Interview with Dr. Harold Mandel--The Tyranny of Psychiatry .

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22 Jul 2019 .

Powerful and hard-hitting view and words by Dr. Harold Mandel, a holistic mind-body physician with a special interest in mental health, counseling, true healthcare, and a psychiatric rights and human rights activist who speaks out openly on the destructive mechanisms used by psychiatry in tandem with governments and law enforcement to destroy the lives and careers of activists, whistleblowers and others.

Dr. Mandel describes how psychiatrists have and use the power to destroy lives while also inflicting mental health damage and physical health damage -- through prescription of toxic drugs which induce tardive dyskinesia and "nurture and maintain mental illness" -- and how the labels given by psychiatrists absolutely work as major stigma to fully and completely destroy people's lives and careers.

Those targeted by the State and subjected forcefully to psychiatry via forced-commits are particular victims of political psychiatry, a repressive tool of State subjugation, which he states unequivocally should be abolished. Laws should be changed, lawmakers should be challenged and persuaded to change them.

Dr. Mandel also describes how he himself was targeted by disgruntled doctors with power at the very start of his career where he was forcefully psych-committed and his career derailed, a situation which has led to his becoming a human rights activist for others similarly targeted.

A profoundly important interview in the clear and needed stating of the problems posed by psychiatry, for all whose lives have been touched by the destructive tyranny of psychiatry, and for all engaged in the movement to reform and abolish psychiatry's hold on society . .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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