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Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: November 03, 2019
In: News

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My May 2016 interview with Dmitry Babich on is interesting I think because it took place a month before the 2016 Referendum when Britons voted to leave the EU. We now approach a critical General Election in Britain and seek a Parliament which will grant us once again a free nation state, trading with the whole world, with our 800 year old constitution restored, a Parliament which expresses the democratic sovereignty of the British people and a rule of Law which puts people, voters, consumers and Parliament before the interests of the corporatist State, multinational corporations and unelected supranational power structures. It is interesting to watch this interview of 2016 and remember what history our leaders forgot – and exactly what today we are fighting for – and against! The British people did not forget – and voted Leave one month later. The Interview covers:
Turkey and Europe: Schengen, borders and migration from the Middle East
Corporatist fascist Europe – big business lobbying. Comparison with the Hitler period.
Same companies involved in creation of anti democratic corporatist Europe: BMW, Siemens, Ford, General Motors
Nazis 1942 plans for the European Economic Community
Surpa-national elites and Trade blocks and their opposite – the emancipation of Nation states, free trade and democracy.
The UK 2016 Referendum – Obama intervention backfired.
The people have been denied their two sources of democracy: meaningful votes and free market choices.
The new Corporatist socialist Coalition; 1945 big business corporatist fascists disappointed. 1989 Socialists disappointed and frustrated. Therefore they formed the new coalition to destroy democratic capitalism and the democratic nation state.
The USA and the UK – having defeated German Europe in 1945 and rescued nations and democracies now join in the corporatist anti democratic takeover and German Europe’s push to the East, attacking constitutionally and economically the nations which helped to win the victory of 1945. Only the British people can frustrate their plans.
The EU’s imperial programme: Neighbourhood associations, EU constitution, Single Market, European citizenship.
Undermining Ukraine, supporting anti democratic gangs with Nazi and Fascist histories.
There is a madness in the West which has forgotten its history.
Erdogan’s Turkey is as extreme as Iran but is a NATO member. Turkey leadership has called for a “march with the spirit of Saladdin to conquer Jerusalem”
Not forgetting the German Kaiser in the first world war who – allied with Turkey – called for Jihad against the West!

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