Letter to the Queen in respect of Prince Andrew

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Letter to the Queen in respect of Prince Andrew
« on: November 26, 2019, 10:05:48 AM »
HRH Queen Elizabeth II                                                                  Albert Burgess
Buckingham Palace                                                                          15 Parliament Road
London                                                                                              Thame
SW1A 1AA                                                                                       South Oxfordshire
                                                                                                          OX9 3TE
Ref Prince Andrew
I am a free born Englishman! With all the rights and freedoms that entails. Whilst I fully accept you as my Sovereign Liege Lord and have risked my life in your service in the office of constable. I follow the age old tradition of all true Englishmen I go on one knee before you to show my respect to the ancient office you hold. But as a free born Englishman I reserve my ancient right to look you in the eye and tell you exactly what I think without pulling any punches.
Majesty the English are a family and you are the mother of the family, families stand together. A number of your ancestors including your much loved father King George VI and you as a young Princess witnessed us standing together to defeat our enemy, we came together as a family the strongest supporting and protecting the weaker.
No one can deny Prince Andrew has made an absolute pig’s ear over his choice of friends. But even if he has had sex with this young woman he is pictured with it was not under your law paedophilia indeed I would put money on the fact a very large number of your Majesty’s 40 year old subjects would have slept with a willing 17 year old. She alleges she was forced into Prince Andrews’s bed in the photo which is doing the rounds she looks anything but forced.
I understand from reports that Prince Charles has said Prince Andrew should go. To protect the Crown. I would point out that Prince Charles has himself placed the Crown at risk. The way he treated Princess Dianna was atrocious, Dianna was loved by your subjects and around the world with a love which still endures. The Princess Royal said these silly girls when referring to Dianna and the Duchess of York and she was right, but the young are silly we all make mistakes. None of the mistakes detract from the love your subjects still have for Dianna.
The difference between Prince Andrews’s friendship with Epstein and Prince Charles friendship with Saville is that Epstein went to trial and took a plea bargain Saville died before he was arrested and stood trial. But let us compare them. Epstein is accused of prostituting young girls in America and under American law being a paedophile. Saville is accused of sexually abusing both sexes from the youngest to the oldest and necrophilia. Prince Charles choice of friends was infinitely worse than Prince Andrews. Epstein was a sexual predator, Saville was positively evil a self centered narcissist who pushed his own perversions to the limit and clear beyond.
Majesty the unthinking mob wants Prince Andrews head but they are the unthinking, this girl was 17 over the age of consent under your law. In your Kingdom he has committed no crime and from the look on her face in the photo neither has Epstein infringed your law. 
Majesty they call Prince Andrews interview a car crash but was it? When he answered her questions he looked straight at her indicating he was telling the truth. They say he was not showing emotion, but he is a trained officer in the Royal Navy, he has seen first hand death and destruction and risked his life in your service. He is a Prince of the blood Royal from birth he has been trained not to show emotion. The teachers in my school were all ex officers in the armed forces, I was taught to think like an officer in your Majesty’s service. All my sudden deaths as a constable were murder some quite horrific, as much as I hated what I was seeing I did not show any emotion although I was crying inside I did what I had to. Not showing emotion when you have had the training Prince Andrew has had is strength not a weakness. Leaders are trained to lead not fold up and cry.
 Majesty in your ancient Kingdom we do not do witch hunts. I have seen reports purporting to come from official sources that Prince Andrew is not the brightest match in the box and he is arrogant. This may or may not be true, but it is also not contrary to your law. Parliament is full of arrogant fools who have done far worse than Prince Andrew. He defended the Falkland Islands for you your Governments have spent the bulk of your reign trying to destroy your Kingdom, if you want to kick some one kick them not your son who took his chances in battle like every one else.
 Prince Andrew should be interviewed in England by special branch with the FBI sitting in and full transcripts should be supplied to them.
We in your Kingdom come under your protection we are all entitled to the full protection of your Majesty’s law, Prince Andrew is your son, but like the rest of us he is a subject entitled to the full protection of the law. A protection he has so far been denied. He has been convicted by mob law and that conviction has been approved by the Palace. Majesty I have no idea who is advising you but fire them. Until convicted in one of your Majesty’s courts of law Prince Andrew is innocent of any wrong doing. Your Coronation Oath promised no less than that. Prince Andrew needs your protection as he fought to protect your Kingdom give it to him.
Respectfully Submitted
Albert Burgess     
Cc Prince Charles
     Prince William
     Prince Andrew
    Princess Anne


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