48 years ago today -- the fateful "Decision in Principle" by the House of Common

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Another crucial decision day for Parliament --
48 years ago today -- the fateful "Decision in Principle" by the House of Commons for the United Kingdom to join the then EEC.
An Obsession
   The Common Market negotiations from that time went forward with considerable rapidity. With Mr Heath, it became a point of total obsession and obstinacy that this would succeed. Negotiations were not over any words of the Treaty of Rome, as I have already indicated. They were only on the transitional entry provision. And the public was deceived – they actually thought that we were negotiating about the conditions under which we would join this and the basic constitutional point of view. There was nothing in the matter of heart and spirit in those negotiations at all. In 1971, there was going to be what was called a “decision in principle” by the “House of Commons. You will recall that on 28 October, 1971, there was a majority of 112 in the House of Commons in favour of entry [supported by Roy Jenkins, the deputy leader of Labour Party, who took 69 Labour MPs through the division lobby in support of the Heath government’s motion]. None of this was in tune with what was said on the last occasion on which the people were given an opportunity to vote.

A Ross McWhirter, 29 September 1973
Address given at Sheffield
ROSS WAS RIGHT -- The McWhirter FIle
The Queen Betrayed -- and the nation sold into captivity
(pages 21-22).
Pub. 2014, Covenant Publishing
Michael A Clark, Chairman
The Covenant Publishing Co Ltd
121 Low Etherley
Bishop Auckland
Co Durham
DL14 0HA

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