ALTERNATIVE NEWSThousands Protest In Switzerland As The Population Is Now Expose

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17 Oct 2019 .

The Facts:A large portion of the Switzerland population is now exposed to 5 G, and thousands of people showed up on the Swiss house of Parliament in Bern to protest .

Reflect On:With undeniable evidence showing this type of technology has disastrous health effects, what's really going on? People are aware of this, but governments continue to ignore all of this information.
Frank Clegg, the former President of Microsoft Canada, has released an insider  view educational video regarding the health and safety concerns of 5 G and wireless technologies. You can watch that video here. The main takeaway of his video is that there are numerous health concerns concerning wireless radiation, especially with regards to  5 G, and that this type of technology is linked to a number of diseases, and yet it's  being implemented without any safety testing .

His words echo the message of thousands of scientists who have published numerous papers on not just 5 G, but EMF radiation in general and how overexposure from our computers, cell phones, cell phone towers and wifi signals are creating a disturbing health epidemic around the world . .

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