Report # 148: Craig Laforest on Giving Back Despite V2k, James Cameron & Brain .

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4 Oct 2019 .

Revealing and powerful conversation with Craig Laforest, a cruise line entrepreneur, traveller, musician, who was attacked with V2K or Voice to Skull two decades ago and describes how it is used on him still.

Tracing the story of his friendship and collegiateship with filmmaker and director James Cameron (who produced the Titanic, Terminator, Avatar, and other major films), Craig notes that shortly after witnessing a child's brain being read at a brain research lab in Seattle, he was hit with V2K transmissions in LA, something that followed him home to Sydney, Australia.

Battling V2K--a military bio communications technology and neuro/bio weapon-- despite all odds, including 24/7 chatter and abuse, Craig has continued to work and volunteer, believing in the importance of giving back to the world and others less privileged. Seeking answers, radio scans, medical proof he continues his quest for healing and justice while he provides support to many hundreds of targets reporting V2K , .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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