New York tech firm sold Chinese equipment to U.S. military, feds say .

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7 November 2019 .

Seven people were charged with selling cameras and other products to the Army, Navy and Air Force   and falsely claiming they were "made in the USA .

New York prosecutors say Aventura generated upwards of $88 million since 2006, including over $20 million in federal government contracts, by selling equipment it claimed was built at its headquarters. In actuality, the company produced nothing on its premises and instead imported products primarily from China and then resold them as American made, court papers say .

The equipment made in China and sold by Aventura has been installed on dozens of Army, Navy and Air Force bases, Department of Energy facilities and other places including Navy aircraft carriers, court papers say .

The products include a $13,500 laser-enhanced night vision camera ordered by the U.S. Navy and 25 body cameras purchased by the U.S. Air Force, prosecutors said .

The plot's alleged mastermind, Jack Cabasso, went to extraordinary lengths to conceal the multi-million dollar scheme with the help of his Chinese business partners, prosecutors said .

Cabasso exchanged multiple emails with his colleagues and Chinese partners stressing the importance of procuring products that gave no indication of their true provenance. In November 2018, Cabasso wrote to an employee of a Chinese manufacturer of surveillance equipment, emphasizing the need to take steps so "they cannot trace" the product to the company .

The biggest problem," Cabasso said in a subsequent communication, according to court papers, was that the Chinese manufacturer's initials were marked on its circuit boards   an issue that Cabasso said had cost him several potential customers in the past . .

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