Letter to Geoffrey Cox from Albert Burgess

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Letter to Geoffrey Cox from Albert Burgess
« on: October 11, 2019, 08:53:37 PM »
Rt Hon Geoffrey Cox MP                                                                                                                                                  Albert Burgess
5/8 Sanctuary
Ref the Coronation Oath
Dear Geoffrey
Her Majesty at her Coronation swore to rule us according to our laws and customs. She did not swear to rule us according to Statute laws passed in Parliament. She did swear to do right to all of us.
Now with the best will in the world her Majesty cannot know everything which is done in her name so she appoints constables to ensure her subjects can live safely and in peace, and to place those who break her laws before her courts so that justice can not only be done but can be seen to be done.
To ensure her subjects are safe she appoints officers of state to ensure constables do not abuse their authority and her courts do not abuse the authority given to then to administer justice without malice or ill will.
As her Majesty’s Attorney General you hold a great office of state as such you are responsible for all prosecutions within England and Wales. I would like to lay before you the case of David Noakes and Lyn Thyer.
David is a business man who saw some research papers on a substance called GCMaff there are something like 1500 research papers and peer reviews on this substance which is a perfectly naturally occurring part of the blood, which you extract from the blood purify it and inject it into people suffering from various tumours. The scientific work so far undertaken indicates GCMaff is both inexpensive compared to chemotherapy, and is considerably cheaper per cure. It also effective in treating Autism, Chronic Fatigue, and degenerative disorders like Parkinson’s, the NHS spends a fortune treating each of these conditions and if the current treatments were replaced with GCMaff the money saved on drugs would fund more Drs and Nurses and better equipment for our hospitals. Allowing government to fulfil its obligation to our sick and elderly more effectively and a vast saving of tax payer’s monies which government are required to disperse in the most cost effective way.
David seeing the prospects for a new business set up a business to produce GCMaff, so that the sick can recover, this has led to him being victimised by big pharma with the assistance of government. David has had his plant closed all his accounts seized and he is currently awaiting a court hearing to enforce a European arrest warrant to send him to France on trumped up charges he has never traded or produced GCMaff in France. Lyn Thyer was extradited to France months ago she has been refused legal representation phone calls her letters have been stopped she has been on hunger strike for 8 weeks her crime was she was an employee of the company owned by David Noaks.
As her Majesty’s attorney general you are responsible for all prosecutions, and you are overseeing a major miscarriage of justice. You are required to support her Majesty’s Coronation Oath so I am asking you to stop the prosecution of David Noaks and his wife and Lyn Thyer and to ensure her safe return to this Kingdom.
Harold Wilson repealed the 1351 Act of Praemunire which made it illegal to import foreign laws into King Edward III Kingdom and to draw out of his Kingdom any of his subjects to be tried in a foreign court. King Edward III considered a Praemunire to be personnel treason against him as the holder of the Crown. If these things were a personnel treason against King Edward III, they remain a personnel treason against her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II the current holder of the Crown.
Your oaths of loyalty to her Majesty requires that you stop all treasons against her Majesty by the hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court next Wednesday the 16th October 2019 and reverse the drawing out of her Majesty’s Kingdom to be tried in a foreign court all her Majesty’s subjects under the European arrest warrant starting with Lyn Thyer. I am enclosing a paper on GCMaff.
Respectfully submitted

Albert Burgess

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