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24  November 2019 .

On the night  of July 4, 1954, San Antonio, Texas, was shaken by the rape and murder of a 3-year-old girl. The man accused of these crimes was Jimmy Shaver, an airman at the nearby Lackland Air Force Base with no criminal record. Shaver claimed to have lost his memory of the incident .

The victim, 3-year-old  here Jo Horton, had disappeared around midnight outside the Air Force Base, where her parents had left her in the parking lot outside a bar; she played with her brother while they had a drink inside. When they noticed her missing, they formed a search party .

Within an hour, the group came upon a car parked next to a gravel pit  her  underwear was hanging from one of the car  doors. Shaver wandered out of the darkness. He was shirtless, covered in blood and scratches. Making no attempt to escape, he let the search party walk him to the edge of the highway. Bystanders described him as  dazed and in a  trance-like  state .

What  going on here ?  he asked. He didn't  seem drunk, but he couldn't  say where he was, how  he gotten there, or whose blood was all over him. Meanwhile, the search party found Horton's   body in the gravel pit. Her neck was broken, her legs had been torn open, and   she had  been raped . .

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