BNP contest Miliband's seat

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BNP contest Miliband's seat
« on: April 30, 2013, 08:50:50 PM »

BNP contest Miliband's seat

The British National Party is fighting hard in the South Shields parliamentary by-election caused by the resignation of Labour's David Miliband ? the grandson of a Communist war-criminal.

The by-election is a result of his leaving our shores to line his pockets still further in the USA. Such loyalty to the voters who placed their trust in him!


We are not going to win the seat, but we have five realistic and really worthwhile aims in South Shields:

1) To show that, even while fighting County Council seats to win, and contesting more than all the other ?nationalist? splinter-groups combined, we can simultaneously run a sophisticated, hard-hitting, professional BNP campaign in a full-on snap parliamentary election.

2) To beat the LibDems, thereby piling pressure on Clegg and the Coalition government.

3) To experiment with direct, no punches pulled criticism of Ukip.We don?t fear UKIP. We are confident and up for a fight. We are confronting them head-on in South Shields, where Farage?s ultra-Thatcherite, internationalist policies would spell even greater disaster for local people.

UKIP are an Establishment safety-valve ? the darlings of the City of London banking capital. They support shipping our jobs overseas and oppose only EU immigration (for fear of losing the support of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who is married to an Asian). They want to take away hard-won employment rights and favour stealth privatisation of our NHS and the entire school system.

Farage is also being promoted by the anti-British BBC as a way of blocking us and splitting the Tory vote on behalf of Labour. How many times has Farage appeared on 'Question Time' and how is he treated?

For all those reasons, and on account of their slavish Zionism we are implacably opposed to Ukip and from now on are going out of our way to expose and stop them.

 We are putting in a really serious effort wreck Ukip's cynical effort to con votes out of our working class support base.

5) To beat the Tories. This is the big ask. But if their vote collapses as it did in Rotherham and ours holds steady, we?ll just be a couple of hundred votes off beating them!

We need to close that gap. Every home in the constituency will get not just one but a second, even harder-hitting full colour leaflet. Every house will get at least two leaflets each.

Our local activists have been out campaigning and speaking with the voters.

They are putting a huge effort in to promote the BNP solutions that Britain needs and keep our flag flying high! Don't let them down. Show them your support by donating online here now.


We've reproduced for you some of our great leaflets above.

Tens of thousands of well-designed and printed publicity material doesn't come cheap.

We are determined to intensify our campaigning in elections but as always what we spend depends on what you give.

We aren't fighting elections by going into debt so what we raise is what we spend. The more we spend the better the result will be.

That's the logic of elections now so, please, give what you can.
You can donate easily online here or by calling 0844 809 4581.

Please give all you can and play your part in sending the corrupt, rotten Establishment a strong and clear message: Work for the British people, or answer to them!

Nick Griffin MEP

BNP Chairman

P.S. Remember that a vote for any candidate other than a BNP one is a wasted vote. If you don't have a BNP candidate in elections in your area spoil your ballot with the proud letters 'BNP' or stay at home. Voting for Thatcherite Tories or other fake Nationalists will just set back the cause of our people.

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