The vermin scurrying around the sewers of Parliament are Traitors.

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Chris Rust Sgt at Arms                                                                                                                                                                     Albert Burgess
The House of Commons

Ref Sedition

The office you hold as Sgt at Arms in the House of Commons is an ancient office which carries with it a degree of authority rarely used in modern times, your roll is to keep order in the House so that the House can function in an orderly manner, and can conduct its business in a way that allows her Majesty’s government to proceed about its business without improper or unlawful interference or obstruction. The early Sgt’s at Arms were put there by the Sovereign to ensure the process of government could function effectively you are in fact an officer of the Crown answerable to her Majesty for how you conduct your business on her behalf. Your office of state carries great authority coming as it does directly from the Sovereign. If I as a normal subject of the Crowns set out by my actions to prevent the proper government of her Majesty’s ancient Kingdom by foul means I have no doubt I would be arrested on a charge of Sedition at Common Law, either and or treason contrary to sec 3 of the 1848 Treason Felony Act.

The Speaker of the House of Commons has repeatedly shown that far from being impartial he has in fact done everything he can to obstruct the policy of Mr Johnson’s government who are endeavouring to carry out the will of her Majesty’s subjects to return the rule of this ancient Kingdom directly into her Majesty’s hands fully in line with English Common and Constitutional Law and the custom and practice of England going back to King Alfred.

His latest meeting with Mr Sassoli his counterpart in the European Parliament where they discussed subverting government policy against the wishes of her Majesty’s subjects constitutes the major crime at Common Law of Sedition, his recent actions have clearly demonstrated a desire to use every means at his disposal to overawe her Majesty’s government contrary to sec 3 of the 1848 Treason Felony Act.
In conformance with your duty to ensure the proper running of the House of Commons and with clear evidence that Mr Bercow the speaker has set himself on a course to deliberately undermine her Majesty’s government and Mr Johnson appointed by her Majesty to conduct her business of the safe governance of her ancient Kingdom. Mr Bercow by his actions in the House of Commons and his utterances outside the House and his meeting with a member of the European Parliament. A report of which I am enclosing which is entirely contrary to the duties of Speaker of the House of Commons.

I am as a loyal subject of her Majesty’s requesting that you take the Speaker Mr John Bercow into custody and place him before the bar of the House on charges of Sedition at Common Law and treason contrary to section 3 of the 1848 Treason Felony Act. With a view to the House placing him in the hands of her Majesty’s Constabulary for prosecution in her Majesty’s Courts of Law on the above charges.
I would refer you to the refusal of an Archbishop from Rome by King Alfred, the refusal of Papal rule in England by King Henry III, Refusal of tribute to the Pope Stubbs vol II P 435 King Edward III, the Act of supremacy 1554 King Henry VIII, the 1559 Act of Supremacy Queen Elizabeth I, The Bill of Rights 1689 King William III which incorporates the Declaration of Right January 1689, not forgetting King Charles I lost his head over his attempt to Catholicize the Kingdom in 1649 and James II who lost the Crown in 1688 for the same crime against the state.
Respectfully submitted

Albert Burgess

As a Warrant Officer (Rtd), I swore an Oath to my Country & The Sovereign (only).

The vermin scurrying around the sewers of Parliament are Traitors.

I will be writing to Sgt Rust and affirming your request with a direct order.

Unlike commissioned Officers, who are decommissioned when leaving the service (like RN Warships), A Warrant Officer, having been awarded The Royal Warrant by The Sovereign, retains that position. My Royal Warrant may only be removed if I commit Murder or Treason/Sedition.

My loyalty is only to My Country & The Sovereign, & therefore it is my Duty and the duty of all veterans & serving members of The Armed Forces to deal once and for all with the vermin who have become The Enemy of my Country, The Enemy Within.



I am English, a Veteran. I will say what I like, when I like & how I like.

If The British State does not like it, they can f### off!
All names and addresses supplied

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