Bill Cottle, US Army Vet, Part 2---MK ULTRA, Black Ops Research, HAARP .

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18 Jul 2019

Further recounting and exploration with Bill Cottle, US Army vet with a father in the Air Force who worked in military intelligence, re. his own experiences as a child, of being tracked and observed after being sold LSD, of waking up to see his room lit up in odd colors, and later of experienced ESP-like intuition in tracking down a dog stolen from his home, and of experiencing vivid electronic dreams, seeming clairvoyance, and odd synchronicities.

Bill also relates how his phone was tapped and he was subjected to sudden surveillance and stalking after expressing his views on the fallacy of the Iraq War to the Obama White House via their web site, and how previous and later targeting seemed to become more physically intense, as he was woken from sleep once with loud projected sounds of explosions which no-one else apparently heard, at a time when a Raytheon R & D employee was living opposite him; poltergeist-like sounds in his home including a cabinet door swinging open and closed as if by itself; and a witnessed micro-cyclone around his home where he witnessed a funnel cloud forming over his backyard and seemingly being intelligently steered past yard furniture to settle on a large tree and patio surrounding it, which the tornado cracked upward and swung, as if deliberately--this happening shortly after he had recently spoken of how much he loved the patio to his son.

Also targeted financially, with a sudden raised mortgage he could not afford, Bill says he was HARP'd twice--the first time with HARP--the affordable refinancing program and the second time with the HAARP micro storm and tornado in Tucson. Experiences with being hit with a pinhole wound which later developed into a spinal infection lead him to conclude he was most probably hit with a laser of some kind . .

Spreading The Truth .
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