet to be held properly, and for the large part it will not stop unless they are stopped. They do not listen to the public, the NHS is not something this government cherish but is just another public owned service that the top 1% want to get their hands on. For years the NHS has been developed by us the public and now they want it for themselves. The time has surely come to protest in large numbers and for the union members to ask their leaders to call for a strike. You can help apply pressure by spreading this out on twitter. It is already gone quite viral, but can go wider still.

I start with the Lords, some (about 40) of which were taken from the Daily Mirror research: These are also available in the register of interests, and some from my own research.

In addition to the list below research by Dr ?oin Clarke - has revealed 333 donations from private healthcare sources totalling ?8.3 million has been gifted to the Tories. Here is the database of those donations and 'gifts'. An e-petition has been set up which is here - http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/31991 - if you can please sign it to stop Lords voting on their own interests, this would go some way to prevent their behaviour.
1 in four Conservative Peers have financial interests in companies involved in private healthcare. 1 in 6 Labour Peers. 1 in 6 Crossbench Peers and 1 in 10 Liberal Democratic Peers. Of the MPs, 78% are Conservatives who have these interests. Should they have these connections?
Conservative Lords

1. Lord Ashcroft: Conservative benches and funder - Until 2010, held investments in two private healthcare groups. From his website 'Other business interests include significant investments in healthcare.' In 2010 bought a 34% stake in The Priory for ?44m.

Also From his website at the bottom of the news:
New Businesses: Recent investments by Michael Ashcroft include stakes in: Digital Marketing Group: a multi-media electronic marketing group of companies, who through Jaywing, the data division of the Digital Marketing Group, who were appointed to work with with the NHS Supply Chain on sales and marketing communications. Digital Marketing
Group has changed its name to WEARE 2020 PLC.
Donations: Lord Ashcroft has donated ?112,726.09 to Conservative Central party between 2001/02 and ?3,200 to Liam Fox in 2006.

Lord Ashcroft has given the party more than ?4.3m since 2006. Ashcroft has donated over ?10 million to the Tory party according to the BBC.
 2. Lord Ashton - Conservative - Shares in Marsh Inc insurance brokers and in Zurich Financial Services AG - In a review for the Department of Health of the NHS litigation Authority - written by Marsh Inc, it recommended involving opening up clinical negligence cover over to private insurers. Zurich Financial Insurers said they didn't have the expertise but  the Marsh review envisaged opening up a dialogue which might eventually give them the information they needed. The DoH unsurprisingly accepted the large majority of Marsh's recommendations. Lord Ashton also has shares in a private dental company called Smilepod Hygiene Ltd.
3. Lord Bell: Conservative - Chairman of Chime Communications Group, whose companies include Bell Pottinger, and whose lobbying clients include Southern Cross, BT Health and AstraZeneca. Tim Bell has a conviction for ?wilfuly, openly and obscenely? exposing himself ?with intent to insult a female? under Section 4 of the 1824 Vagrancy Act. For more on this delightful personality, which bears little relevance to the NHS but says so much about the character click here. If that isn't enough then please click here to see their attempts to work with the Ubekistan dictatorship.
These are the following health-related companies within Chime Communications Group:

Open Health: PR for the healthcare sector.
Open LEC: Healthcare Advertising and Marketing Services, the creative, advertising & brand communication practice within OPEN Health. Campaigns for Lipitor, Losec, Vioxx, Aricept, Symbicort, Atripla and Prozac. Healthcare brand development, advertising, promotional materials, brand revitalisation and digital.
Open Minds: Advertising and Marketing Services in the healthcare sector.
Open Plan: Global Healthcare market research and brand planning.
Reynolds Mackenzie: Advertising and Marketing Services Division who's clients include the pharmaceutical industry.
VCCP Health: Advertising and Marketing Services

Donations: Bell Pottinger has given ?56,980 to the Conservative party between 2008 and 2012 and ?2,500 to the Labour party to Rhondda CLP. In 2001, Lord Timothy Bell gave ?2,500 to Michael Portillo. Chime Communications PLC gave ?15,000 to Nick Herbert in 2008.

Quote: ?As a diversified communications group we see healthcare as an attractive sector in which we wish to compete strongly. The acquisition of SCL strengthens our recently established healthcare practice OPEN Health still further.? - on the acquistion of the Succint Communications Ltd company
Quote: "My message to the Labour Government is: stop accusing the Conservatives of wanting to privatise the NHS--we do not" - House of Lords debate on the NHS Feb 2000

4. Lord Blackwell: Conservatives - Chairman of Interserve, consultancy to NHS and private healthcare firms. Involved in PFI hospitals. Head of the Prime Minister's policy unit under John Major from 1995 to 1997 and was previously a member of Margaret Thatcher's policy unit. Was a partner with McKinsey and Company (involved in NHS bill between 1978 and 1994. Interserve recently won a place on the Welsh Government: Designed for Life supply programme covering the entirety of NHS Wales.

Quotes on bill: We are now 10 years further on from that and it is important that the changes are not lost in the voices that will always oppose changes that are necessary to reform the way that the NHS works. I hope that, while listening to those voices, the Minister can assure us that these essential reforms will be carried through and that the period of uncertainty for the NHS will not be any longer than it needs to be before we can get to the kind of reformed NHS that we all want to see.

Further quote:"The funding of healthcare must also be liberalised"
5. Lord Blyth of Rowington: Conservative - Senior adviser to ?investment bankers Greenhill, who have considerable transaction experience and a global network of corporate relationships in the Healthcare sector. Former Boots Chemists deputy chairman.
Tory Donor. Stands to gain from the break up and privatisation of the NHS wants and would surely like to buy the Walk in Centres at an agreed cut-price with Cameron.
Donations: ?39,950 to Conservative Central party on years 2007/09/10
6. Lord Boswell - Conservative - Has shares in Reckitt Benckiser which produces drugs for the NHS amongst other health institutions. NHS is currently suing Reckitt Benckiser for ?90 million following an investigation that ruled the company had abused its dominant position in the heartburn market. The company has just paid a fine for ?10.2 million in 2010 following a ruling by the Office of Fair Trading which found them guilty of illegal anti-compative behaviour relating to their heartburn product Gaviscon. Lord Boswell's shares have in brackets household part of the company, but in the end it is the same company. He also has shares in GlaxoSmithKline PLC pharmaceuticals.
7. Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone: Conservative - The former Conservative Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley is a Director of BUPA, the health insurance, private hospital and care group. Chair of Odgers Berndtson - recruitment company providing people for NHS Management positions. Shares in Broomco Ltd, which is a holding company of International Resources Group Ltd, which owns Odgers Berndston.



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Re: NHS privatisation: Compilation of financial and vested interests.
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I'm shocked to find that the E-Petition related to this issue, closed EXACTLY, one month ago, with just around 850 registered, supporters. What happened, to keep this one 'out of sight'?

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