Chinese Sonic Weapons and AI Enabled Surveillance Network with Dr John Hall .

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8 Oct 2019 .

In this episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast and host Christopher Jordan once again welcomes author, speaker and electronic harassment expert Dr John Hall to the program to discuss the latest announcements of Chinese sonic weapons, AI enabled surveillance networks and what the possible implications may be .

Two weeks ago the Chinese Government come out and declassified a new sonic gun that is handheld and can cause brain damage. Is this technology that was possibly used to attack ambassadors at the Beijing US Embassy? With the the recent launch of 5G systems in China and a wave of riots between China and Hong Kong, China has just announced a new law banning masks in public as well as a new camera system enabled with Artificial Intelligence that can identify a single individual out of a crowd of thousands via simple biometric data. What are the frightening possibilities of this technology and how long before it is implemented on a street near you ?

Join the Dudes n Beer podcast as we discuss these topics and more with Dr John Hall, author of Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control and A New Breed Satellite Terrorism . .

Spreading The Truth .
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