I could have shot to kill - You damn well should have

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I could have shot to kill - You damn well should have
« on: September 10, 2012, 07:17:04 PM »
The Editor

I could have shot to kill - You damn well should have

Written by Green Arrow
I have been having a little think about this story here about the arrest of Andy and Tracey Ferrie after Andy had opened fire on a gang of four intruders who had broken into their home.
I did say "a little think", because to be honest, any men who really have to think longer than a few seconds about the right and wrongs in this case are clearly deranged individuals suffering from brain damage, that was probably caused by contracting syphilis from one of their multiple boyfriends or local member of parliament.
So a quick review of what happened back last week in Welby near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire.

35 year old Mr Ferrie, who runs a mobile home repair business, is lying naked in bed next to his wife Tracey, when around midnight, they are awoken by the sounds of banging and breaking glass as four lowlifes smashed their way into their home.
As to what happened next, I must confess that I laughed when I read this line in the rag mail: "Mr Ferrie confronted one of the alleged raiders in their bedroom".  Alleged raiders?  That had me in stitches.
So what does Mr Ferrie do?  Perhaps he had read this case here, in which four other burglars broke into a young woman's home and not satisfied with the money and property that they stole then went to her bedroom, where they then proceeded to gang rape the terrified young woman whilst threatening her with murder.
Jason Sugarman, prosecuting, said: ?It?s an horrific aggravated burglary that turns into a violent rape of a 25-year-old in her own home in the early hours of the morning ? probably one of the worst types of offence that anyone could ever experience.?
Let us be honest.  Despite what the police say about incidents like this being rare, you and I know that is not the case.  Attacks like the ones above are all too common now and are on the increase.  So what does Mr Ferrie do?
He does what any real man would do, he takes a legally held shotgun and blasts two of the potential murderers/rapists.  Now in his statement to another news rag, Mr Ferrie is quoted as saying:
I was petrified, scared stiff, I only did what any other bloke would have done given the situation. I?m no hero or hard man. I did what I did to protect my precious, lovely wife.

?I was only a few feet away, I could have shot to kill but I didn?t. I was relieved later when I was told the injuries I had caused were not life-threatening. The events of the last few days have scarred us for life.?
Like he said.  He did what he did to protect his "precious, lovely wife" and I say well done that man on that count.
But here is where I disagree with his thought process.  He then says that he could have shot to kill, then why didn't he?  Those men had broken into his home at midnight, they burst into his bedroom, where his attractive wife was shaking with fear dressed only in her underpants and a pair of socks.  Who is to say what further crimes these animals might have gone on to do?  Rape?  Murder?  Who knows.  I think you get the point I am making.
Now in America, burglars quite rightly have no rights.  Read this story here, about how an American pensioner is being hailed as a hero after shooting dead a burglar who broke into his home - then read the comparison to the way the American was treated and how Mr and Mr Ferrie were treated by British Police.
In Kentucky, where the pensioner lives, state law says he was not obliged to wait for the police: he had a right to presume the intruder meant to cause him harm and that should be the law in what was Our Country.  Once a person breaks into another persons home they forfeit their right to live in my opinion.
Now some of you may have noticed that I appear to have nothing but contempt for your average police officer these days and their actions in arresting Mr and Mrs Ferrie, holding them for 66 hours and telling them that they could be charged with attempted murder just reinforces my beliefs in how rotten our police really are.  My contempt for the police cup overfloweth.
The Clown Prosecution Service, who I also hold in contempt, I believe would really liked to have thrown the book at this successful white couple, eventually lifted the threat of prosecution and dropped all charges against them.  Even they know when to back off sometimes.
Now it seems, that the attacked family are planning to emigrate to Australia.  More white flight to add to the quarter of a million white people we lost last year.

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