Did you see this magnificent DT letter?

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Did you see this magnificent DT letter?
« on: October 03, 2019, 04:24:31 PM »
A sincere, succinctly put supplication which you may enjoy.
Did you see this magnificent DT letter?

SIR – Among the many casualties of the litany of incompetence befalling our country we must now count our national language and the meaning of words.

We are told that “no deal” must be swept off the table. But “no deal” is not a presence, it is an absence and by definition you cannot abolish an absence.

The only deals realistically before us are “no deal’ or Michel Barnier’s deal, which he has told us many times is not for variation by so much as a comma. And that deal requires the United Kingdom to live on its knees forever.

I never cease to be surprised at the number of mediocrities in high office who seek my vote (when I am allowed to have one) to support them in this grovel.

So please let us have our general election as soon as possible so that we may, with silent votes rather than abusive placards, usher the useless appeasers back to that oblivion for which nature so amply equipped them.

Frederick Forsyth
Beaconsfield, Berkshire


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