decarbonize means DEPOPULATION, because humans are carbon-based organisms .

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24 November 2019 .

How decarbonizing public housing will magically create 250,000 high-paying union jobs is anyone  guess, as the socialist duo failed to reveal any details about how the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act will actually work. But one thing is for sure: It will most certainly involve reducing the number of human beings that are allowed to stay alive .

As Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, continues to warn, the climate change hoax is primarily about one thing: reducing the world  population to sustainable  levels, making the planet easier to control for eugenicists like Bernie Sanders and AOC that are promising the world to people dumb enough to vote for their ideas .

If you don't  believe us, check out a new paper, entitled,  World Scientists  Warning of a Climate Emergency,  that was recently published in the journal Bio Science In this paper, more than 11,000 scientists call on governments of the world to take action by eliminating billions of people from the face of the earth all to stop global warming of course .

In the last century or so governments of the world have already mass murdered 262 million people Adams warns. Apparently
that  not nearly enough according to genocidal climate scientists . .

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